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PROMO: 5% discount on the purchase and installation of 5 thermoses and more from August 8, 2022 until September 1, 2022.

PROMO: 5% discount on the purchase and installation of 5 thermoses and more from August 8, 2022 until September 1, 2022.

Our services offered

Sales and installation of doors and windows

Caulking of doors and windows

Change of thermos

Sales to entrepreneurs

We offer you an impeccable and professional service

We are your professional company in the installation and sale of quality doors and windows. At The Assumption. In Repentigny and the whole beautiful region of Lanaudière.

Caulking service offered in an impeccable manner.

Change of thermos also available to extend the life of your windows. Trust Michel Bergeron Renovations!

MBR Mobile

  • • Choose your doors and windows, directly at home thanks to MBR Mobile
  • * Save shopping time by taking advantage of the inventory at home
  • • A personalized and unique experience in the field in the field of doors and windows
  • • A professional, courteous and fast service by our best representatives and installers

We have the doors you need

Sometimes, it only takes a small modification to generate a big change! The front door is and will remain the most important element of your home, because it is it that gives it style, (with its panels) or elegance, (by its wide choice of decorative glasses), thus enhancing the quality and value of your home. It will remain a sustainable and quality investment that will not disappoint you. The installation of your door is done only by the owners and not by subcontractors.

We have the windows you need

Why don’t you change the windows? Do they seem outdated? Damaged? Outdated? Does the air pass through these? Is it too dark in your house? Nothing is better than a makeover of your home. We offer you this possibility with our high-quality, high-performance, sustainable, energy-efficient products, at a competitive price. Whether it is casement, sliding or sash windows, whether in PVC or wood, we have the product you need. Take a walk through our selection of products that will satisfy you in every way.

The installation is done only by the owners and not by subcontractors.

We have the tilt-and-turn windows that you need

The doors and windows of the 9000 series are the happy marriage between the Old and the New continent, with their Aspectmontage inspiration and their North American construction standards. Versatile, compatible with a wide range of interior and exterior accessories and energy glasses, their robustness and efficiency are unmatched

We have the patio doors you need

Whether it overlooks a patio, a solarium or a terrace, the patio door is an important architectural element in a house because it is it that, overall, brings the majority of the light inside the fireplace. It is also important to have a quality and durable product in order to keep the maximum freshness inside during the summer and preserve the warmth of the fireplace during the winter. We offer you a range of PVC and aluminum patio doors that will provide you with the solution to your problem.

The installation is done only by the owners and not by subcontractors.

We have the handles and locks you need

Investing in a quality handle is just as important as investing in a good front door. Indeed, it is wise to choose a handle that will keep its color as long as possible and that will not deteriorate over the years.

We have the discounts you need

Come and take a look at our clearance section to be able to enjoy good products at a very interesting price.

Whether it’s doors or windows, you might come across the product you need for your current project!

Our partners

Nothing to pay for 1 YEAR

  • Covers 100% of the purchase and installation costs that are included in the contract, including taxes
  • No deposit necessary
  • Advantageous financing rates and payment from $25/week
  • Possibility of repaying weekly, biweekly or monthly
  • Period of up to 10 years for projects of $100,000 and less
  • Possibility of making additional payments at any time without penalty
  • No retroactive interest after the 12-month period
  • Ideal for people who are waiting for financing from their bank

*Is not compatible with the GST special

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