Window prices: how much does the installation cost?

Window prices: how much does it cost to install?

The windows act as a link between the interior and the exterior and allow fresh air and natural light to enter the house. In addition, they ensure a certain level of insulation, creating a cozy and pleasant atmosphere inside.

The windows are one of the most important elements of the house. Thus, from time to time, they will have to be renovated or replaced to adapt to current needs. All in all, how much does it cost to install a window?

The replacement of windows is not a small-scale project, because it involves working with glass, a very delicate material. Therefore, if you are replacing windows in your home, it is important to do your homework well in order to know what this kind of project looks like.

What is the cost to replace windows?

The different types of windows on the market

Before presenting our price guide, it is first important to present the different types of glass windows that are available on the market

Double-hung windows are designed to be opened from above and from below. This is the most affordable type of window, and it is especially convenient in places that are difficult to access. Consequently, it is one of the most widespread models in the average house.

Tilt-up windows are well described by their name. They unfold and fold to reveal the outside of the glass. This type of window is easy to wash, while the occupants of the house can access the outside of the glass by tilting the window inward. This type of window is often used in places that are difficult to access, but is not often installed in homes, because it is usually more expensive than double-hung models.

Double glazing is very common, in addition to being widely available while there are several types of shapes and frames on the market. On the other hand, it is not the most affordable choice. The double glazing includes a hermetic space filled with inert gas. This type of window is considered environmentally friendly, as it helps with the temperature control of the house. In addition, when compared with a simple glazing, it blocks more noise coming from the outside. Although this model is more expensive at the base, it will help to reduce costs in the long run.

High-performance glass is the most expensive product mentioned in this list. There are different types of specialized glass available, including triple glazing, sound-absorbing windows, impact-resistant glass and even tinted windows to reduce heat conduction. Depending on your individual needs, as well as your living environment, one of these models could suit you.

The types of window installations and their costs

Window installation

The so-called “full-frame” installation will be prioritized if your windows need to be removed and replaced. Your old window will have to be completely removed, including the frame and the anchors that hold it in place. This installation process is necessary if there are problems with rotting wood or moisture accumulation that leads to deterioration of the surface. A window specialist will only be able to treat these problems if the frame is completely removed.

The “retrofit” installation is an installation that consists of inserting a new window into an already present frame. The uprights also remain in place, and depending on the style of window that is in your house, an aluminum capping may have to be used to cover an existing framing. This type of installation is much more affordable than the full-frame installation. However, the full-frame installation will ensure that any internal problems concerning your windows will be fixed before the situation gets too much worse. Make sure you understand your needs before choosing the type of installation.

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The price for installing a window

Install a replacement window, retrofit installation $140 per square foot: $240-$780 per window (glass only)

Full-frame installation: $720-$1200 per window

Install buttresses: $240-$480 per window (glass only)

In some cases, contractors will offer discounts or charge less per window if the occupants have several windows installed. The costs of the windows can also vary depending on the size of the unit and the type of window. Do your research and contact experts when you are ready to launch the project!

Summary table of prices for the installation of a window

$140 per square foot, $240-$780 per window (glass only)

$720-$1200 per window

$240-$480 per window (glass only)

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