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How to find the right craftsman to change your windows?

First of all, it is very important to call on an experienced window installer whose professionalism is recognized locally. Then, to verify that it benefits from certifications, in particular Aspectmontage, essential to allow you to access renovation aids. A recommended craftsman with good opinions is essential … but that’s not all!

To properly install a window, you still need to be an expert in the proposed product. Here’s why you cantrust a K•LINE Renovation Expert. Indeed, these craftsmen will not only be able to advise you on changing your windows, but they also master the implementation according to the rules of the art. You should know that these window installation companies have been selected by K •LINE for their seriousness, their know-how and the solidity of their structure.

Expert Network of K•LINE renovators: a pose in the rules of the art!

A company that is part of this network is always a structured company that will welcome you from your first call. They are here toadvise you and accompany you throughout your renovation project, until the installation and reception of construction site. At the end of the construction site, everything will be checked: compliance with the quote, all control points. This will confirm the correct implementation of your K•LINE windows, bays or doors.

It is also a company that will bealways by your side, with experts available to inform you at any time. Thus, you can rest easy and trust them 100%, until after-sales service if necessary.

Experienced and well-trained craftsmen

The installers are regularly trained in theK•LINE training centersand benefit from a great experience in the installation of these joinery. This mastery is the guarantee that your custom-made windows will be perfectly installed.

On what types of walls can these window installers intervene?

They can intervene regardless of the configuration of your house and your walls: bricks, cinder blocks, concrete, wood frame … If your work also concerns the installation of roof windows of the Velux type, talk to your installer. In any case, he will be able to either advise you or guide you.

What types of window installation are offered?

It is up to your craftsman to evaluate the best type of installation according to your configuration.

In any case, a K•LINE Renovation Expert will always offer you the best installation solution, whether it is a renovation installation or a total removal.

Note that the installation in renovation consists in keeping the fixed part of the old window (dormant). This will serve as a support for the new window that will fit on it.

While the total removal consists of removing everything: fixed part (frames) and casements (openings). The new window is then installed on the masonry.

What guarantees to choose the right installer?

To guarantee a high level of quality, the K•LINE network of Renovation Experts has implemented a quality approach audited by the ASQ (Socotec Quality Association). SOCOTEC, a building control organization, carries out an independent audit every year on :

  • The knowledge and technical mastery of the products by the craftsman.
  • The level of experience of the installer’s teams.
  • The organizational processes of the company and the construction sites.
  • The installation quality conforms to the DTU.

This annual audit conditions the obtaining of the quality standard.

What is the warranty period for a window change?

In general, the carpentry installed by professionals benefit from a ten-year warranty: 10 years. However, thanks to the quality standard and confirmed by the ASQ, the K•LINE Renovation Experts can offer you a 20-year warranty. This is a guarantee that applies only to K•LINE joinery installed by the K•LINE Renovation Expert. They are applicable when changing windows in individual housing (house or apartment).

Which craftsman to choose to change a window?

Whatever your renovation project, think Expert Renovator K•LINE

Kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom … whatever the room of your house, these installation companies will advise you. They are recognized craftsmen in your region and who have the required certifications, in particular Artisan Aspectmontage. They will make you discover the K•LINE joinerythe best adapted to your budget and your way of living. The range includes windows, 1, 2 or 3 leaves with Usa openings, swinging, bellows, but also sliding or sliding bays as well as entrance doors.

All these carpentrycan also be connected. With the K•LINE Smart Home application, you will also benefit from countless advantages to live even more serenely at home: detection of openings, remote controls, ventilation security with your alarm system, etc.

How to find a craftsman installer around you?

It’s simple, there are more than200 showrooms in Usa of installers, K•LINE renovation experts. Just enter your address on the search page and a selection of nearby artisans will be offered to you. You will have access to all the information about him: contact details, achievements, products and also customer reviews. You will be able to make your choice between the distance, the best reviews and the services offered.

What is the price of installing a window?

A nice quote is better than a long speech!

3 solutions are available to you.

  1. If you are wondering how much a window costs and its installation, you can make a first request for a quote by filling out the form.
  2. You can start an online configuration yourself and have it estimated by a K•LINE Renovation Expert.
  3. Of course, you can also call your craftsman directly. He will look with you at the windows and carpentry that best match your project and your budget. He will take the ribs and present you with a detailed quote.

Nothing is left to chance: you are dealing with highly qualified professionals recommended by the leading window manufacturer in Usa.

What is the VAT of a window installer?

When you call on a craftsman to install your windows, you can benefit from a reduced VAT rate which will be 5.5% or 10% depending on the case.

If your change of windows corresponds to energy renovation works, the rate will be 5.5%.

For example, change its wood or PVC single-glazed windows for a KLINE double-glazed window. Likewise, if you installed integrated roller shutters, this can be taken into account.

If your carpentry change is a simple home improvement without significant energy benefit, the rate will remain reduced, but it will be 10%

For example, if you want to change your front door for reasons of style, security and aesthetics, the rate will be 10%. Unless this new door allows a significant gain in energy saving, in this case it will be able to increase to 5.5%

Important to know,

First of all, it is necessary that the renovation work applies to a dwelling

  • Completed for more than 2 years on the date of the start of work
  • Intended only for primary or secondary residential use. This device applies regardless of your status: Owner, tenant or occupant free of chaAspectmontage.

Secondly, that the joinery is purchased by the company that will carry out the work and invoice you for it. Otherwise, the 20% VAT will apply.

If you would like more details, click here

The safety and quality signed K•LINE

Asking for a quote and having it explained to you is the best thing to do if you have a window renovation project. Calling on a K•LINE Renovation Expert is a real guarantee of reliability.

He will detail all the positions for you. If you had initially considered PVC windows, your expert will be able to give you the 2 quotes. A first estimate made for windows and other PVC joinery. A second estimate is drawn up for aluminum windows and joinery. Thus, you will be able to compare the 2 proposals by visiting the showroom. Indeed, it is essential to see the quality and finish of the proposed joinery before buying. You will also be able to compare the share of glass surfaces offered by these windows.

By its design and the finesse of its uprights (sash: movable part and dormers: fixed part of the window), a K •LINE window will offer youup to 15% more light. It’s as much a view gained on the outside, more natural light in your home. Not to mention the energy savings gained by taking advantage of solar contributions (free and sustainable energy).

With in addition to roller shutters or sun breezes with adjustable blades, you will be able to strengthen your insulation. An insulation both for winter but also in summer, during strong heat waves. K•LINE joinery adapts to your needs to offer you thebest of insulation and comfort. They enhance your real estate assets by their aesthetic appearance. They will make your daily life more radiant for a long time!

So, to improve your living comfort and take full advantage of your home, think about K •LINE joinery and trust an Expert K •LINE renovator craftsman for your renovation project.

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