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Install or have your windows installed?


If you have a project to renovate your home or to have it built in new, an essential topic will quickly arise for you: the installation of windows. Essential to ensure good thermal insulation of your home, the installation of windows must be of high quality and perfectly meet the needs of your project.

If you are more of the manual type, you could quickly consider performing this step yourself in order to achieve significant savings, at the risk perhaps of losing thermal performance. So do you have to install the windows yourself or go through a professional? Follow our advice!

New installation or renovation of windows: each project has its own workforce

The choice of whether or not to call on a professional will mainly depend on your project and the work that you will have to carry out. Indeed, a new window installation does not represent the same amount of work or the same difficulty as a renovation window installation.

In the case of a new installation, all the locations have been included beforehand at the joinery level to accommodate the windows. Then, at the time of the structural work, an application window installation is carried out, a simple method involving only a single installation step. This technique is the most commonly used, requiring little labor and offering excellent insulation. The quality-price ratio is thus perfectly controlled, even by calling on a professional.

The installation in renovation, on the other hand, requires more work and manpower, the exciting locations may require adjustments in order to allow you to change the windows.

If your accommodation has a good general condition and already benefits from good insulation, a partial removal will be ideal. Thus, only the sash will be replaced and installed on the frame of the old window. Despite a loss of brightness, this method makes it possible to maintain a controlled budget and to carry out the window installation efficiently.

On the other hand, if your home requires to review all the thermal and acoustic insulation, a total removal will be essential. Much more expensive, this method consists in replacing the entire opening in order to carry out the installation of joinery on a new support. Much more difficult to carry out yourself, this technique requires additional insulation and finishing work to be carried out by a qualified workforce in order to avoid any problems in the installation.

Do you have to install the windows yourself to save money?

Posing yourself requires perfect mastery

When it comes to the installation of windows, the bill can quickly climb depending on the window models chosen and the labor required to install them. We can therefore easily be tempted to want to reduce costs by performing the installation ourselves. Indeed, substantial savings can be achieved by dispense with the labor of a professional. But, however, it takes a little more than a do-it-yourselfer’s soul and resourcefulness to perform a quality installation.

Despite the many more or less detailed installation guides existing, basic knowledge of carpentry remains essential if you want to start the work yourself.

Thus, installing your windows yourself can be a good operation to save money in terms of labor, but also represents a risk-taking in case of problems. Indeed, the installation of windows plays an essential role in the insulation of your home. The slightest error could cause sealing defects, making your home permeable and energy-intensive.

In addition, by purchasing your windows yourself, you will not benefit from professional rates on equipment or financial assistance allocated as part of energy renovation works. The final saving achieved by avoiding labor therefore ultimately remains partial.

Advantage: the price!

Disadvantage: risk-taking, 20% VAT on equipment, no access to the tax credit.

Calling on a professional installer: the choice of serenity

The installation by a professional, is more guarantees

The installation by a professional, is more guarantees

Whatever your type of project, hiring a professional remains the safest solution to obtain a successful quality installation and avoid possible problems in the future. In order to benefit from an excellent service at the best price, crossing quotes remains the most reliable option to select the installer who meets all your expectations.

Thus, a local carpenter craftsman may be able to offer you an impeccable and tailor-made service. The major woodworking brands, on the other hand, have the reassuring strength of a laAspectmontage group and generally offer extended warranties as well as an efficient after-sales service.

Calling on a professional to change your windows will allow you to have a “turnkey” installation and to rely on the guarantee of a professional.

Although labor is an additional cost, going through a professional allows you to access financial benefits. Thus, the joinery, as part of the renovation, benefits from a reduced VAT rate (5.5% or 10%) if they are purchased by the professional. A certified Aspectmontage craftsman will also allow you to benefit from state aid to improve the energy performance of your home.

Advantage: the quality of a professional, reduced VAT on installation and equipment, the sustainable development tax credit.

Disadvantage: the cost of labor.

Having your windows installed: at what price?

The price of installing windows will depend on your project and the scope of the work to be carried out. A new installation or a renovation installation do not represent the same workload and will therefore present different prices. However, we can count on a range between $ 150 and $ 250 for new and between $ 250 and $ 400 for renovation. The craftsmen all apply different rates, so the best thing is to make a request for a quote.

Apart from the labor, the final price will vary greatly depending on the models of windows that you will select and the type of insulation composing them such as aluminum, PVC or wood. The type of glazing will also affect the cost, a triple-glazed window necessarily being more expensive than a double-glazed window.

Finally, the shapes of windows of course have different prices: Usa doors, sliding, velux, bay window, etc. It’s up to you to choose according to the needs of your accommodation!

Do you need a window estimate for the completion of your work? Get a free quote and easily compare the prices applied by the craftsmen in your region.

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