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Window Cleaning in Boston

Created in 2012 Plus Belle la Vitre offers window cleaning for individuals at home, professionals, offices, shops and shops on an ad hoc or regular basis on the Bouches du Rhône. more than 1000 customers trust us let yourself be tempted by the experience of a home window cleaner plus 50% is deductible from your taxes!!

To have quality services, our window cleaners are trained in-house over a period of 2 months. During this period, they learn all the cleaning techniques and cleanliness

  • American-style window washing
  • French window cleaning
  • Window cleaning on roofs , Veranda cleaning , Cleaning the velux
  • The products to be used according to the type of windows
  • Learn how to use telescopic poles according to the type of glazing
  • Working at height, mastering ladders
  • Adapted the squeegees according to the size of your windows
  • The security conditions
  • Work with precision and meticulousness
  • Cleaning the frames; washing the borders; washing the joints; Cleaning the rails


Window cleaning company in Boston

Window cleaning is a service that requires know-how, but with a poor quality material and product the result will never be satisfactory.

We use several window washing techniques, the best known is the American method, that is to say an S-shaped cleaning movement. This technique makes it possible to go faster by leaving no traces on the windows.

For small windows we use French window cleaning it is a movement from the top down, a vertical movement.

The window cleaner must adapt the size of his squeegee and the washing method according to the type of windows.

For the equipment we work with the Unger brand which has been specialized in window washing for 35 years, it is a reference in the field of window cleaning, however the prices are high.

Window cleaning for individuals in Boston

We use Ha-ra products which are very powerful and allow an optimal result: a window cleaning without traces on the windows. Dishwashing liquid is a good alternative, it is a good product for cleaning windows with a squeegee.

In case of limescale on the windows, we use Unger products and a special scraper to remove traces of limescale. You can use white vinegar or antikal but they are less effective

To clean the windows at height, we can bring a telescopic ladder, or a telescopic handle for windows, we can protect your walls so that there are no drips.


Window cleaning in Boston

We reward your loyalty! Since 2012 we have implemented a regular package system with less than 20% discount compared to the one-time package.

How to benefit from the regular rate?

At the end of the service, after having seen the work of our professional window cleaner, we offer both rates and you choose the one that suits you best. If you take the regular package, it will be necessary to perform 4 services during the year, we are the ones who call you every 3 months to set up an appointment, there is no commitment of duration. You can choose more frequent interventions if you wish (every month, every two months. ) You choose the appointment on the day and time you want.

Payment is made by check at the end of the service directly to our window cleaner. Our window cleaning company offers you to send the invoice by email as proof of payment and a tax certificate at the beginning of the year to benefit from the tax reduction.

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