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Window washing plays an important role in the perception of your premises. Whether it is a large supermarket, a convenience store, a school, a head office, a hospital or an industrial site, clean windows inspire confidence. Window washing is of great importance because it reassures your visitors, partners, customers and also employees. This is confirmed thanks to the Ipsos x Onet study carried out in July 2021, which showed that 9 out of 10 Usa people consider hygiene and cleanliness to be a fundamental concept.

How often and when is the ideal time to wash the windows? What are the different types of window cleaning? What are the materials and products used? Who can do the window cleaning? Discover the answers and solutions Onet Cleanliness and Services, window cleaning company.

Cleaning agent who washes windows d

How often and when is the ideal time to wash your windows?

There is no defined frequency because it will depend on the use of your premises and the geographical location. Indeed, certain premises such as establishments receiving the public, commercial areas, medical institutions, museums must be irreproachable vis-à-vis their visitors. A frequency of once a month is therefore a minimum for this type of building.

For head offices, our teams recommend a visit 1 time per quarter. Clean windows contribute to the well-being of your employees because they let more light in.

In addition, the frequency of cleaning your windows will also depend on the positioning of your company. The proximity of work areas, a high-traffic area such as a highway or even bad weather, will accentuate the need for window cleaning.

Finally, certain periods are more conducive to window washing.

It is recommended not to wash the windows of your company during strong periods of heat. Indeed, the heat causes the products used on the windows to dry quickly and therefore leave traces on the panes. Like periods of great heat, rainy days are also not conducive to window cleaning. Indeed, traces of raindrops will remain after the passage of the specialized cleaning agent in the windows. Window washing can also take place during end-of-construction cleaning services.

What are the different types of window cleaning?

There are 3 different types of intervention in glassmaking :

  • Windows accessible on one level at a maximum height of 2m50. This is 95% of the interior glazing.
  • Glazing at height: Depending on the height to be treated, the Onet Cleanliness and Services teams will propose the installation of scaffolding or a nacelle. In our window cleaning company, we always prefer a gondola to a scaffold. The scaffolding is mainly used when it is not accessible by gondola.
  • Glazing by mountaineer or abseiling: This specific method is used on very complex buildings, such as office buildings in Defense. High-rise window cleaners, or also called rope workers, are equipped with adapted protective and safety equipment (Harness, helmet, gloves, jumpsuit and mask)

What are the materials and products used for window washing?

Cleaning agent who washes windows

Our cleaning agents Onet Cleanliness & Services specialized in glassware use products and materials adapted to glass surfaces. The cleaning products used make the dirt soluble in order to eliminate them better. They also make it possible to dust, wash, degrease and shine everything without leaving a trace.

The products used also have the specificity of drying quickly so as not to leave traces or drips.

Our agents are finally trained to use the cleaning equipment dedicated to glassware. They can use the H2O system for example. This system is a machine composed of a long pole in which water is passed. It is ideal for reaching a great height without using means of elevation.

Who can clean the glass panes?

Call on a professional window cleaning company

At Onet, a window cleaning company, the cleaning agents are trained specifically for glassware services. The cleaning agent passes a professional qualification certificate issued by the INHNI (Training organization of the cleanliness branch). This certificate is a way to highlight the professionalism of our agents by obtaining a certifying diploma.

Cleaning agent who washes windows d

This training allows the agent of our window cleaning company to learn how to prepare the products and materials necessary for his intervention, to organize his intervention, to implement the window maintenance techniques learned during the training, to control the result, to adopt a service posture and to respect the rules of hygiene, safety and environment on construction sites.

Window washing at high heights or difficult access is a specific job and again requires special training. Only window cleaners with the Professional Qualification Certificate Window cleaner specialized in work at height can intervene on your company.

At Onet Cleanliness & Services, we bring you solutions adapted to your needs for single-storey glazing or glazing by mountaineer.

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