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Press & Nett performs indoor and outdoor window cleaning, including at height

Indoor and outdoor window cleaning

The window cleaning company takes care of the cleaning of tiles, windows, bay windows, verandas and shop windows or other businesses. Experienced cleaners therefore intervene in private homes: in individual houses or in buildings as well as in professionals, in places difficult to access and at high heights.

Discover the Press & Nett techniques for your residential and professional premises!

Why call on a professional?

The professional window cleaning ensures a perfect result without traces. Its service includes the washing of the tile, the glass and the cleaning of the frame, the chassis, the handles, etc.

The window washing is carried out with a material well adapted to the surface to be treated and quality products chosen for their efficiency and their respect for the environment whose force of action comes from the association of carefully selected components and not aggressive chemical substances.

This tailor-made service for individuals, condominiums, tenants, companies and industries can be integrated into the maintenance contract signed with Press & Nett. Find out more to save money!

How does a window cleaning service take place?

The course of the window cleaning service depends on the surfaces to be cleaned, the ease of access and the height to be reached. The frequency of intervention depends on the geographical area and more specifically, on the exposure to pollution, UV, climatic aggressions and different categories of soiling. This choice is up to the client but advice can also be given before, during and after the service.

To make the most exposed surfaces transparent, the window cleaning company defines several steps :

  1. dusting carried out with a special cloth ;
  2. wetting the tiles with a suitable product (rubbing lightly if necessary to remove stubborn dirt on the windows and frames) ;
  3. the passage of the squeegee to remove all traces ;
  4. the polishing for an unparalleled transparency.

Cleaning windows for the image of the company and the well-being of employees

When your customers pass in front of your business or your company, they probably linger on your window or the facade of your building. Some people take the time to observe your products and read the posters about your services. Do you think they would want to stop if your display case was dirty, covered with unsightly stains? The washing of the windows by a professional company ensures the removal of any residue of stickers or tags and promotes a beautiful brightness inside the premises.

The entrance of the light guarantees well-being both for customers looking for a specific product and for office workers forced to concentrate throughout the day. Promoting brightness is a good way to regenerate the body and regain the energy necessary for any activity.

Clean windows also reassure about the quality of your products and services, increase confidence in your company…

Shop windows and glazing of shops and industrial companies

The cleaning of the windows of shops and industrial companies follows a strict procedure. The interior and exterior windows are thoroughly cleaned. Our window washing and window cleaning specialists pool their expertise to act with responsiveness and efficiency. Close to your place of work, they cope with emergencies and unforeseen events with great know-how.

Thanks to the regular checks carried out by the team leader and the training carried out in-house, the result is irreproachable. Each step is carried out with meticulousness and fingering.

When a window cleaning at height is planned, a site study is systematically carried out to find out the arrangements to be implemented. If the windows are high but still accessible, the window cleaner uses a telescopic pole. Window washing at height becomes really complex when the glazing is inaccessible from the ground. This operation is then subject to strict standards and regulations.

The windows to be cleaned indoors

The most modern companies are often arranged with glass partitions: meeting or relaxation rooms benefit from transparent partitions for greater brightness. Also visible are railings, stair railings, canopies, fully glazed doors, etc.

The windows to be cleaned outdoors

Fixed or opening office windows keep their shine and transparency thanks to regular cleaning. Press & Nett also takes care of window cleaning and cleaning of verandas or any other fully glazed space overlooking the outside.

Press & Nett solutions for cleaning inaccessible exterior windows

Many buildings in urban areas are highlighted by extensive glass surfaces. Some are equipped with fully glass elevators to offer a panoramic view to users.

Linked to ISO standards and various labels, strict safety rules are applied for window cleaning at height. The responders are therefore equipped with adequate protective equipment and are perfectly trained in the various techniques. At Press & Nett, we use several methods that have all proven their effectiveness :

  • the cleaning of windows at height in a gondola that rises gradually, guaranteeing safety and ergonomics for our employee. The gestures are safer and the work is better done ;
  • window washing at height with climbing. The professionals rappel down after the maintenance operation and do not disturb you during your work or your activities ;
  • window cleaning at height with mobile interior anchoring system: If our agent has to bend down to remove the frames and reach the side parts of a window, an anchoring is necessary. It is placed directly in the room where the window is located ;
  • window washing at height on scaffolding. This system allows the intervention of an entire team for the washing of a glass wall, the roof of a veranda, etc.

Cleaning verandas and glazed surfaces

Individuals also have every reason to call on a qualified window cleaning company like Press & Nett. Their quality of life can be immediately improved by cleaner windows that allow the sun’s rays to pass through. Rest assured, our teams know how to remain discreet and work independently.

In many cases, high-rise window washing methods are used to clean the highest parts of the verandas. Specific equipment ensures access to the most difficult-to-reach nooks and crannies. Of professional quality, the products used preserve the materials of the frames and the glazing and ensure their longevity.

As you might expect, various precautions are taken to clean verandas and other large glazed surfaces, such as bay windows. The techniques are different indoors and outdoors: the recommended material also allows a greater speed of action, without the need for an aggressive detergent.

What is the price for a private or professional window cleaning?

Defining a precise amount without knowing either the surface to be treated, the access conditions or the height seems difficult. At Press & Nett, we offer you to make a quote for free and without obligation. For 25 years, individuals and companies have been satisfied with our services and do not hesitate to recommend us to their friends, their customers or suppliers.

Would you like to know more about our way of working, would you like to make an appointment with our project manager in order to establish a quote? We invite you to call us, send us an email or click directly on “Request a quote”. A very quick response will be provided to you. Press & Nett intervenes everywhere in Tours and in the neighboring municipalities.

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