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Clean windows without a trace or a drop. Practical, thanks to its suction function and its great maneuverability, the Kärcher window cleaner makes it much easier and faster to clean the windows than by hand. The Window Vacs relegates traces and drips of dirty water to the rank of bad memory. The WV is also ideal for cleaning any other smooth surface, such as a mirror or tiles. The result does not change: a radiant cleanliness, without trace or deposit.

WV 6 Premium

This innovative window cleaner from Kärcher, already a proven solution for effortlessly obtaining clean and streak-free windows, is now even more flexible to use thanks to its new suction lip. The longer lip of the WV 6 Plus makes it possible to cover the entire surface, from the upper edge to the lower edge, in a single pass – for quick cleaning of surfaces close to the floor e.

WV 6 More

Kärcher further improves its original cordless window cleaner: the WV 6 Plus is an even more flexible model to use, benefiting from an innovatively designed suction lip and superior autonomy. The new suction lip, lengthened, makes it possible to pass over the entire surface, without interruption. With its extra-long autonomy of 100 minutes, this cleaner d.

WV 6 + KV 4 Premium

Cleaning smooth surfaces becomes a breeze. The KV 4 cordless cleaner with electric water supply and vibrating system easily dissolves dirt from the surface, without having to scrub. The residual water can then be vacuumed by the WV 6 cordless window cleaner, without leaving traces or drips. The WV 6 is illustrated by the extra-long autonomy of its battery (100 minu.

WV 6 + KV 4

The combination of the cordless window cleaner and the cordless vibrating cleaner allows effortless and fast cleaning of soiled smooth surfaces. The dirt is first dissolved from the surface by the KV 4 cordless cleaner equipped with an electric water supply and a vibrating system. The residual water can then be vacuumed by the WV 6 cordless window cleaner, without leaving d.

WV 2 Premium

In 2008, Kärcher invented the first electric window cleaner, with an innovative and original concept, in order to simplify the life of users. With its new colorway, the special 10-year edition of the WV 2 returns with an improved battery life of +40% (compared to the WV 2). It can clean up to 35 windows in a single charge. Quiet, small, wireless and very light – only 6.

WV 2 + KV 4 Premium

Sparkling windows and other smooth surfaces has never been easier, more convenient and faster. The KV 4 cordless vibrating cleaner dissolves dirt on surfaces thanks to its electric water supply and vibration assistance, without having to scrub. The residual water can then be vacuumed with the WV 2 cordless window cleaner, without leaving drops or residue.

WV 2 More N

Cleaning windows has never been so fast. The WV 2 Plus N embodies the new generation of battery-powered window cleaner, a patented technology invented by Kärcher. Silent, small wireless and very light – only 600g, it offers great freedom of movement and unparalleled comfort of use. It sucks up dirty water and leaves no traces on the windows, mirrors, cabin.

WV 2 + KV 4

The WV 2 and the KV 4 form an ideal duo to guarantee the cleanliness of windows and other smooth surfaces. With the KV 4 cordless vibrating cleaner, soiled surfaces are cleaned effortlessly, in a single pass. In an additional step, the residual water is easily sucked out by the WV 2 cordless window cleaner. The automatic water supply and the vibrating system of the KV 4 per.

WV 1 Premium

The Premium variant of the WV 1 cordless window cleaner has, in addition to the sprayer, the microfiber windscreen and 20 milliliters of detergent, a microfiber pad for external surfaces as well as a scraper for coarse dirt. Thus, the WV 1 Premium provides optimized cleaning results on windows and other dirty smooth surfaces. Without drops of dirty water and without.

WV 1 More

Cleaning windows has never been so fast. The WV 1 Plus, the compact, offers you the possibility to clean your glass surfaces efficiently and 3 times faster than by hand. Compact and lightweight, it perfectly sucks dirty water, with a single gesture and without effort. With its Lithium-ion battery, you can clean up to 55m2 (= 18 windows). Complete cleaning solution, it is provided.

KV 4 Premium

Windows, mirrors, glass tables, tiles and other smooth surfaces are cleaned effortlessly with the KV 4 cordless vibrating cleaner, which comes with two wipes, four doses of 20 milliliters of detergent, a charger and other accessories. The electric water supply combined with the vibrations make it possible to effortlessly dissolve the dirt from the surfaces – without having to scrub. Two singles.

The new Kärcher KV 4 cordless vibrating cleaner makes it possible to effortlessly clean smooth surfaces such as windows, mirrors, glass tables, tiles, and many more. This cordless cleaner facilitates cleaning thanks to its electric water supply and the vibrations produced by its battery-powered motor. It is enough to pass the device over soiled surfaces p.

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