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The Kobold VG100 window cleaner

The Kobold VG100 window cleaner cleans your windows in a single gesture.

The Kobold VG100 saves you precious time: in a single action, the glass is moistened, cleaned and dried.

Cleaning your windows has never been easier

How does it work?

The Kobold window cleaner is so light and compact that it can be handled with one hand, leaving the other free. So window washing becomes a breeze!

Another advantage: a real innovation, the Kobold banishes gloves and the wiping of cloth, a revolutionary method to clean your windows has been born!

Why choose the Kobold VG100 window cleaner?

Do you like the windows in your house to be clean, shiny and streak-free? Yes, but here it is. when the sun’s rays pass through your bay windows, the traces of fingers, raindrops and dust remind you that this is it, this is the moment: you will have to clean your windows. Forget the drudgery with the Kobold VG100 premium window cleaner: this revolutionary 3-in-1 device cleans, vacuums and dries your windows for an impeccable, streak-free and long-lasting result.

A simple use

Once the tank is full, it allows you to clean approx. 20 m2 of glazed surface.

It will no longer be a chore for you

No more need for elbow grease, the sprayer in one hand and the squeegee in the other.

Strong autonomy

Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the window cleaner offers an autonomy of about thirty minutes.

Outstanding efficiency

He cleans everything in his path without leaving any traces!


Cleaning your windows has never been easier

Clean your windows three times faster – 3 actions in 1

In 1 record time and without effort your windows are impeccable thanks to the VG100! An efficiency with very little water and product: with only 80 ml of water and 5 ml of Vorwerk cleaning product, you wash almost 20 m 2 of glass surfaces.

In a single gesture your windows are clear

The multi-stage window cleaning is complete. The Window Cleaner takes care of this in one pass: it moistens the glass, cleans the dirt and sucks the dirty water simultaneously.

Enjoy clean windows

The Kobold VG100 is much more than just a window cleaner. It is suitable for various types of smooth and untreated glass surfaces, such as window panes, glass tables and mirrors.

No dirt, no traces

Prevents traces even before they appear

This is how the greasy traces and streaks appear

The windows are barely cleaned that we can already see the first streaks. This happens when the glass has not been able to dry quickly enough. To avoid this, the glass must be dried immediately after being washed.

The Kobold VG100 offers a net result

This is precisely what the new Kobold VG100 window cleaner allows. The water-cleaning product mixture passes so quickly over the glass that it considerably reduces the risk of traces. The microfiber wipe removes the dirt, then the squeegee removes the dirty water that the nozzle sucks in, and all this in one step.

Resistant and absorbent

Takes care of your windows with its soft microfiber. A single wipe is enough to clean 20 m 2 of glass surface. Microfibers have a long service life, without losing their cleaning power and are very resistant and do not fluff.

Thanks to their high absorption capacity, they retain a lot of liquid and are perfectly suitable for cleaning surfaces.

Machine washable at 60°.

Easy, light, fast

Save your strength

Slowly and with light pressure, slide the VG100 in a straight line, from the top to the bottom of the glass. The microfiber wipe impregnated with cleaning product then removes the dirt from the glass.

Once at the bottom of the glass, simply remove the window cleaner by exerting a slight rocking movement. It’s as simple as it is awesome.

One-handed cleaning

Weighing about 1 kg, it is light enough to be handled with one hand. And thanks to the rapid suction of dirty water, your hands stay clean from start to finish.

Three times faster

Washing your windows takes less time than with traditional methods, because each pass offers a complete cleaning.

Quick preparation

Once the tank is full and the battery is charged, simply press the start button: you are ready!


Save water and cleaner

Clean efficiently and without waste. With 80 ml of water and 5 ml of Kobold GC100 Concentrated Window Cleaner, you can wash an area of about 20 m2. At this level of use, the concentrate can be used for 40 applications.

Extended cleaning time

The Window Cleaner works perfectly for at least 30 min with a full battery, which allows you to clean your windows.

Wireless comfort

There is no limit to cleaning. Once the battery is charged, you can wirelessly reach any window.

How to get the kobold VG100?

The VG100 is not the type of device that you find in stores, its purchase is made online, on our e-shop exclusively :

  1. You order
  2. You receive your window cleaner directly at home, thanks to home delivery.

Don’t hesitate any longer: our products are always in stock and you benefit from free shipping, like all Kobold vacuum cleaners!

Technical details

995 g (without the charger and the cleaning agent)

Dimensions (L x W x h)

11cm x 14cm x 29cm

Consumption (per application)

Concentrated cleanser: about 5 ml

High quality recyclable thermoformed plastic

Duration of autonomy

The battery lasts at least 30 min.

Maintenance-free DC motor (30 W) with an output of 18,000 rpm

Connection values

Input voltage 110-240V AC 50/60Hz

Output voltage 10.8V – 12 V DC

The window cleaner is supplied with :

Lieferumfang Kobold VG100 Fensterreiniger

  • Kobold VG100 storage rack
  • Kobold MF100 Microfiber Wipe (x 2)
  • Kobold GC100 Concentrated Cleaner
  • Kobold VG100 Charger

Frequently asked questions

Can the VG100 be used with its arms raised?

Yes, the Vit’power can be used with its arms raised because it is light and maneuverable less than 1kg.

What are the strengths of the VG100?

It performs well with a cleaning without leaving a trace in a short time. In addition, it uses very little water to clean your windows.

Which surfaces cannot be cleaned with the VG100?

The window cleaner cannot be used on non-flat, rounded, curved, satin-finished surfaces (e. g. car windows, frosted glass in the bathroom, glass with ornaments). It is also not suitable for special glasses (e. g. lotus effect) or with a plasticized surface (e. g. plexiglas, monitors, televisions).

How to use the Kobold VG100?

A simple preparation

Filling the tank of the Kobold VG100 window cleaner is extremely simple. A full tank allows you to wash approx. 20 m2 of glazed surface.

The tank is composed of two individual compartments, the first for clean water and the cleaning product, the second to collect the dirty water sucked from the cleaned glass.


As soon as the tank is inserted into the window cleaner, the cleaning can start: a simple press of the button starts the engine with a power of 30 watts.

A fully charged battery allows the window cleaner to be used for a minimum of 30 minutes.

An impeccable result

Slowly and with light pressure, slide the VG100 in a straight line, from the top to the bottom of the glass. The microfiber wipe impregnated with cleaning product then removes the dirt from the glass.

Once at the bottom of the glass, simply remove the window cleaner by exerting a slight rocking movement. It’s as simple as it is awesome.

See it in action

Discover it at home!

Would you like to learn more about this product? Request a free demonstration at home with a Kobold advisor and try it at home.

Window washing: a chore, but no longer for a long time

This is THE household chore par excellence: window cleaning. With the sprayer in one hand, the squeegee or the microfiber cloth in the other, you have to arm yourself with courage and give of your person to have clean windows. Not to mention that even before we start, we already know that the task is going to be long and arduous. Indeed, there is rarely only one window in a house, and many will tell you that it is impossible to achieve a result without traces.

Forget these notices, just like the “special glass” household products as well as all your accessories such as the sprayer, the squeegee, the microfiber cloth, the window cleaning robot, steam cleaners, window vacuum cleaners and all types of machines with accessories that you can find in stores. Kobold has created for you a “premium” quality window cleaner: the VG100 model. In addition, it is wireless, which means that you do not need to be near an electrical outlet to use it. Be careful, we prefer to warn you: those who have tested it can no longer do without it!

Operation and use of the VG100 window cleaner

Kobold’s VG100 has more than one string to its bow: without an electric wire, it is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, offering an autonomy of about thirty minutes. On the other hand, the weight and design of the device allow you to handle it with one hand. Effective with very little water and product, you just need to fill the 85 mL tank of your cleaner to clean a glass surface of about 20 m2. The major advantage of the Kobold glass product? It is water-repellent, which offers you the luxury of keeping your windows clean for longer, without traces of rain.

Its use is simple: once the tank is filled, simply slide your cleaner on any glass or glazed surface. No need for accessories: the microfiber wipe, impregnated with cleaning product, moistens the glass and removes dirt, then the squeegee, extended by a suction mouth, dries the surface without leaving a trace. All in one pass. The efficiency of the VG100 surpasses any household robot, machine or other steam cleaner on the market: test it and you will see!

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