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Clean windows without a trace or a drop, in no time. Practical, thanks to its suction function and its great maneuverability, the WV window cleaner from Kärcher makes it possible to wash bay windows much easier and faster than by hand. With it, no more residues and dirty water drips. The WV is also ideal for cleaning any other smooth surface, such as a mirror or tiles. The result does not change: a radiant cleanliness, without deposit.

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A residue-free cleaning, three times faster and for all your surfaces!

wireless window cleaner

Find the WOW effect on all smooth spaces.

Save time and effort with your Kärcher cordless window cleaner. The suction function ensures a very efficient washing and leaves the glass sparkling clean – without deposits or residues. In addition, the practical and ergonomic Kärcher cordless window cleaner allows particularly hygienic cleaning of glass spaces, since there is no direct contact with dirty water.

The glass cleaner is suitable for all smooth spaces and not only glass, such as mirrors, hobs, doors, tiles and tables.

Three times faster

With a Kärcher window cleaner, window cleaning is 3 times faster than by hand.

No trace

Residue-free cleanliness thanks to a high-quality removable blade and an innovative suction function.

No drop

The squeegee of the window cleaner sucks the liquid quickly and reliably – without running dirty water.

The Kärcher quality

The original Kärcher quality of the inventor of the cordless window cleaner.

WV mirror


Problems with condensation? The window cleaner is here to help you. Use your battery-powered window cleaner to remove the fogging that has formed on the glass.

window cleaning with WV


Cleaning tiles has never been easier. Just spray, wipe and then suck out all the dirty water. The window cleaner can be used to clean the inside and outside of your bay window.

mirror cleaning window cleaner WV


Washing mirrors is never a fun task, especially in the bathroom, cleaning toothpaste stains, dust and fingerprints: no sooner have you washed the bathroom mirror than it is dirty again.

With the Kärcher window cleaner, it is enough to wipe the mirror down and suck out all the dirty liquid, to obtain a sparkling mirror in a few seconds.

shower wall wv


In the shower and bathtub, stubborn dirt accumulates over time on the ceramics, tiles and shower cabin. Calcareous soap, formed by a mixture of calcareous water and soap, is often impossible to remove with commercial detergents. Fortunately, with the right devices and a few tricks, success is guaranteed.

Use your window cleaner after you have finished your shower to prevent limescale from accumulating on your shower wall.

Spill WV


A full glass spilled? No problem with the Kärcher window cleaner, you can quickly and easily suck up the spilled liquid.

It will leave your surface dry in a few seconds, so there is no need to use a microfiber cloth or hundreds of paper towels.

Tile cleaning with window cleaner WV


Tile is one of the most popular floor coverings, and for a good reason: it is resistant and, in most cases, easy to clean. Use the Kärcher glass cleaner to have a clean and residue-free tile in a few seconds and without effort.

Windshield cleaning with the WV window cleaner


Use the Kärcher window cleaner to wash your windshield without traces and in a few seconds.

cleaning your aquarium with a window cleaner WV

For all other uses :

For all the glazed things you have at home. An aquarium? No worries

How do I use my window cleaner?

Spray the window


Spray the glass with the glass cleaner contained in the sprayer.

Wash the window


Then, rub the glass with the microfiber cup present on the sprayer to remove the embedded dirt.

Clean the window using the window washer


Finally, vacuum the dirty liquid present on the glass using the squeegee of the window washer. Voila, you’re done!

After use, you get perfectly cleaned bay windows. The presence of traces remaining on the glass may be due to the squeegee of the device :

The squeegee of the window vacuum cleaner wears out after a while. This phenomenon makes the surface irregular and can cause streaks on the glazed parts. Little tip: Turn the squeegee once, because it can be used on both sides. Another cause of streaks can be the presence of fine dust and dirt particles accumulating on the squeegee and causing irregularities. Before vacuuming the windows, you can run the squeegee over the cleaning pad of the sprayer to remove these particles and ensure that the squeegee surface is as smooth as possible.

Battery-powered window washers

A practical addition to the window vacuum cleaner is a cordless window cleaner. The vibrating pad can be used to effortlessly wash all smooth spaces. Thanks to the automatic moistening of the wipe, the surrounding surfaces are not wetted by the spray mist, the hands and the floor remain dry. And since spraying is no longer necessary, you also save time. In addition, the vibration assists the process, so that the glass is cleaned without effort or tedious rubbing.

Window cleaning with a cordless window cleaner from Kärcher

Kärcher window cleaners and their advantages

Compact, handy and lightweight

The WV window cleaners are very compact and lightweight, allowing easier access to the window edges. A perfect suction is thus possible up to the lower edge of the window, with a single gesture and without effort.

Their ergonomic construction allows to obtain an optimal washing result without drops or residues.

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