Window Cleaner: 2023 Guide to the best models

Window cleaner

2022 Guide to the best models of window cleaners

2022 Guide to the best models of window cleaners

window steam cleaner

If you are tired of cleaning your windows with a cloth and a glass cleaner for hours, that you are constantly fighting against traces on your windows, or that you are looking to save time in this very time-consuming household task, a window cleaner can greatly simplify your life to have streak-free windows in all circumstances.

These little jewels of technology have multiplied in recent years: The number of manufacturers has increased considerably, and cleaners have diversified with the growing demand from households. Now you can find a cleaning device on a very wide price range, and therefore a question arises: How to buy the ideal window cleaner, the one that suits you best, and especially at the most interesting price? Answering this question is the work of our team who has sifted through dozens of different models by testing them thoroughly in order to allow you to choose the one that will have the best quality ratio depending on the use you will have and the options you are looking for, window cleaner with telescopic handle, wide squeegee, with a battery that has a long autonomy, and even robotic models working on their own.

If you are looking for a Polti, Kärcher, Bosh, Leifheit, H. Koenig steam cleaner or any other major brand in the field and others less known but promising like ITTAHO, you will inevitably find a product test that will meet your expectations! We have also responded to the very strong request to consult tests of window cleaning robots, it is done with the Alfawise S60 and other robots with formidable efficiency!

The top 3 window cleaners

If you are looking for which is the most efficient window cleaner of the moment, here is the podium of what is being done best at the moment. You can also find the tests of these household appliances directly in the corresponding section of our site.

  • Cordless: The ultra-light and silent window cleaner is equipped with a battery that can clean up to 35 windows in a single charge
  • Powerful: This special edition offers a 40% higher autonomy than that of the standard WV 2 premium model
  • Practical: with a removable 100 ml dirty water tank for quick emptying and without the risk of getting dirty
  • Versatile: two different width squeegees allow you to wash large and small glass surfaces – windows, tiles, tiles, shower cabins, mirrors, glass tables and much more
  • Scope of delivery: 1 sprayer, 1 squeegee 280 mm, 1 squeegee 170 mm, 1 concentrated window cleaner 20 ml, 1 microfiber windscreen, 1 charger, 1 Li-Ion battery
  • Clean the windows in 3 times less time than with a traditional method.
  • Practical with its 25 minutes of autonomy, for a result without trace or drop.
  • A multitude of possible applications: windows, faience, coffee tables, mirrors, shower walls.
  • Compact and lightweight, it is easy to use for a perfect suction of dirty water with a single gesture.
  • Wireless, always ready to use.
  • Streak-free Cleaning – This window vacuum cleaner leaves no traces or drops. It can be used on glass, tiles, mirrors or shower cabins.
  • 360° Use – This cleaning device can be used in an inclined position, horizontally or even above the head to clean roof windows.
  • Automatic sleep mode – Thanks to the automatic sleep mode, the electric vacuum cleaner has a battery life of up to 38 min which allows cleaning more than 110 m2.
  • Interchangeable accessories – This window cleaner can be combined with all Click-System handles as well as with the 17 cm vacuum cleaner nozzle for small narrow surfaces.
  • Contents & details – Cleaning kit including vacuum cleaner & window washer with 28 cm nozzle, compatible with Click-System handles, interchangeable suction nozzle, article number: 51000.

The advantages of a window cleaner

cleaning glass with cleaner

The main advantage of a window cleaner is that it combines several functions into one, allowing you to save precious time in washing your glass surfaces. You will no longer have to look for a cloth, a squeegee, a bucket, etc … here thanks to the cleaner you have all these functions in one device. Modest in size, the electric window washer knows how to be discreet in the house and it will often take up less space than all your old cleaning equipment. Often mounted on a battery, the devices are therefore wireless and very practical, so they can be used at home without worrying about their power supplies. Their autonomy varies between 20 and 40 minutes, which will allow you time to proceed to the meticulous cleaning of each glazed surface of the house.

Major brands such as Kärcher, Bosch, Polti, Vileda and many others are present on the market of steam window cleaners, a sign of high quality and great technicality for these devices very useful in everyday life, so if you are looking for example which karcher window cleaner to choose, our site will be able to help you make the best choice.

In addition to cleaning the windows of the house, your device will also be able to help you make other elements of your home clean. Thus, a window cleaner is multifunction, and will also be able to clean an accident with a spilled glass of water, condensation or even the windshield of your car. All these secondary uses will be of great help for those who want to quickly clean a flat or wet surface.

The 10 best window cleaners for 2022

The list that you can consult below corresponds to the most popular window cleaners of the year. You will find big brands and their quality appliances, but also outsiders offering cleaners that are very affordable financially without skimping on performance. So whether you choose a window washing robot or a standard model, the main thing will be to have windows without any traces. Our list therefore directs you to excellent household appliances so that each glazed surface is free of all traces of fingers and other dust!

# Overview Product Evaluation Price
1 Kärcher WV 2 Premium Black Edition – Window Cleaner – Fast and traceless cleaning – 35 min. 23,268 Comments 51,90 EUR See the detail
2 Kärcher 16332030 WV 1 Plus Window cleaner 2,000 Comments 44,90 EUR See the detail
3 Karcher window cleaner WV6 Plus 8,570 Comments 69,99 EUR See the detail
4 Leifheit Dry & Clean Window Vacuum cleaner, streak-free and drip-free cleaning set for surfaces. No notes 39,99 EUR See the detail
5 Double-sided Magnetic Window Cleaner 5-28mm, accessories kit + Ebook offered. Window cleaner. 9 Comments 49,99 EUR See the detail
6 Kärcher WV 5 Plus N – Window cleaner – Fast and traceless cleaning – 35 min of autonomy. 10,824 Comments 72,88 EUR See the detail
7 Aidodo Electric Window Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner with Squeegee Sprayer 1,624 Comments 42,98 EUR See the detail
8 Kärcher Concentrated window cleaner RM 503, for streak-free cleaning of windows, panes. 14,124 Comments 9,99 EUR See the detail
9 Professional Window Squeegee with Microfiber Brush, Width 25 cm 14,983 Comments 15,99 EUR See the detail
10 Edihome, Magnetic Window Cleaner, Window Cleaner, Double-sided for Windows of 15-24 mm. 393 Comments 33,99 EUR See the detail

The different types of devices

one of the best cleaners for windows

Depending on your needs, you will have to turn to two types of window cleaners :

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