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Are you looking for a window installer, carpentry in the Manche (50), in Ille et Vilaine (35), in the Orne (61) or in Calvados (14)?

Our agencies in Avranches, Granville, La Mézière, Coutances, Saint-Malo, Fleury-sur-Orne and Tourlaville have been specialized in the installation of windows and joinery for more than 30 years.

Windows and bays are essential for homes. They bring natural light to your interior and thermal and sound comfort. Our suppliers all meet the new thermal requirements. The joinery is also a major element of your decoration by giving character to your home both outside and inside.

Our expert technicians are at your disposal for your renovation or new projects of windows or bays in Usa Aspectmontage in the surroundings of Caen, Granville, Coutances, Saint Malo, Cherbourg, Avranches and Rennes.

I am requesting a free quote for the replacement of my windows.

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Do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote for your renovation in the Manche (50), the Orne (61), the Calvados (14) or the Ille et Vilaine (35).


To choose the right windows or bay windows, it is important to know their different advantages according to your needs. Here we detail the general technicality of the products. Do not hesitate to visit our showrooms or make an appointment at the agency closest to you for more details.

I would like some advice on replacing my windows.

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PVC windows and bays: Quality at the best price

PVC is one of the most insulating materials on the market. Combined with double or triple glazing, this material also has very high sound performance. It is unalterable over time and requires very little maintenance. In addition, the steel reinforcement gives it great rigidity. PVC joinery has the best quality-price ratio.

At the aesthetic level, the choice of straight or curved profiles adds a style to your interior decoration. There are several colors available (white, beige, anthracite gray, wood …). The imitation wood tone (golden oak or Irish) allows an illusion of traditional wooden windows at an attractive price and with easy maintenance.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Durable over time
  • Less important choice of colors

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ALUMINUM windows and bays – The aesthetic and architectural choice

A great favorite of contemporary houses, aluminum brings a definitely modern and elegant look to your home (wide choice of colors, finesse of profiles). Its durability over time, thanks in particular to the high weather resistance and the resistance of the lacquering, is a major advantage of this material. Aluminum joinery requires very little maintenance.

ALUMINUM is the best material for custom-made projects. Its robustness supports sliding frames of very large dimensions but also frames with more varied shapes. Once a bad student in terms of insulation, the innovations of manufacturers today allow it to confront the performance of PVC and comply with the thermal standards in force. Combined with a highly insulated glazing, it also has excellent sound performance.

  • Choice of shape
  • Possible large dimensions
  • Large choice of colors
  • More expensive than PVC

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WOODEN windows and bays – The traditional choice

The joinery brings a charming asset to your home.

Wood is sometimes imposed in some municipalities. It is an excellent thermal insulator and brings a natural warmth inside.

However, this noble material requires a lot of maintenance (sanding, varnishing and regular painting). Our wooden windows and bays are available in several species and benefit from several finishes to customize your carpentry.

  • Aesthetic
  • Thermal comfort
  • Request for the interview
  • More expensive than aluminum or pvc

Mixed Window Color 2

MIXED windows and bays – the alliance of the best performances

The mixed windows are composed of 2 different materials to benefit from the best advantages of each of them.

  • ALUMINUM / WOOD – This combination of materials allows easy maintenance of the ALUMINUM outside while keeping the warmth and authenticity of the wood inside.
  • ALUMINUM / PVC – This combination ensures a modern exterior style with an almost infinite choice of colors in ALUMINUM. PVC, on the other hand, ensures indoor thermal comfort and sobriety.
  • Low maintenance
  • High-performance joinery
  • Interior and exterior aesthetics
  • Higher cost

The different types of opening

Depending on the material chosen, there are different types of opening.

The different forms

ALUMINUM joinery offers greater possibilities of choice of shapes and dimensions thanks to the robustness of the materials.

Do not hesitate to ask our teams for advice for more information and a free study for your renovation project of windows, bay windows and carpentry in the sectors of Caen, Granville, Coutances, Saint Malo, Cherbourg, Avranches and Rennes.

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