What are the ways to clean your windows?

What are the ways to clean your windows?

What are the maintenance products and natural ways to perform a window cleaning? Read this article to discover our tips to obtain a transparent glazing. And if you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a Frizbiz jobber!

What are the ways to clean your windows?

All our tips on the different ways to clean windows

What are the cleaning products to clean your windows?

There are a number of products on the market that are specifically designed to clean the windows of the house. They are usually sold in the form of a spray. Among these various chemical products, you will find ecological ranges, more respectful of the environment and your health. A cleaning product of this type must be as effective as a more aggressive product. Indeed, otherwise, its eco-responsible quality would be overshadowed by the need to use much more to wash your glass surface.

In addition, note that it is possible to use dishwashing liquid to clean your windows. It is necessary to mix the dishwashing liquid with hot water and white vinegar. There are also “magic sponges” designed specifically for glazing, and which only require hot water. After the passage of a magic sponge, just pass a squeegee on your glass and dry it with a cloth.

You can also opt for a mixture based on water and soda crystals. Soda crystal is a chemical compound usually made from chalk and salt (but it can also be found in its natural state).

What are the natural products to clean your windows?

There are many natural tricks to perform a window cleaning without using the chemicals sold in specialized stores or supermarkets :

  • White vinegar: a grandmother’s trick, probably one of the most widespread, which consists of mixing about 750 ml of water and 250 ml of white vinegar in a spray bottle. The solution is then sprayed onto the glass, which is cleaned with a cloth before rinsing it. In the case of significant fouling, it is possible to add fine salt to this mixture.
  • Lemon juice: another grandmother’s trick. The idea of this method is much the same as with white vinegar. Nevertheless, using lemon does not require rinsing.
  • Onion: you can also mix half an onion with water and get a completely suitable result. It can also be rubbed directly on the glass before applying another cleaning solution. A trick as natural as white vinegar or lemon juice.
  • Meudon white: added to boiling water and soap, Meudon white can be used to clean your windows.
  • Black soap: a drop of black soap on a cloth impregnated with water will also offer you a good result.
  • Ammonia: it must be mixed with water, at the rate of half a glass per liter of water.
  • Alcohol: household alcohol can in particular be mixed with Meudon white. However, it is preferable to avoid its use since eventually, the alcohol generates a blue tint on the glass.
  • Black tea: an effective solution, but which like alcohol should be used sparingly so as not to let the windows soak up an unsightly color.

Some really very dirty glazing can be recovered with the help of fine glass. In addition, rather than using a cloth that can leave lint and therefore traces on your glazing, prefer to use newspaper. The lead contained in the newspaper will be used in particular to make your glass shine.

In addition to the tool (newspaper, glass wool …) and the product (dishwashing liquid, white vinegar, black soap …), good gestures must also be adopted to limit the appearance of traces on your glazing. Indeed, window maintenance usually turns out to be complicated, because it is difficult to do it without leaving unsightly marks. In addition to being a tiring practice, it turns out to be all the more discouraging when we realize that the many efforts invested have been in vain. To find out more, discover our tips on how to clean your windows without leaving traces.

What equipment can we use?

In addition to these natural means and these chemicals, you also have a choice as to the material to be used. Let’s mention, for example, the karcher cleaner, which facilitates the maintenance of your glass surfaces. This is a motorized squeegee that saves time on large surfaces. For very large bay windows, you can also opt for a high-pressure steam cleaner, which removes grease and dirt from the glazing. And to avoid lint if you decide to use a cloth, prefer a microfiber cloth or a chamoisette (absorbent yellow fabric), whose dust-removing and degreasing abilities are no longer to be demonstrated.

Who to contact for a window cleaning?

Contact a Frizbiz jobber to clean your windows

Despite our tips and advice, would you rather not take care of it yourself? So you have come to the right place. Frizbiz is a jobbing site where you will find many talents ready to give you any kind of tip to know how to maintain your glazing.

How do I get these tips and advice? All you have to do is go through our chat tool, and this even before you have chosen one of them. And you can also immediately contact the Frizbiz jobber closest to you so that he can help you at home. More than a tip, he will be able to show you directly the right way to proceed in order to obtain a clean and suitable result. Would you like to know how to define your budget to use a Frizbiz jobber? Discover our guide regarding window cleaning rates.

Is window cleaning covered by Jobbing insurance?

Frizbiz and the insurer Axa have entered into a partnership together, and Jobbing insurance comes from this rapprochement. This is a cover guaranteeing individuals passing through our platform work that is always carried out with care. Because if the passage of a first jobber in your house does not fully satisfy you, we are committed to ensuring that you receive a visit from a second member of our community. And this, in the shortest possible time.

Nevertheless, window cleaning is not eligible for Jobbing insurance. To find out more about all eligible services, consult the Jobbing Insurance eligibility conditions. But rest assured, because our Frizbiz jobbers are real DIY enthusiasts, used to doing small jobs at a private home. You can therefore trust them with complete confidence to obtain an impeccable result.

Is window cleaning eligible for a tax credit?

You can actually be a beneficiary of the tax credit for working from home as part of any window cleaning. This tax deduction amounts to half of the expenses incurred during a year for this type of work, up to a limit of 12,000 euros. But this threshold can be increased by 1,500 euros for any additional dependent (child or person over 65 years old).

It is also possible to benefit from a tax reduction in the event that you wish to have these works carried out in the house of an ascendant over the age of 65. Nevertheless, for this, this person must already receive the Personalized Autonomy Allowance.

But how to benefit from it? Beforehand, you will in any case have to proceed to the official declaration of your Frizbiz jobber with the URSSAF. Because going through our DIY site to have your work done makes you a private employer, assigning you legal obligations. But don’t panic, because by paying your employee at home using the Universal Service Employment Check, or CESU, you can pay more easily for his social charges. To learn more about this, take a look at the CESU Terms of Use.

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