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The best window cleaner in 2022

The glass cleaner is convenient for quickly cleaning all glass surfaces without leaving traces. Its effectiveness has earned it an ever-growing popularity.

After in-depth research on the best models of the moment, Aspectmontage reveals its favorite: the 🥇 Karcher – WV 6 Plus N.

The window cleaner is a device increasingly considered as an essential maintenance tool. Indeed, the bay windows, the glass windows and doors, the mirrors … are essential. Therefore, it is essential to have a practical and efficient device so that the washing and cleaning of the windows are effective and almost effortless.

Between the simplest and the most sophisticated models, it is no longer obvious to find yourself and choose the one that best suits your needs. Therefore, it is important to know well the specificities related to the different types of window cleaner available on the market.

So how do you determine which choice is the most judicious when it comes to window cleaner? We will help you take into account the most relevant criteria to consider when choosing the best window cleaner. We will also answer some interesting questions that are certainly of concern to you.

Easy cleaning with the window cleaner (via Amazon)

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Our opinion: best window cleaner

Best window cleaner in all categories

Quickly and efficiently clean your windows, tiles and shower cabins by equipping yourself with the Karcher WV 6 Plus N glass cleaner. This electric appliance also offers a good cleaning autonomy.

Aspectmontage brings you to the discovery of this window cleaner.

Best cheap window cleaner

The cheap window cleaner is a tool offering a particularly advantageous quality-price ratio and which is widely preferred by those who have reduced budgets.

Although it does not have all the features and characteristics that one could dream of on a window cleaner, it remains functional and easy to use offering very appreciable performance.

💶 Best cheap window cleaner WV2 Plus from Karcher Strengths: its compact design, its very intuitive handling

Best telescopic window cleaner

The telescopic window cleaner is a cleaning tool intended for the highest glazed or tiled surfaces in the house. It is in fact a classic window cleaner to which a telescopic handle is connected.

Easy to handle and efficient, this device is an ally to leave no dirty glass surface in the house and all this without running out.

🦒 Best telescopic window cleaner Dry&Clean from Leifheit Strengths: its excellent autonomy, its features

The 9 finalists sifted through

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The test criteria that we considered

To choose a high-performance window cleaner adapted to your needs, certain points should be of particular interest to you. Of course, it must be taken into account that certain criteria are more subjective depending on the needs of each one and their expectations. That said, the ones we will discuss here are the most essential.

    The type of window cleaner.

There are two main categories of window cleaner, also called suction squeegee. Some models work with steam. The water vapor projected on the surface detaches the dirt in depth, dirt that the squeegee is responsible for wiping using a wipe or a microfiber cloth specially designed for this.

As for the simple window cleaner, it uses a detergent cup or a cleaning product to clean the glass. He sprays water on a bay window and then proceeds to suction the dirty water without any trace in passing.

The window cleaner is increasingly preferred with a battery for obvious reasons of maneuverability. Indeed, wired models significantly limit mobility. When choosing a battery model, aim for an autonomy of 30 minutes or more in order to clean large surfaces more easily.

Wireless window cleaner (via Amazon)

At the same time, the charging time of the battery is a preponderant element to consider. It should ideally not exceed one hour. That said, window cleaners with a lithium battery are to be preferred for their good autonomy and their short charging time. Moreover, on a steam cleaner, it is necessary at the same time to consider the heating time of the water to optimize the autonomy of the battery. Consult our Aspectmontage to acquire an autonomous and efficient window cleaner.

For more practicality, opt for a device with a number of essential features, in particular the telescopic handle which is of great use to reach certain parts located high up in the house. Also, make sure you have easily accessible and intuitive controls for a faster and more pleasant handling.

In order not to waste time, also take an interest in the length of the squeegee. If you have small spaces, a squeegee of about 17 cm is perfect. But if the surfaces are larger, do not hesitate to opt for about 28 cm.

The window cleaner is a manual tool that can be used for several tens of minutes, like its cousin robot window cleaner, during which time the device is most often held above your head for cleaning. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the model you are interested in is ergonomic and manageable.

Show a clear preference for models weighing less than 2 kg. Unless of course you are looking for ways to build muscle or to make the desire to properly clean your windows, tiles, mirrors and other smooth surfaces go away.

A compact device that can be easily stored is a positive point. That said, it is far preferable to choose a window cleaner that can hang on a support or stand upright. Horizontally, it runs the risk of being damaged very quickly.

Easy-to-store window cleaner (via Amazon)

In addition, a removable tank or at least a tank with a practical opening to facilitate the flow of water is an essential point that will facilitate the maintenance of the device. The change of certain parts that tend to wear out must be able to be done quickly.

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