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Office window cleaning in Boston and at private homes in Ile de Usa

Window cleaner Boston

The company NOVA CLEAN offers its window cleaning services in offices in Boston, in companies and individuals, on an ad hoc basis or in regular maintenance in apartments, shops, buildings and all premises in Boston 75 and Ile de Usa. We offer:

Window washing at the end of the construction site: a delicate task

We carry out window washing after work, routine maintenance of tiles or a one-off window washing intervention in Boston. Clean the windows regularly in order to avoid the deposit of limescale which makes window washing less effective over time. We work on verandas, canopies, large mirrors, glass railings or shop windows and all glass surfaces. Window cleaning after work consists of scratching the traces of plaster or paint on the windows and frames without scratching the surfaces. this is a delicate task that requires experience.

Your office and business glass maintenance quote

  • Free quote for cleaning and maintenance of office windows in Boston during the day
  • Decreasing window washing rate depending on the quantity and difficulty of the intervention.

Get your free quote for window cleaning in a company by telling us the total area to be cleaned on both sides, framing included. You will receive your personalized quote within 24 hours.

  • Cleaning of windows and windows at height with a gondola, scaffolding or telescopic pole

We offer our services of window cleaning at height with telescopic pole, nacelle or scaffolding according to the specificities of the places. We carry out window washing at height and with difficult access. We are at the service of companies, offices and individuals Cleaning windows and windows remains one of the most difficult tasks to perform if you want an impeccable result and it is preferable to contact a specialized company. Suitable equipment, professional products and the experience of a cleaning team are a guarantee of quality.

NOVA CLEAN Boston is at your service for the maintenance of glassware and shop windows in Boston

We offer merchants a maintenance service for shop windows and glass cleaning in shopping centers in Boston. Year-round maintenance contract with regular or punctual interventions according to your needs. We offer a complete service of facade cleaning, store cleaning, awning washing. We leave the places spotless with a balcony cleaning that or a blind washing to prepare your summer season with impeccable exteriors.

Window washing company for individuals in Ile de Usa: we are at your side

We carry out regular maintenance of glass surfaces and window cleaning for individuals in Boston, in apartments and houses in Neuilly sur Seine, the restoration of windows, veranda, glass roof after work in Levallois Perret or the maintenance of windows, mirrors in Issy les Moulineaux, cleaning glass balusters, glass railings in Saint Maur des Fossés and Rueil Malmaison. We maintain your windows all year round or intervene after a heavy rain that has soiled your windows as well as after work.

Cleaning of:

  • bay windows
  • verandas
  • canopy
  • velux
  • window
  • glass railings
  • mirror

Requests for quotations

Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, Boston

Newly arrived in the neighborhood, I am looking for an efficient housekeeper for a major cleaning of an apartment of a little more than 25 m2 with the windows to be cleaned (molds washing machine / bathroom / kitchen (fridge), windows, dust, ventilation, detachment of a velour type fabric. ), about 4 hours of cleaning.

I found your contact information on the internet. We are a school located in the 10th arrondissement. We would like to clean the panes of our windows and get a quote. I am copying the cadastre of the windows for your information.

Rue d’Hauteville, 75010 Boston

Hello, we are in a Haussmanian apartment with high-ceilinged windows that we want to have cleaned. Thank you very much.

I would like to receive a quote for the following services:

  • terrace cleaning (slabs) approx. 15m2
  • cleaning of 4 large bay windows (exterior only)
  • cleaning of the external blinds (electric) of the 4 bay windows
  • cleaning of the rails (on the floor) of the bay windows

Could you give me a quote for a visit every month for a shop located passage de l’Ile Louviers 75004 Boston. Everything is perfectly accessible, but it is necessary to provide a scaffolding. The surfaces of the windows :

  • Two windows 1.50 m x 5 m
  • A glass 3.40 m x 5m
  • Two windows 2.50m x 5m (including a curved part).

We are looking for a service provider to perform a glazing service on 4 Bostonian event venues. Each place has specificities, a tour of the places is therefore imperative, they are all in the same neighborhood. There is low, high, mountaineer glassware, some places with a gondola that can be made available if the technician is authorized etc, with window framing. Here are the addresses :

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