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Set up as an independent joiner, installer and arranger (self-employed or not)

How to set up as a carpenter, setter, arranger, self-employed or not? How to open a carpentry shop? What is the carpentry market in Usa? Can we become a carpenter-planner without a diploma? What legal status to settle in?

The joiner-setter-arranger is a professional responsible for the realization of the interior fittings of a building. Self-employed or not, he mainly touches on wood, but can use other materials such as plastic and aluminum. He manufactures and installs furnishing elements such as windows, doors, kitchens, parquet floors, stairs or bathrooms; he can also take care of carrying out insulation work. Also called a layout designer or “layout designer”, this professional works between the workshop and the construction sites by performing various services of cutting, assembly, installation, repair, etc.

Carpentry-arrangement is recognized as being an activity of an artisanal nature. It will therefore be necessary to register with the Chamber of Trades and Crafts.

Finally, creating a carpentry-layout company involves respecting safety standards and listening to the requirements of the customer, the architect or the interior designer.

So here is everything you need to know to set up as a carpenter, to create a carpentry workshop or to intervene as a self-employed setter.

To settle down as a carpenter, setter and layout designer: qualities and profile.

The carpenter-arranger must master several skills and know-how :

  • reading and interpretation of the plans,
  • choice of the appropriate material (type of wood, finish, color …) according to the customer’s expectations,
  • manufacture of ordered parts: cutting, assembly, dyeing, sanding…
  • assembly of the elements.

A good layout carpenter must know how to divide his time between the workshop and the construction sites. He is obliged to comply with safety standards and the rules for the disposal of toxic waste. In addition, he must collaborate with the other professionals present on the site: plasterer, mason, locksmith, painter…

Very versatile, the carpenter must have notions in plumbing, electricity, plastering, insulation and even in computer science for drawing software: he is called to perform calculations, representations in space and geometry. Finally, it will be necessary to be creative to propose arrangements in harmony with the interior space.

Setting up your carpentry business: compulsory diplomas.

The activity of carpenter-arranger is therefore artisanal and regulated. The competent business formalities center is that of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts. It is necessary, in order to be able to settle :

  • to justify a diploma (CAP carpenter manufacturer of carpentry, furniture and arrangement, or carpenter installer, BTS arrangement of the architectural environment or a professional baccalaureate technician carpenter-arranger),
  • failing that, he will have to justify an experience of at least 3 years in the profession,
  • it should be noted that since the PACT law of 2019, it is no longer mandatory to follow the installation preparation course with the Chamber of Trades and Crafts.

The carpentry-layout market in Usa: analysis.

The carpentry market in Usa is 51,000 companies with a turnover of €14 billion. The growth of the sector is moderate but rather well oriented since 2015. Wood joinery is undergoing competition from PVC. Indeed, PVC carpentry has developed a lot, especially in renovation and collective housing.

The personal market represents 30% of the sector’s turnover.

Independent carpenters (small and very small companies) respond above all to the requests of individuals or work as subcontractors for manufacturers, kitchen or bathroom signs.

Many carpenters, installers and arrangers specialize in a specific type of service in order to be more efficient.

To settle down as a carpenter, setter and arranger: the regulations.

Other than the obligation to prove a diploma, settling down as a carpenter, setter and arranger requires compliance with other regulations, namely :

  • Compliance with the NRA (New Acoustic Regulations) for buildings built after 1/1/1996,
  • The obligation to inform customers in advance of the prices of services, hourly labor rates, travel expenses, methods of counting the time spent, flat rates and the price of the quote,
  • Note the importance of having the RGE label (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) to make its customers benefit from various aids: tax credit, public subsidies and subsidies for insulation, Eco-PTZ, energy saving premiums, etc: the label is obtained under conditions and after having followed a specific training.

Settling down as a carpenter, opening a carpentry shop: the choice of legal status.

It is possible to choose from the following legal statuses to settle down as a carpenter, installer or layout designer :

  • The micro-enterprise (ex self-entrepreneur regime): it is a very simplified status and rather suitable for a start-up :
    • no real accounting,
    • obligation to establish a follow-up of receipts,
    • obligation to have a separate bank account from the personal account,
    • this legal status is subject to turnover limits,

    The steps to create your carpentry business or set up as a carpenter.

    How to settle down as a carpenter, setter and arranger? Here are the main steps :

    1. Train yourself (if necessary),
    2. Validate your project with a market study ,
    3. Write a business plan (business plan),
    4. Search for financing (if necessary),
    5. Complete the installation preparation course (Chamber of Trades, optional),
    6. Choose your legal status and register (Chamber of Trades),
    7. Take an insurance ,
    8. Buy the equipment and the vehicle necessary for your activity,
    9. Start communication and activity,

    What rates to practice as a layout carpenter?

    The price of a carpentry intervention is between € 40 and € 60 per hour depending on the type of work carried out and their volume. In general, the hourly rate of a layout carpenter is € 50, which is the equivalent of € 350 for a working day.

    Free Excel tools to manage your business.

    WikiCréa provides you with free Excel tools to manage your business :

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