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Wood, PVC or mixed: windows for all projects

Brighten up your interior with the windows of the Carpenter’s House! PVC windows, aluminum windows or wooden windows: our joinery is aesthetically pleasing and perfectly insulating, whether at the thermal and sound level. We do not compromise on insulation, economy, aesthetics and ecology.

It is up to you to direct yourself to the level of finish that interests you :

  • Classic Pro: windows with a classic aesthetic shape, with the correct energy performance, offering limited dimensions and options.
  • Comfort Plus: aesthetically designed windows, with high energy performance and offer many solutions of dimensions and options.
  • Performance: windows of contemporary aesthetic shape, with very high energy performance and offer many solutions of dimensions and options. The materials are thicker or bring a technical or aesthetic innovation.

PVC Windows 60 mm

60 mm PVC windows are a safe bet: they are durable, high-performance and customizable. PVC is the most widely used material in the construction of windows.

PVC Windows 70 mm

The 70 mm PVC windows are ultra-efficient thanks to a double glazing 4 x 16 x 4 BE + Argon. They are also aesthetic and practical. Discover them at Aspectmontage!

PVC Windows 80 mm

A more practical window with a tilt-and-turn opening, more aesthetic thanks to its rounded shape and its centered handle, in addition to offering you optimal performance thanks to its low-emissivity double glazing.

Mixed wood aluminum window

With their elegant and modern design, the mixed wood and aluminum windows will find their place in a contemporary as well as classic house.

Exotic wood window

The elegance of exotic wood in a range of windows! The wooden windows of the Carpenter’s House are durable and high-performance.

Visit the store

Come and discover the range of La Aspectmontage windows in one of our stores!

Find your standard or custom-made windows

The Carpenter’s House adapts to your desires. All our windows are manufactured to standard measurements but it is possible to make them custom-made so that they find their place in your home. Classic, contemporary, modern or more exotic, it’s up to you to choose your style of windows.

Made in Usa

Our windows are made in Usa by craftsmen carpenters who make it a point of honor to offer you products of the best quality.

Eligible for the tax credit

Certain window models are eligible for the tax credit: ask your La Aspectmontage team for more information!

Pro quality at attractive prices

At La Aspectmontage, we offer professional quality windows at the best price.

Compliance with thermal regulations

All our windows comply with the thermal regulations of 2012, which aims to limit energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

black window

Aesthetic windows

Provencal farmhouse, more modern villa or apartment, the windows of the Carpenter’s House are suitable for all styles of homes. Whether you prefer PVC, wood or mixed windows, all tastes are in our windows!

Insulating windows

Because we make it a point of honor to offer you high-performance joinery, all the windows of the Carpenter’s House have excellent insulation. Enough to achieve energy savings!

3 window finishes

We have set up three levels of window finishes to satisfy you: classic pro, comfort plus and performance. It’s up to you to choose which one will be the most suitable for your needs and your budget.

Download the window catalog

Discover all the models and ranges of windows available at the Carpenter’s House.

Request a quote online

Would you like to tell us about your project? Use our configurator to tell us your needs.

On-site quotation

Go directly to the store or to your home (on a simple phone call) so that the craftsmen of the Carpenter’s House will establish an immediate and tailor-made quote for you, which corresponds to your needs.

Payment in installments

If you wish, pay your carpentry in installments: you have an extendable outstanding amount of 1000 euros up to 70,000 euros, with a deferred payment of up to 6 months.

Home delivery

Don’t worry about the delivery! The craftsmen installers of the Carpenter’s House come to deliver your windows directly to your home or on your construction site.

Supply and installation

The team of the Carpenter’s House install your windows in compliance with our charter of excellence: it is the assurance of a quality work.

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