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More economical than the wooden window or the aluminum window, the PVC window is acclaimed as much for its insulation qualities as for its design and its wide variety of colors. Type of opening, glazing or dimensions: with Aspectmontage, discover the elements to know to choose your PVC joinery correctly.

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                What are the advantages of PVC windows?

                Aesthetics, insulation and maintenance: these are the strengths of PVC joinery.

                • The performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation of PVC windows is appreciated. Their leaves insulate your home well against the cold or heat waves, even more so when they are associated with a double glazing whose thermal insulation is reinforced, or a triple glazing.
                • A PVC window is easy to maintain: this product resists corrosion well.
                • White is the most common color for PVC joinery, but it is not the only choice. More and more manufacturers offer other colors, or an imitation wood design.
                • PVC windows are inexpensive: in renovation as in new construction, PVC windows are cheaper than wood, aluminum or mixed aluminum and wood joinery.

                What are the criteria to take into account when choosing a PVC window

                PVC windows meet both the constraints of a renovation and the requirements of a new construction installation.

                • The type of opening: take into account the constraints of the room and your needs in terms of safety or comfort to choose between a Usa opening (the leaves towards the inside), an English opening (the leaves towards the outside), a swing-swing window (a single leaf that opens in two ways), a bellows opening or a sliding opening. The PVC window adapts to a wide range of joinery. Nevertheless, this product is less rigid than aluminum or wood and it is not recommended for a bay window.
                • Dimensions: PVC joinery is more often offered in standard dimensions in height and width, with a single leaf or two leaves. But like wood or aluminum, it is a product that can also be tailor-made. If your choice falls on this range, be aware that the price of a custom-made PVC window is higher than a joinery with factory dimensions.
                • The glazing of the windows. Well insulating by nature, PVC is the ally of a window with double glazing or a window with triple glazing: it strengthens the thermal and sound insulation qualities. On the other hand, it does not support the weight of a large format glazing.

                How to install a PVC window?

                In the case of a renovation, a professional installer will be able to best advise you on the most suitable type of installation for your windows: rabbet, applique or tunnel. The installation by a specialist also guarantees that the joinery is installed in accordance with the rules of the art. This is essential for a good sealing of your windows and optimal comfort in the room. Even more so if you have chosen PVC joinery for the thermal insulation qualities of this product!

                By calling on an RGE-certified professional for the installation of PVC windows, you are also entitled to subsidies intended to finance energy renovation works. Make sure you choose the right craftsmen by requesting quotes and information on a platform like Aspectmontage.

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