Professional window cleaning service: Window cleaner pro

Professional window cleaning service

Accord Service specializes in commercial window cleaning, for companies and SMEs as well as for individuals. Our expert and qualified cleaners have a real experience of a professional service using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.

Glass surfaces to be cleaned for companies, shops and businesses

One of the services associated with cleanliness in companies, we treat the cleaning of the windows of buildings and office blocks up to 25 meters high.

“Your commercial image can be felt from the outside, so don’t neglect your glass surfaces to gain efficiency and make your customers sweat a serious image. »

Shops, shopping centers, hotels and restaurants, our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to confidently meet the needs of window cleaning of all sizes including in the commercial sector. Trust us to carry out your most difficult window cleaning jobs. We offer regular maintenance programs for the interior and exterior windows of your building or office. We guarantee that your windows, frames and sills will be left clean and without traces. It is amazing to see how brilliantly clean windows can have a positive effect on the environment of your business or your home.

Our agents are licensed and comply with the strict safety rules that govern the window cleaning sector. They make sure that every job is carried out safely, regardless of the difficulty, including at very high heights.

Window cleaning service for companies

The scope of window cleaning work in Toulouse, Montauban, Montpellier … depends on the number, size, degree of soiling and the location of the areas to be cleaned without traces. At your request, we also clean the blinds, folds and joints.

We adapt our contracts according to your needs, your requirements and the geographical constraints of your establishment.

Regular cleaning for professionals

For many companies, we provide our professional cleaning service on a weekly basis to those who rely on first impressions, such as storefronts, hotels and restaurants. We also have a regular service that offers a monthly or fortnightly cleaning adapted to commercial premises with a flexibility of regularity to meet the needs of your business.

window washer equipped with

After a personalized study, we offer you adapted solutions that meet your request :

  • Accessible glassware washing “American style”.
  • Inaccessible glassware washing by means of an osmosis water pole.
  • Washing of glassware inaccessible by means of nacelle (CACES permit)
  • Maintenance and cleaning of signs

Our highly qualified window cleaning agents are equipped with professional equipment such as– – Window cleaning kit: bucket, wetting device and UNGER squeegee – Telescopic pole from 1 meter up to 12 meters – Osmosis water pole: the interest for the customer: avoid the cost of renting a nacelle while ensuring the safety of users.

Call us and make an appointment for a professional cleaning of the windows of your premises.

Cleaning methods for windows

Our proven “American-style” standard cleaning methods prevent our employees from neglecting contaminated areas. This technique consists in carrying out a regular movement on the glazed surface from top to bottom in order to evacuate the cleaning product without leaving ripples on the glass or unreached areas. This technique also avoids spreading the surplus of the product like the Usa method since the wetting agent is always kept below the squeegee. For the finish, nothing better than a microfiber to remove impurities on the rubbers and joints to finish the job perfectly.

professional window washing

The HiFlo ™ RO filter is perfect for constant, mobile or fixed water production. By the physical process of reverse osmosis, the minerals are filtered to approx. 95 to 98% of the water. Thus, it is possible to wash the windows without product, only with a water pole and a brush. The Unger HiFlo ™ RO filter has an additional resin filter, so that the filtered water is 100% pure.

Our teams are equipped with the individual and collective protective equipment necessary for their safety, and those of the users. We use eco-responsible products.

Minimal disruption to your business

We know how important it is to minimize disruption in the workplace. As a result, we now offer scheduled visits so as not to interrupt your working day. We can also perform an out-of-hours service for companies that do not want agents to disturb their office staff.

Provision of window cleaning services for municipal institutions or specialized industrial companies

We provide a series of specific services to municipalities as well as specialized companies such as solar panel farms. The professional cleaning of windows in the Grand Sud Region carried out by our highly qualified technicians ensures that no damage is caused inside or outside the areas to be cleaned. Our intention is to leave each construction site as it was when we arrived, with the exception of the windows, frames and impeccable ledges.

solar panel cleaning service

Service to individuals: Make your home shine in no time!

Save yourself the trouble and hassle. Leave your windows and all glass supports, such as doors, bay windows, verandas to Accord Service which brings together experts in window cleaning in Toulouse and in the surroundings.

Window cleaning

As a cleaning company we also take care of the cleaning of glass surfaces in private homes. Depending on the surfaces and your budget, our window cleaning services are entrusted to our specialized agents.

Our window cleaning service is calculated as accurately as possible by cleaning your windows, without traces, your frames, the joints and whether from the inside or the outside, in a limited time to avoid you as little inconvenience as possible. Before any new service, our cleaners make sure of the right measures to meet the deadlines.

Frequency of passage of our window washers for individuals

Many of our customers choose to have their windows cleaned every month, as this keeps the windows looking good all year round, but we can also offer the same service on a fortnightly or quarterly basis, depending on your budget.

We recommend a monthly cleaning to get the best results, but we can also organize one-off cleanings in case of special occasions or family visits, either by asking your window cleaner during his next visit to book a new appointment or by calling us directly on 05 61 78 06 07

Satisfaction and guaranteed services

Our customers particularly appreciate our efficient and fast services with short-term appointments. The use of professional cleaning equipment, the execution by experts, the discretion and punctuality, of our employees, will also convince you.

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Our commitments

Response within 48 hours max. to your requests

Intervention within 48 hours max. for emergency work

Replacement within 24 hours max. in case of unforeseen absence

Regular quality control with the customer

Two key interlocutors

Commercial and Operational

Samuel PETITE Chief Operating Officer Responsible for the commercial contract

Sarah MBEMBA Sales management assistant Quality management follow-up

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