Price of installing a window (PVC, wood, aluminum) 2022.

Price of installing a window: average prices

Installing a window represents a budget of less than 500 euros without the supply of materials. For a new installation, it takes between 150 and 250 €. Regarding the replacement of a window, the price of a renovation installation varies between 250 and 400 €

Window installation prices: the main prices to know

The price of installing a window depends essentially on the type of work to be carried out. Depending on whether it is renovation work or a new installation, the implementation is different, which impacts the installation speed. Here are the average prices for installing a window :

Price of installing a window Average price (including VAT)
New window installation (excluding window rate) 150 – 250 €
Window installation in renovation without supply (excluding window rate) 250 – 400 €
Installation of PVC window 150 – 450 €
Installation of aluminum window 250 – 600 €
Wood window installation 300 – 800 €

Price of installation of windows: what criteria?

The price of installing a window varies according to many criteria

  • The type of work: new, complete renovation, partial renovation,
  • The material used: aluminum, PVC or wood
  • The size of the window: a velux, a Usa window or a bay window does not require the same installation technique as a window with standard dimensions
  • The mode of opening the window: one leaf, 2 leaves, swing-leaf…
  • The craftsman’s prize
  • The price of a window

Replacement window renovation or new: what’s the difference?

The criterion that will be the most decisive in calculating the budget to be allocated for the installation or replacement of windows is the type of work. Indeed, several situations can arise :

The opening creation: new window installation

For a house construction or for the realization of an extension, the external joinery post includes all the openings including the windows. In this case, the installation of a window consists of totally creating a frame in the opening (named “tableau”).

installation of window wall lamp

This is carried out beforehand at the time of the main work. This is the simplest situation, because it includes only one step of laying. The labor time is then quite short and this is felt on the price which generally fluctuates between 150 and 250 euros per window.

Laying in renovation

The renovation requires more work than the installation of a window on a new construction, because it requires a step of removing the old window. Two situations can then arise :

  • A partial removal: if the frame is in good condition and the insulation of the house is correct, it is not necessarily necessary to dismantle the entire window. It is possible to replace only the sash. In this case, the frame of the new window is fixed on that of the old one. If the work is thus limited, this method of installation has a major drawback: the loss of light due to the conservation of the old frame. For this type of work, count between € 250 and € 400 on average per window.
  • A complete removal: it consists in replacing the entire opening including the frame (window frame). This makes it possible to start again on a new support. This option is interesting when the insulation of the house needs to be strengthened. Moreover, this avoids the loss of light caused by the previous option. Nevertheless, you should know that it is also the most expensive installation. Its price can exceed € 400 per window.

Installation in renovation with complete removal: the ancillary works

When you are replacing your windows without keeping the existing frame, you must add to your estimated budget some small works such as the repair of part of the interior insulation framing the window, the replacement of the plasterboard and the installation of the interior wall covering. This can quickly increase the bill.

Installation windows: the techniques

Depending on the configuration of your house, there are several laying techniques. We offer you to take a look at these last ones starting from the most traditional to the most complex :

The installation in applique

The window is placed on the inner wall. The frame is located on the inner protruding part of the support.

This technique is generally preferred in new constructions. In renovation, if the masonry allows it, it will also be advised by a window installer, because it is the simplest implementation to achieve.

window craftsman

An applique window installation takes place in 3 main steps :

  • The preparation of the construction site which includes taking measurements, checking the levels and plumb
  • The installation of the window: installation of insulation tapings on the outside of the frame; realization of waterproofing at the level of the support and on all parts of the wall between the masonry and the carpentry; installation of the frame
  • The finishes: Insertion of the sashes; control of the operation of the leaves; removal of the protective films

The tunnel installation

Unlike the wall-mounted installation which is carried out against the interior wall, the tunnel installation consists of placing the frame in the thickness of the masonry. From the inside, the window is therefore placed in a recess relative to the wall and not in superposition.

This type of laying was very common on houses built at the very beginning of the XIX century. A tunnel installation is therefore generally only rarely practiced on a new construction. However, it is preferred in certain cases: the realization of insulation from the outside or when the construction is wood frame.

The rabbet installation

Very particular and uncommon, the installation of rabbet windows requires embedding the window frame in the thickness of the wall. To achieve this, a system of notches is set up.

Who to contact to install a window?

Technically, if you are used to DIY work, installing a window in new or changing its windows is technically possible. In this case, it is generally the application that is preferred, because the implementation is less complicated.

window installation price

However, it should be borne in mind that the window plays an essential role in the insulation of the house. For optimal efficiency in this respect, the installation must be carried out according to the rules of the art. In case of error in dimensions or lack of sealing, the insulation cannot be guaranteed.

In addition, checking the level and plumb of the frame is essential to ensure proper operation of the window.

That is why we strongly recommend that you hire a professional to install your windows. To find it, you can either :

  • directly call on a window craftsman or a carpenter
  • get closer to a DIY sign such as Aspectmontage or Leroy Merlin who can take care of the supply of products as well as their installation
  • Get closer to a window manufacturer s among the most famous brands: K by k, Tryba…

Window installation price: examples of quotes

To allow you to better understand the budget that an exterior joinery project can represent, we have simulated 3 window installation quotes :

Price double glazed window with installation

You are thinking of selling your house built more than 30 years ago. The energy performance diagnosis of this housing classifies it in E.

The cause is the poor insulation of wooden windows that have moved over time and whose joints are no longer effective. You know for a fact that this ranking is likely to put off many buyers. So you decide to carry out a complete renovation of all your windows.

fixing frame

To reduce your budget while optimizing the insulation qualities, you choose PVC as your new material. Among the different quotes, you select the one that seems to best meet your expectations. For the 10 new double-glazed windows necessary for your accommodation, it amounts to € 3,500.

Window installation with integrated roller shutter

As part of an estate, you have just inherited an old house that requires a renovation of all the carpentry including the windows which are now equipped with wooden shutters.

For budgetary reasons, you decide to replace the windows in each room by equipping them with roller shutters. The quote for 4 PVC windows with integrated electric roller shutter and installation included amounts to € 1,700.

Aspectmontage window installation price

To increase the energy performance of your home and thus reduce your electricity bills, you decide to replace your current single-glazed windows with double glazing. You go to the Aspectmontage closest to you and the quote for the installation of your 12 PVC windows in renovation on an existing frame amounts to € 3,000.

Window replacement: why is it important?

Poorly insulated windows are one of the first factors of heat loss in a house.

There are several signs that can alert you to the poor quality of your windows :

  • Excessive heating consumption in winter
  • A difficulty in keeping a cool house in the summer
  • Discomfort suffered by noises outside the house (lack of sound insulation)
  • A difficulty opening or closing a window
  • Traces of moisture on the walls
  • Fog on the windows

Changing your windows can represent a significant budget. However, the savings made on energy bills can quickly pay for the investment made. In addition, in terms of comfort, a better soundproofing of your home will be appreciable.

installation bay window 1

Finally, the change of your windows brings an added value to your home, especially if you have increased the quality of the glazing.

Window installation: how to reduce the budget?

Assess the need for a complete replacement

Before considering changing all the windows in your home, it may be interesting to perform a mini diagnosis of the situation. Indeed, in addition to the installation, the price of a window can already be substantial. So, depending on the condition of your joinery, it is not necessarily necessary to replace the entire window. You can, for example, be content with :

  • Replace the old glazing with a more efficient double glazing or triple glazing.
  • Replace only the sash if the frame is in good condition (partial removal)

Opt for a standard window

When you decide to carry out a window replacement in order to recover more brightness in your room, you have the option of choosing a custom-made window. Its advantage is that you determine the precise dimension of it yourself. This type of opening is often more expensive since it requires a specific manufacture.

installation of sliding joinery

By choosing a window with standard dimensions, it will be easier for you to compare prices. Moreover, if the service life of the windows generally exceeds 15 years, it may still be interesting to anticipate a future change. In the long term, replacing a standard window will certainly be less expensive than changing a custom window.

Choose your craftsman well by multiplying the quotes

If it is true that the installation of a window does not represent a very substantial budget, generally, a renovation of the joinery concerns all the openings. In this case, the budget envelope can quickly climb.

Calling on a qualified professional to replace all your windows is recommended to ensure a quality job.

However, it is not always easy to find the company or the craftsman specialized in windows who will be able to offer you a good value for money.

Prospecting several companies and having at least 5 quotes made will allow you to compare the services. Thus, you will get a better idea of the average budget for your work and the choice of the professional will be easier.

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