Price of a Window in 2022 | Average Cost & Installation Rate

Price of a window

By Sylvain Zaffini Updated on 05/05/2022

The price of a window is €480 on average, with a range between € 300 and € 900, including installation. In detail, the price of a window varies from € 300 to € 650 for a PVC joinery and from € 400 to € 900 for an aluminum opening.

Type of window Average price (with installation)
PVC 300€ to 650€
Alu 400€ to 900€
Wood 450€ to 800€
Mixed aluminum /wood €600 to €1,000
Custom-made €350 to €1,250

Note: these indicative prices, from various specialized sources, take into account current standards (2-leaf windows, 125cm x 100cm, casement type, double glazing and wall-mounted installation).

Materials and dimensions are the main parameters that influence the cost of your window project. However, it is necessary to determine other elements in order to refine your budget :

  • Number of leaves
  • Type of sash
  • Glazing
  • Performance
  • Type of installation
  • Huisserie
  • Finish

Estimate the price of installing your windows using our detailed guide and have these works accurately costed by a professional.

In this guide :

Good quality windows are important, because they play a crucial role in the thermal and sound insulation of the house. Having windows in good condition makes it possible to reduce the heating bill while not suffocating during the summer. To carry out your work, there are financial aids that make it possible to significantly reduce the costs.

Price of a window by material

Whether it is PVC, aluminum, wood, or a mixture, the material composing the frames sleeping and opening a window causes the prices to fluctuate significantly.

Your choice will thus be made according to aesthetic criteria, but also technical, because not all window materials offer the same performance.

Our estimates of the price of windows depending on the materials are indicated on the basis of a double-glazed window installed as an applique, including 2 sashes (125cm x 100cm) with a casement system.

Price of a PVC window

The price of a PVC window varies from 300 € to 650 € with the pose. Si you do not want to involve a carpenter, the purchase price of a PVC window generally varies from € 145 to € 350.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a very popular material for windows. According to the UFME (Union of Carpentry Manufacturers) PVC represents about 60% of all windows installed. PVC window frames are very insulating, resistant, do not require any maintenance and are very affordable. PVC is therefore often recommended by professionals to reduce the budget for a total renovation of windows.

What is the price of a window according to the materials

PVC implies a greater thickness of the frame than that of other materials, to avoid deformations. In the case of bay windows, this technical necessity can represent an important aesthetic pitfall.

PVC windows can affect different colors, but white remains the most popular aesthetic, with about 61% of the market share according to the TBC Innovations design office.

Price of an aluminum window

The price of an aluminum window ranges from 400 € to 900 € installation included. To be more precise in your estimates, you can consider that the cost of an aluminum window ranges from € 250 to € 450, supplies only.

Aluminum windows are now just as efficient as their wood or PVC counterparts. In the past, the finger was pointed at the tendency of aluminum windows to create thermal bridges. Nowadays this problem has been completely solved thanks to the systematic use of thermal bridge breaks integrated into the window frames.

Moreover, according to UFME, aluminum windows are the second player in the field, with about 30% of the market share.

If aluminum is very resistant, maintenance-free and makes it possible to keep very thin window frames, it is on the other hand a relatively expensive material. An aluminum window budget can be up to 2 times higher than that of PVC. The technical and aesthetic advantages are however important and explain this higher cost.

Price of a wooden window

The price of a wooden window is between 450 € to 800 € including installation. the quote for your wooden windows will show a cost in supplies that can range from € 300 to € 550, to which, you must add the labor.

Wood is the most efficient window material in terms of insulation after PVC, which motivates its higher price. It is ideal for ecological constructions or for low-energy houses.

The market shares of wooden windows have always been stable since the early 2000s: about 10% of all windows installed.

Wood requires a different maintenance than other materials because of its sensitivity to the elements. We recommend a coat of varnish, varnish or paint on its windows every 10 years at least.

Be aware that there are now labels (FSC and PEFC) indicating that the wood comes from environmentally friendly sources.

Price of a mixed aluminum/wood window

The cost of a mixed aluminum / wood window varies between € 600 and € 1,000 with the installation, some manufacturers also offer a mixed PVC and aluminum, for a lower price. Excluding installation, the budget necessary for the purchase of a mixed aluminum / wood window ranges from € 450 to € 750.

It is now possible to benefit from the combined advantages of wood and aluminum thanks to mixed windows. These frames have a wooden inner side and an aluminum outer side, so they offer excellent thermal insulation while reducing maintenance.

The price of mixed aluminum / wood windows is however high, which explains a presence on the market of only 3%, with however an increase of 43% in sales since 2007.

Price of a custom-made window

The price of a custom-made window can range from € 350 to € 1,250 with installation depending on the materials, dimensions and glazing. The manufacture of a custom-made window alone costs from € 200 to € 1,000, an investment that must generally be completed with the labor rate.

If your window project is atypical and the specificities of your openings cannot be satisfied by standard models, there is a solution. This is the custom window. With this system, it is possible to compose your window according to your desires. The carpenter will make the window only for your construction site and will install it according to your specifications.

The cost of a custom-made window is however the highest, due to the production principle which does not allow to benefit from the economy of scale.

Price of a double glazed window according to its dimensions

The standard dimensions of the windows, if they can be used, bring undeniable advantages. Thanks to mass production, the purchase price is kept as low as possible, availability is instant, installation is easier and accessories are more numerous (roller shutters for example).

Type of window Dimensions (HxW in cm) Average price (excluding installation)
1 door leaf 45 x 60 75€ to 550€
60 x 60 70€ to 580€
75 x 60 80€ to 650€
95 x 60 90€ to 750€
2 leaves 75 x 100 110€ to 500€
125 x 100 145€ to 650€
135 x 100 155€ to 700€
115 x 120 150€ to 700€
125 x 120 160€ to 750€
135 x 120 165€ to 800€

Note: these indicative prices, from various specialized sources, take into account current standards (all materials, casement type and double glazing).

In addition to the dimensions, you also have to choose between single-leaf or 2-leaf systems.

  • 1 leaf: Openings of this type are often of reduced size, for example a bathroom, where the most frequent dimensions are 75cm x 60. A window of this type can be operated with one hand and can be installed in a place where 2 leaves would be problematic.
  • 2 leaves: This is the most classic type of window. The leaves close against each other and require both hands to be operated. It is possible to add a central post between the two leaves, called “flapping” intended to add an aesthetic touch to the whole.

Price of a window according to its dimensions

Price of a window glazing: Purchase price per m2

The type of glass is a crucial element for the performance of a window, it also causes prices to fluctuate.

Type of glazing Feature Average price per m2 (excluding installation)
Double glazing The current standard, attractive prices, good performances 80€ to 150€
Double glazing VIR or ITR Excellent performance, slightly higher price 150 to 250€
Soundproof double glazing Asymmetric construction attenuating up to 45dB 150€ to 200€
Laminated double glazing Resistant to break-ins, can withstand at least 30 blows of the mass 170€ to 400€
Triple glazing Ideal complement to a very well insulated, expensive and heavy house 150€ to 500€
Single glazing Outdated glazing, to be avoided for homes 60€ to 80€
  • Double glazing: Your craftsman will certainly offer you this glazing composed of two panes separated by an air gap. Since this is the current standard, the price of a double-glazed window is very affordable while ensuring quality insulation.
  • Double glazing VIR or ITR: This version is slightly different compared to the classic double glazing: it has an inert gas blade between the two panes. This technology makes it possible to improve the insulation even more, for a higher price.
  • Soundproof double glazing: This model, also called asymmetrical, makes it possible to strengthen the acoustic insulation of the windows thanks to a system of panes of different thicknesses. It is thus possible to reduce noise pollution by up to 40dB.
  • Laminated double glazing: To resist break-ins, a laminated double glazing is installed. This glass, very solid and of a superior price, withstands at least 30 consecutive blows of mace or axe.
  • Triple glazing: Composed of 3 panes separated by 2 air blades, these windows are supposed to be the most insulating. However, the advantages compared to VIR double glazing (especially in renovation) are not yet sufficient to popularize triple glazing in renovation. Under construction, triple glazing is strongly recommended to comply with the RE2020 standard. In this case, the triple glazing is modern, treated in order to maximize the solar contributions, it is no longer triple glazing from the 2000s which was much debated.
  • Single glazing: This glass is now obsolete, because double glazing offers much better insulation and a very competitive price. The price of a window change is also very often motivated by the transition from single to double glazing.

Installation of a window: The intervention of a professional

Techniques for laying a window according to the configuration

You may not know it, but there are different types of laying to install a window. Depending on whether you live in an apartment, in a traditional house or in a wood frame building and whether you are carrying out a construction or a renovation, your carpenter craftsman will direct you to one or the other of these methods.

  • In application: This technique is the simplest, the most economical and the least intrusive for your frame, because it allows you to press the window against the frame and fix it with the help of legs. If you are in the context of a window renovation, the craftsman will certainly direct you to this technique.
  • Rabbeting: This method is relatively old and is only used in very specific cases. The frame must indeed have notches, the rabbets, intended to receive the fixing tabs. This mounting nevertheless makes it possible to limit the protuberance of the fixed frame.
  • In a tunnel: Recommended when carrying out insulation from the outside, this window installation involves placing the frame between the walls. The frame then does not protrude beyond the wall, but must be well wedged into the frame under penalty of deformation.

Installation of a window: The intervention of a professional

Price of installing a window: Cost in construction and renovation

Price of installing a window under construction

The price of installing a window under construction varies from € 150 to € 250, a relatively low price motivated by a very simple configuration of the construction site.

The most economical and simple installation of a window is carried out as part of a house under construction. There is indeed no partition wall cladding or insulation. Carpenters thus have great freedom to position the window and attach it to the wall without worrying about additional elements.

Price of installing a window in renovation

The price of installing a window in renovation is from 200 € to 400 €, including deposit.

The case of a renovation is more complicated. It is necessary to remove the old window neatly, not to disturb the interior of the housing and carry out the services as soon as possible. In addition, the professional must take care of the doubling of the walls, the insulation and other potentially problematic elements. Note that if the sleeping frame is in good condition, it is sometimes possible to renew only the opening frames, and thus save money.

Help and subsidies to change your windows

Grants from Anah, the region and the department

The National Agency for Home Improvement offers a helpto reduce the price of your windows: My Renovation Premium. To benefit from this boost, which can range from €80 to € 100 per piece of equipment (and €40 for households with median incomes), you must :

  • That the accommodation is more than 15 years old.
  • That the renovation of the windows leads to a decrease in energy consumption.
  • That the accommodation is a main residence.
  • Whether the household (for 4 people) has very modest incomes (from €30,572 to €42,381), modest (from €39,192 to €51,597), or median (from €60,336 to €79,041).
  • That the work is carried out by a certified craftsman RGE (Recognized guarantor of the Environment).

Note that less populated households or people can benefit from the same assistance, by applying the income conditions present on the ANAH website.

Reduce the cost of your windows with the Energy Premium

If your new windows lead to substantial energy savings, you can also claim the Energy Premium. This boost from the public authorities aims to encourage individuals to reduce Usa’s energy footprint. You must apply to one of the many partner organizations.

If you have modest incomes, some participating partners will even offer you to double the amount of this bonus.

Finance the installation of its windows without interest

The installation of double-glazed windows makes it possible to benefit from the Eco PTZ (energy improvement), an aid without any conditions of resources, insofar as the service is carried out by an RGE carpenter craftsman. This government-subsidized zero-interest loan is available from partner banking institutions.

Change of windows: VAT rate at 5.5%

If your home is more than 2 years old, your window work may be subject to a preferential VAT rate. Instead of the usual 10% or 20%, check that your quote has included a VAT rate of 5.5%.

Get quotes: Specify the cost of your work

To determine precisely the cost of your windows, it is necessary to have them costed by a professional close to you. We advise you to get several quotes in order to compare prices and choose the craftsman who meets your expectations.

The aids available for the change of your windows necessarily require the intervention of a certified RGE carpenter.

The services of a company are highly recommended, because replacing all the windows in a home is a long and tedious project that we may regret undertaking on our own.

Example of a window quotation: Standard costing

Window quotes: A total renovation

Let’s take the example of a total renovation estimate for the windows of a 1970s house, including the replacement of 7 double-leaf windows and a single-leaf window, all in PVC.

The installation, which was to include supplies, removal and installation, gave him a quote amounting to € 4,000.

The help that the owners have received has reduced the price of installing the windows to € 3,440, or € 560 in savings.

Window quotes: Installation under construction

The second example focuses on the installation of 2 single-leaf PVC windows (75x60cm) in a wood frame garage under construction. The quote for these windows was € 500 all inclusive, a very affordable sum due to the absence of removal and the installation under construction.

Buy your windows well: The main brands by price range

The window brands are numerous and offer different quality / price ratios. It’s up to you to make the right choice among the wide choice available to you.

Price range Brand
Entry-level Leroy Merlin (Essential Brico)
Mid-range KparK
High-end Bouvet
  • Tryba: 250 sales spaces, 20 production sites, 3,500 windows manufactured daily, Tryba is one of the major players in the Usa window. The ranges of very good quality range from PVC to wood via aluminum and mixed.
  • Bouvet: Almost a century-old family business, Bouvet was the first Usa brand to manufacture PVC windows with narrow profiles. Bouvet, on the other hand, does not offer wood joinery.
  • K-Line: This Usa company has always had a concern for innovation in order to offer ever more efficient technologies.
  • Schüco: This multinational company offers high-quality aluminum and PVC joinery. Schüco has a digital PVC production and machining line based on 3D modeling.
  • Windoff: This young Usa company offers quality windows as well as excellent customer support: 24h / 24h after-sales service, plus guarantees of 15 years on installation and 10 years on supplies.

The costs associated with the installation of a window

Your windows quote may include additional elements that may change your budget at all.

  • Removal: The renovation of old windows very often involves a total removal. This work, which may take a long time for the craftsman, must be taken into account. You can estimate that the removal of the windows has a price ranging from € 50 to € 150 depending on the case.
  • The wall opening: Installing a window does not necessarily mean that the opening already exists. If you want to add a window to a room, it is necessary to provide for the drilling of the wall. If you are in this case, our article dedicated to the subject will provide you with all the necessary information.
  • The other openings: Your house most certainly has more important openings, such as a Usa window or a bay window. In order to stay consistent with your window renovation and energy improvement project, you should also plan to replace the Usa doors or bay windows, if they are old.

Making your investment profitable thanks to energy savings

Old windows represent a significant loss of heat, and therefore of energy. It is estimated that the replacement of single glazing with double glazing can bring up to 15% savings on the heating bill.

On the other hand, in case of resale of your property, new or recent windows will be a strong argument in your negotiations, because given the price of windows, buyers prefer to invest in a well-insulated and equipped house, whose windows have already been changed.

On the other hand, before switching from double to triple glazing, it is better to have the project evaluated by a carpenter craftsman, who will be able to tell you if profitability is assured or not.

Opening systems: A guide to buying the right window

You will choose your type of opening according to the configuration of the room, the desired handling comfort and the safety for the occupants.

  • Usa style: The most common window, whose leaves open inward on a Aspectmontagel axis. It is imperative to think about ensuring a clearance inside the room for the leaves.
  • Swing-hinged: This window can be opened on a Aspectmontagel axis and on a horizontal axis. Generally the sash can be blocked to a certain degree of opening. The safety in case of small children is thus optimal.
  • Sliding: This window slides in the manner of bay windows, one opening overlapping another. We save a lot of space inside the room thanks to this mechanism.
  • Bellows: Often with a single leaf of elongated shape, this window opens on a horizontal axis and can be held in the ajar position.
  • Galandage: Offering the best of both worlds, this window slides into the walls, so as to offer a large opening without encroaching on the interior space.
  • Tilting: This window opens on a horizontal axis, letting the lower part out of the house and bringing in the upper part. This mechanism provides excellent ventilation of the room. The price of a velux often includes a mechanism of this kind.
  • English-style: The English-style window works exactly the opposite way to the Usa-style window: its leaves open outwards, freeing up space inside.

Opening systems: A guide to buying the right window

What options for your windows?

The carpenters can offer you certain options to accompany the installation of your windows. Without being mandatory, these little ones next door can bring additional comfort in the use of your windows.

  • Colors: Gone are the days of PVC or white aluminum. There are now many colors available, at an additional cost. This is particularly the case of PVC, whose color ranges have expanded significantly in recent years.
  • Window sills: The outer edge of your windows must be neat, so as to combine aesthetics and utility. This ledge, named “supports” can be made of different materials, from concrete to metal via stone.
  • Roller and casement shutters: Individuals calculating the price of their windows often opt for the installation of roller shutters because of their excellent comfort of use. Depending on the rules of your municipality, it may be necessary to install more traditional shutters.
  • The banne awning: The banne awning can equip large bay windows as well as classic windows. It is an ideal complement for your south-facing windows.

Choose your windows according to its insulation performance

To facilitate the understanding of the performance offered by a window, several technical indicators are used. These values are calculated by the manufacturer and are indicated on the technical label of the window. Pay attention to compare the glazing in the right way to determine the quality, for example, triple glazing is always and necessarily more efficient than double glazing, regardless of its quality.

  • Ug Coefficient: The Ug index represents the insulation performance of the material making up the window frame. The lower the Ug value, the more insulating the material is.
  • Uw Index: It represents the thermal performance of the glazing, it is the most important index. The lower it is, the better the insulation.
  • Sw Value: The Sw value indicates the ability of the window to transmit heat from the sun. It goes from 0 to 1, with ideal performance close to 1.
  • Ac Indicator: This value represents the sound insulation of the window. The values can range from Ac1 (the worst) to Ac4 (the best).

What is the price of a window?

The price of a window varies from 300 € to 900 € taking into account the installation costs.

How much does it cost to install a PVC window in renovation?

The installation of a PVC window in renovation costs from € 345 to € 700 all inclusive, depending on the dimensions and the opening system.

What is the price of a double glazed aluminum window?

The price of a double glazed aluminum window can range from € 400 to € 900 all inclusive.

When to replace your windows?

It is advisable to replace your windows every 20 to 30 years, or when they lose their technical integrity, fogging between the panes, poor grouting of the frames and others.

What are the aids to change the windows?

The aids available to change your windows are those of the ANAH (MaprimeRénov’), the EEC, the EcoPTZ and the VAT at 5.5%.

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