Preparing for the installation of your doors and windows in 4 steps

Installation of doors and windows: preparing in 4 steps

Installation of doors and windows: preparing in 4 steps

Your brand new doors and windows have been ordered and you are looking forward to the “D” day with impatience? We understand you, there is nothing like an up—to—date fenestration – and high energy efficiency – to revamp a house. How can you prepare while waiting for these to be delivered and installed? Here are the 4 steps that we recommend for an installation without unpleasant surprises and with complete peace of mind.

1st step in the process of installing doors and windows: the choice of installers

When signing the agreement with your supplier, you were able to decide — or not – to have your doors and windows installed by his team of installers. If you have a new house built by a contractor, he will take care of it. You can also hire your own installers or do it yourself. That said, there are advantages to using the installation services offered by the manufacturer, which go far beyond saving time, in particular :

  • Proper installation will maximize the energy performance of your doors and windows and prevent premature wear of the mechanisms.
  • The installers are certified, that is to say that they have a contractor’s license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.
  • The know-how: the professionals have the training, the experience and the expertise required for an installation in the rules of the art.

If you decide to install your doors and windows yourself, refer to the General requirements section of the Construction Site Guide about installing windows according to the Canadian Standards Association standard CSA A440.4-07. That said, all Vaillancourt retailers can install your products, as can our subcontracting team.

2nd step to the preparations for the installation of fenestration products: precautions

Once your choice of installers is made, all you need is your products. Has the manufacturer confirmed the exact delivery date to you? At Vaillancourt, customer service communicates with customers 2 times in order to ensure timely delivery. Although it is possible to install doors and windows during the 4 seasons — yes, even in winter — certain weather conditions may vary the delivery date, installation or the duration of the work.

Before the installation team arrives at your home with its trailer and its tools, you have a minimum of precautions to take :

  • Does your municipality require a permit or a certificate of authorization for such works? It is your responsibility to get one.
  • You must remove the coverings of your doors and windows: blinds, curtains, louvers, sheers, canvases and even the rods.
  • Do you have a pet at large in the house? Make sure it is in a safe place; the installers will open the door several times.
  • Is your property protected by an alarm system? It is better to notify the company or temporarily disconnect it.
  • To protect your belongings and extend their life, cover valuables and move those located near interior and exterior openings (furniture, garden furniture, lighting fixtures, plants, decorations, garden hoses, etc.).
  • If your land is equipped with a fence, it must be removed and the back lot accessible.

3rd step in the preparation of the installation of doors and windows: the day of the work

Before the arrival of the truck, free up a parking lot near your house. The installers will have to make several trips back and forth to their trailer with tools or heavy materials.

There must necessarily be a responsible adult on site. This person will be able to take the opportunity to ask all the questions they want to the installers; they are there for that!

Depending on the season, the temperature may vary slightly in the house or insects may enter it. Since this is renovation work, there will certainly be noise as well as a slight accumulation of dust. Rest assured, all this is minor, because the openings are replaced one at a time, this way :

  • Removal of the existing door or window
  • Inspection and preparation of the opening
  • Positioning and fixing of the new product so that it is square and plumb
  • Insulation and finishing

4 th step that completes the preparation of the installation process: the finishing

Once the work is completed, the installers will ensure the cleanliness of the premises in order to restore them — as much as possible — to their initial state. An experienced installer will take the time to inspect the new doors and windows with the customer. He will also make sure that the latter knows how his products work and can even give him maintenance recommendations. To prepare you for this final step :

  • Do you know what you will do with your old doors and windows? Will the installers take care of it? Can your local ecocenter collect them?
  • Plan to reinstall your window coverings — treat yourself, this is the opportunity to replace them!
  • Expect to plug a few small aesthetic holes on the door frames or to make paint touch-ups.

These few preparatory steps will certainly facilitate the work of the installers and yours. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask your representative or the manufacturer’s after-sales service. The choice of the speaker depends on where you are in your purchasing process. In any case, a contact person will be able to answer you.

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