Measurement of plastic windows their functionality. How to determine the size of the blinds: specialized recommendations

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Many are solved on an independent replacement replacement window. But, before ordering new designs, you need to know how the measurements of plastic windows are carried out. Not only their proper functioning depends on this, but also on the appearance of the building.

Correct measurement of plastic windows: tips

Measurements are carried out using the following tools and devices:

  • roulette;
  • hammer;
  • chisel;
  • carpentry carbon;
  • construction level;
  • rule;
  • marker.

With the help of a hammer and a chisel after dismantling the old window, it is cleaned by the opening of the plaster. In order to obtain the optimal size of the new windows, it is necessary to take into account the following elements when carrying out measurements.


  1. Measurements of the opening are carried out on both sides: from the side of the room and from the outside. This is necessary in order to determine its depth.
  2. It is necessary to measure the parameters of the outer part of the opening: the window frame cannot be smaller than these sizes.
  3. It should be borne in mind that the geometry of the opening may differ from the perfect rectangle, which often manifests itself in panel houses. The width and height of the window must be increased by the detected difference in size. The parameters obtained are compared with the internal parameters of the aperture.
  4. Based on the results obtained, the plastering layer for finishing the internal slopes is determined.

IMPORTANT: The maximum deviations of the measurement results from the actual size of the window opening should not exceed 10 mm.

Learn more about measurements: determining the width and height

When ordering plastic windows, the measurements are prepared in advance. Professional measurers know that:

  • the new window should be slightly wider than the minimum distance between the slopes (measured between the frame pairing points with slopes);
  • the window frame should be a little less than the parameters of the internal opening.

Tip: Do not order too many windows. In the event that the frame is much wider than the distance between the quarters of the opening, the design will not look aesthetically pleasing.

After measuring the height of the opening at extreme points, 5 cm is taken from the result: 3 cm will be needed for the coaching profile, and the space 2 cm will be filled later with mounting foam. As a result, we get the height of the window of the window.


How to measure plastic windows to open a quarter

In houses where the window openings with a quarter, the edges of the window frames should go for 2-3 cm. This provides an aesthetic appeal, as well as tightness. Plastic windows are performed to install new designs. Their functionality is as follows.

  1. The width of the opening in its narrow part is determined. 40-60 mm adds to the resulting result and the window frame is obtained. In the event that the wall is not smooth, the additional size must be reduced.
  2. The width of the internal opening is measured. The dimensions of the frame are set in such a way as not to exceed the value of the measurement value, as well as to satisfy the requirement of the previous paragraph.
  3. The height of the window is determined by the distance from the upper opening to the base of the lower opening. 10 mm should be between the gap. It is important that the window frame is part of a quarter of the horizontal part of the opening.
  4. In that case, if you plan to install the window sill, under the window frame there should be a coaching profile. This requires a decrease in the height of the window by 30 mm. The coaching profile is also necessary for Lowhew mounting.


It should be borne in mind: the height of the window frame without a coaching profile should be a slightly smaller distance from the inner surface of the upper slope to the windowsill. The height of the frame with a stacked profile should be equal to or less than the distance from the upper slope from the inside to the lower edge of the windowsill.

How to measure the window opening without a quarter

Determination of Windows parameters for window openings without the production shift of the following principle.

  1. Using the hammer and spatula, the surface of the opening of the old plaster and insulation is cleaned.
  2. The width and height of the opening are measured in several places.
  3. From the results obtained, the smallest values are chosen.
  4. From the width of the opening, 20-30 mm are removed: this gap on both sides of the frame will be filled with mounting foam. The resulting number will be equal to the width of the window.
  5. From the results of measuring the height of the opening, 30 mm are removed (to mount the undercut profile) and another 20-30 mm for the formation of the gap. As a result, we have the size of the window.


Important: During the measurements, the deviations of the planes of the opening from the horizontal and Aspectmontagel are taken into account. These deviations are measured and taken into account when determining the size of the window of the window.

Nuances of window design

There are technological restrictions that must be taken into account when designing glazing:

  • semicircular arches must have a bending radius of 260 mm;
  • the sloping rotary flaps cannot already be 400 mm;
  • when forming openings, there may be deviations from the project.

All window frames in the building are recommended to perform the same design. This will provide an aesthetic appeal to the exterior and simplify the maintenance of structures. Your attention is a visual material on how plastic windows are performed: Video with specialized comments.

Blinds on plastic Windows: Measurement and installation

After the plastic windows are installed, you need to take care of the other interior design. The blinds are installed to protect against sunlight. There are three species:

  • horizontal;
  • Aspectmontagel;
  • rolled.

Materials for their manufacture Use various: plastic, fabric, metal, wood, bamboo . To correctly carry out the necessary measurements for the manufacture of blinds, specific rules must be taken into account. The main ones are as follows.

  1. During the measurements, only a metal caster is used.
  2. The results of the measurements are not subject to rounding.
  3. In the settings of the blinds, the first number should correspond to the width, and the second is the height.
  4. It is necessary to take into account the deviations of the planes of the slopes from the Aspectmontagel and horizontal.

Measurement for the installation of horizontal blinds


These blinds are installed in two ways: “on the opening” and “in the opening”. In the latter case, the size of the blinds should not be a large window size and a window opening. Fastening is carried out at the top of the belt and the window frame. Installation “on the opening” means fixing the blinds on the ceiling or wall.

In the case when the blinds are attached to the frame, the measurements are carried out as follows.

  1. For each belt, the sizes of blinds are determined separately.
  2. The deaf sash is measured in height – from the window to the horizontal slope (top) and in width – from the right slope (left) for the opening sash. The results obtained are 1 cm (respectively) and to obtain the size of the blinds for a deaf belt.
  3. The folding rotary flap is measured in height – from the upper part of the lower edge and in width – from the Aspectmontagel edge of the control handle. The results obtained also have 1 cm.


Measurement of horizontal blinds for installation “on the opening” is carried out in two ways:

  • for mounting on the wall;
  • for mounting the horizontal vertex track.

In the first case, the width and length of the blinds can be chosen freely: this method can hide the flaws of the breakdowns. Fixing the upper slope requires an accurate measurement of the distance between the Aspectmontagel slopes, taking into account irregularities. To determine should be taken to the width of the result obtained, from 10 to 15 mm. The length is limited to the distance between the ceiling and the windowsill.

Mounting measures for Aspectmontagel blinds


Blinds of this type establish “in the opening” and “the opening”: the choice depends on the design of the room and personal preferences. The last method is preferable: this way you can hide the curvature of the slopes and the pipe of the heating system. Particular attention should be paid to the protruding window sill: in this case, the eaves mounted on elongated supports.

It is important to take into account: the width of the blind, the covering on both sides, should be a multiple of 16 cm, and in the case when folding is performed on one side, the width is selected by multiples 8 cm.

Measurement to be installed “on the opening” is carried out as follows.

  1. The width and height of the window are determined.
  2. The width of the blinds should be 20 cm more than the width of the windows.
  3. To install on the ceiling at the height of the window, you need to add the distance between the ceiling and the window frame.
  4. Fixing the wall blinds: the length must be 10 cm greater than the height of the window.

Rice-5 frozen-Aspectmontagel blinds-C installation-

To install “in the opening”, the dimensions of the blinds are determined:

  • the width of the opening is 1 cm;
  • from the height of the opening, 2-3 cm is removed.

Measures for rolled blinds


Laminated (they are also called Roman) can be installed “in the window opening” or “Vansel”. One of the methods requires taking into account the size of the eaves – 0.5 cm.

  1. Installation “VANSEL”: Determine the dimensions of the window and increase the width by 10 cm, in height by 20 cm. As a result, we get the size of the blinds.
  2. Installation “in the window opening”: the height of the blinds is equal to the height of the window and the width is measured taking into account the position of the control button (for the belt) or is equal to the width of the window.

Using the specified recommendations, you can independently determine the size of blinds of any type for their production.

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