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How to properly take the measurements of a window

Properly taking the measurements of a window requires knowing the dimensions of the window chart (see below) accurately. The measurements of the windows depend on the type of installation. For a new construction installation or a renovation installation of windows, the measurements are different. This document explains how to take the measurements of a window accurately.

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No need for special tools, but only

To take the readings of the measurements of the window, remember to download our footage sheets for a new installation or renovation and depending on the type of installation chosen, tunnel installation, applique installation, rabbet installation.

Start by defining the type of window installation

  • It is essential to choose the right type of installation when you want to change your carpentry.
  • An important element to know before starting work. Can the current frame, frame or frame, be preserved?

Depending on the state of the frame, two types of installation will be envisaged.

  • Choose a renovation installation in the event that the frame is in good condition.
  • Choose a rehabilitation installation as part of a total removal if the frame is in poor condition.

Important, to take the measurements of your carpentry, you must take the dimensions in 3 points and in centimeters.

how to take the steps to change the window

We will only keep the lowest coast of the 3 measurement points.


Installation of a tunnel window

Window Installation in tunnel

As part of a tunnel installation, the installation is carried out between walls.

To take the measurements: Height: Measure the height of the table. Width: Measure the width of the table.

For this installation, the dimensions to be taken are the table dimensions, which corresponds to the size of the opening in the wall.

Wall-mounted window installation

Wall-mounted window

As part of an applique installation, the window is fixed against the interior wall. Furs or insulation strips can be installed on the joinery to make up for the thickness of your interior insulation.

Height: Measure the height of the table. Width: Measure the width of the table. Measure the total thickness of the insulation, from the masonry wall to the plasterboard, in order to predict the size of the furs to be installed on the joinery (typed insulation option).

Installation of rabbet window

Window installation in rabbet

As part of a rabbet installation, the old frame is removed, the window is embedded in an angle entering the masonry, called rabbet. The installation makes it possible to maintain a glazed surface identical to that of the old window.

Height: Measure the height of the table and note the measurements of the height of passage of the rabbet bottom. Width: Measure the width of the table and note the width of the rabbet bottom.

How to take the measurements of a window under renovation

Installation of a window on an existing frame

Installing a joinery in renovation consists of installing a new joinery on an existing or old frame. This type of special renovation installation can be carried out easily with all the accessories that will be provided with your carpentry order.

Download our special measurement sheet laying in renovation.

Width of the window

This installation does not require major work and is aimed at removing the sashes and fixing a window on the already existing frame. For this type of installation, it is imperative to check the good condition of the frame and its tightness. No deterioration of insects, molds or others should be visible.

width of window passage

Width: note the passage width measurements in relation to the existing window

Height: Take the measurements of the height of the passage at the narrowest of the old window frame.

Do not forget to perform the 3 measuring points.

Our Pro tips for taking measurements to install a window in renovation

In this short video, our installation technician explains how to properly take the measurements and install a new window in the case of a renovation installation.

Do not neglect the measurements taken in 3 points that will make it easier for you to install your window. If you do not know how to do this or have any doubts about taking measurements, call our service taking measurements of the King of the Window. You will save time and peace of mind for ordering your carpentry.

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