How to properly clean your windows: 5 tips

How to properly clean your windows: 5 tips

The windows bring elegance to the buildings. However, in order for them to be continuously aesthetic, they must be cleaned well and not in any way. Unlike wooden windows or doors and other materials, a simple wipe is not enough. It takes method for a perfect result. If, like us, you want your windows to be streak-free and shiny, read this article which gives you 5 good ideas to clean your windows properly.

1 – Do the window cleaning when the weather is overcast

We can call on window cleaning professionals to have windows bursting with shine. But if we decide to do it ourselves, the first thing to know is that there are times when window cleaning is not too advisable. When it rains or if the sun is blazing, it is better to postpone your cleaning until another day. For good reason, the result that you will get on these days will not be satisfactory. When it rains, the raindrops will leave traces on your windows. When it’s sunny, the water will also dry out quickly and leave traces on the tiles.

The most favorable time for such a task is when it is not raining too much or the weather is not too good. It is when the weather is gray that it is advisable to clean your windows. Indeed, during this period, you will not be disturbed by the drops of water or by the rapid evaporation of water on the windows.

2 – Get the right household tools

A clean glass operation, these are also the tools you need. You need to choose the right tools for such cleaning, in particular :

  • Crumpled newsprint, i. e. daily sheets, free newspapers made of matte paper (no glossy magazines). They work miracles of brilliance on the windows. Take these newspaper sheets, roll them into a ball with household alcohol and then use them to rub the surface with circular movements over the entire surface.
  • One or two microfiber cloths depending on the surface to be cleaned. The microfiber cloth is also an excellent tool for cleaning windows. Thanks to its tight fibers, it is perfect for cleaning and drying windows. For an impeccable result, however, clean and lint-free tools are necessary.
  • A squeegee or a wetting agent: to obtain streak-free and stain-free windows, you can also get this tool. It is the favorite of window washing professionals. It has no fluff and its use does not require great efforts. The squeegee will be very useful if you have large bay windows. You will be able to do your cleaning without getting tired.

3 – Choose the effective cleaning products

After the right tools, you also need to have the right products to clean windows. You have the possibility to choose between :

  • The washing-up liquid: the washing-up liquid also makes it possible to shine its windows. To get there, you need to mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid with a liter of hot water and then put the mixture in a sponge to rub the glass. For very dirty parts, opt for a scrubbing sponge. Then pass a rubber squeegee to remove the product and then finish by passing a dry cloth in the corners to erase the traces of moisture.
  • The White of Meudon: it also makes it possible to clean the windows well. The Meudon White method is however more recommended for heavily soiled windows. It tends to be messy for the floor. For this reason, you must first cover your floor with rags or newspaper before using it. Make a homogeneous liquid paste composed of 1/3 of Meudon white, 1/3 of household alcohol and 1/3 of water. Put your preparation in a sponge with which you will rub the windows. After rubbing your windows, then clean with a microfiber cloth that you will rinse regularly in hot water.
  • White vinegar: White vinegar can also be used to clean windows. This is the homemade cleaning product. With it, we spend less and we also scare away flies and spiders. In a spray bottle or a small container, mix 75 cl of cold or warm water with 25 cl of white vinegar. After spraying the mixture on the glass, rub with a lint-free cloth until the traces completely disappear. You can also use a squeegee or clean quality newspaper papers. By adding 10 drops of essential oil to this mixture, you can also say goodbye to mosquitoes.
  • Black soap: the use of black soap makes it possible to limit the number of cleanings. For people who prefer to clean less often, black soap will be the ideal product. Its use leaves a slight “greasy” film on the glass. This makes it possible to protect it from traces and dirt. To clean windows with black soap, you need to dilute a tablespoon of this soap in 1 liter of hot water and then use the mixture to scrub the windows. After that, just wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth to remove the product. To remove as much product as possible, you can change the cloth as you go.

4 – Do the right things for more cleanliness

To have sparkling windows, it is also necessary, in addition to having the right instruments and the right products, to know how to make the right gestures. Rest assured, it’s nothing complicated. We just have to :

  • Drive away the dust before cleaning: To be sure that you have beautiful windows after washing, you must dust them before polishing them.
  • Clean from the top down: To properly clean your windows, you must start from the top and finish with the bottom. If you do the opposite, you will still get the bottom dirty when you start cleaning the top.
  • Call a specialist in case of fogging: When fogging appears between a double pane of glass during cleaning, the best thing is to call a specialized contractor or the one who installed the windows. Indeed, you will not be able to remove this fog yourself, because it may be a sign that the glass is broken or cracked. However, you can prevent the appearance of fogging by wiping your windows with 90% alcohol after cleaning them.
  • Clean the outside first: To find out if you are doing a good job, you must first clean the outside which is usually dirtier. This will allow you when you are inside to see your effectiveness.
  • Put some energy into it: cleaning windows also requires strength in the arms. It is only by rubbing vigorously that you will do a beautiful job. So, roll up your sleeves well and put some vigor when you rub.

5 – Buy a window cleaning robot

If window cleaning is a real chore for you, but you don’t feel like calling a professional, the window cleaning robot is what you need. This is a new device that is sold on many sites. It allows you to clean your windows without getting tired.

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