How to measure a glass pane? Aspectmontage

How to measure a glass pane?

How to measure a glass pane?

Your glass is broken, damaged and you wish to change it, however you do not know how to measure the dimensions and you are afraid of making a mistake? That’s good, we’ll explain everything to you. It’s very simple and fast! Follow the instructions carefully, indeed inaccurate dimensions will not allow you to order a glazing according to the size of your window, table or others.

How to take the measurements of a window?

In this example, we will learn how to simply and quickly measure a rectangle shape, the standard size of a glazing par excellence. We will treat the other shapes a little lower!

The necessary tools:

The only tool needed is a DIY meter! I did say a DIY meter and not a sewing meter or a large ruler or a wooden meter. It is important to take a reliable tool, since the measurements must be accurate. The DIY meter is therefore the best tool for measuring the glazed part.

The measurement :


There are two ways to measure the glazing you are looking for:

  • If your glass is still in good condition, measure the glass part present
  • If your glass is broken, measure the frame of your window

Using the DIY meter, come and take the height and width measurements of your glazing. Write it down on a notepad and repeat the operation again. Keep the smaller of the two measurements.

For a more precise measurement, you can remove the glazing beads from your window, especially if your window has aluminum glazing beads, which most of the time can be unscrewed. But what is a parclose? The glazing bead is the PVC / wood or aluminum part that holds a window in the rabbet of a frame. Beware! It is not always possible to remove the glazing bead and this is likely to deteriorate the window.

That’s it, it’s already over! All you have to do is enter the dimensions on the platform Aspectmontage. fr and order your new custom-made glazing!


Do you have a different form of glazing? Don’t panic! Keep your DIY meter precisely and follow the instructions according to the desired shape:

  • A rectangle-sized glazing unit: Measure the length and width
  • A glazing, glass table or nightstand of round size: Measure the diameter
  • A triangle-sized glazing unit: Measure the base as well as the height of your triangle
  • A rectangular glazing with a broken corner: Measure the two lengths as well as the base located at the bottom, we will deduct the broken corner


The measurement can be more complex in some cases. Indeed, it is sometimes necessary to make one or more holes or notches in your glazing depending on the use you want to make of it. To do this, nothing could be simpler, just send us a complete diagram of your glazing with the exact places where you want your drilling or your notch.

Here is a typical diagram for a hole :

Drilling scheme

Here is a typical diagram for a notch :

Notch diagram

Do you have a more complex glazing-based project? Do not hesitate to contact us, a group of experts is present via the online chat of the site 24h / 24h to answer all your questions and accompany you in your project approach.

How to know the thickness of a glazing?

Another essential element if you want to replace a glazing: the thickness! It is important to order a glazing that is the same thickness as your old glazing, otherwise it will not fit in the dedicated slot. Indeed, the thickness plays an important role! Find out now why the thickness of clear glass is important and we must not neglect it!

There are several techniques in order to measure the thickness of a glazing, here we will talk about the simplest ones.

Thanks to the vitrometer

The vitrometer is a device that measures the thickness of the glazing very simply. It is actually a plastic ruler that is attached to the glazed part of your window. Put the vitro meter flat on the glazed part of your glazing on the front side, the device must be tilted at 45 °. You can thus read the thickness of your glazing by looking in the reflection of the glass!

The point corresponding to the thickness of your glazing is read following the superposition of the graduated lines. Beware! Note that there are two reminder lines, you must take the intersection point located on the second reminder line (the one that is the outermost).

You now know the thickness of your glass. The vitro meter is also capable of measuring both single and double glazing!

Measure a window with your phone

There are applications dedicated to measuring the thickness of your glass. Very modern and practical, they are completely free of charge. To do this, just download them from the app store, play store or Google play. Once installed, just follow the instructions given by your smartphone.

To be noted! The measurement is done in a few seconds and works in principle in the same way as a vitro meter.

Thanks to a thickness measuring tool

This professional tool is not only used to measure the thickness of glass surfaces, but can measure the thickness of all types of coating. This device makes it possible to have an accurate measurement. However, do not buy it if you do not have one at your disposal. There are other much cheaper ways to measure the thickness of your glazing.

To measure the thickness of your glazed part, simply place the thickness gauge on the glazing and read the value displayed on the screen. It’s already over!

In conclusion, measure a glass

Measuring a glass is an essential step to perform before replacing or changing it. By following the instructions above, you should find the right dimensions as well as the exact thickness of your glazing. the dimensions are not the only criterion to take into account, you will also have to choose the type of glass. Aspectmontage allows you to choose from many types of glass according to your needs. You will then be able to give your home a facelift by ordering on Aspectmontage. fr . Note that it is also essential to measure your mirror before changing it in the same way as your glazing.

The main asset is its unique tailor-made offer and its customer service composed of a group of experts able to guide you throughout your purchase process. Do not hesitate to take a look at all our glazing. Made in Usa, they are just waiting for you!

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