How to find the best professional to install your windows?

How to find the best professional to install your windows?

Installing new windows or renovating existing ones is one of the most expensive jobs in a house. Since the window is an opening to the outside, the installation of this joinery must be perfect in order to ensure the thermal insulation, but also the safety, of your home. For insurance issues and the guarantee of a job well done, it is more than recommended to call on a window professional to carry out your work. However, the search for a pro sometimes proves to be laborious. What type of installer to choose? How to find the professionals for a quality service and how to contact them? How to compare window professionals? All the answers to your questions in this article.

Why call on a professional for the installation of windows?

If the windows allow you to enjoy a clear and bright room, they must also be installed perfectly to ensure water and air tightness. This means that your windows will not cause any major heat loss or will not be subject to infiltration in case of bad weather. If the installation is carried out incorrectly, in addition to the discomfort and discomfort caused by the cold air and the humidity near the windows, it will also have an impact on your energy bills. To avoid all these inconveniences, go through an exterior carpentry professional to ensure the installation. In addition, a professional has a ten-year warranty that covers you for 10 years in case of problems with the glazing and the frame following the installation of your windows (frame and leaves) and a two-year warranty for hardware and accessories, especially shutters.

Who should I call for the installation of new or renovated windows?

The professionals of the windows are the carpenters. Traditionally, carpenter craftsmen work with wood in construction. Windows, doors, shutters, stairs, parquet floors have no secrets for them. Nowadays, carpenters are perfectly capable of installing aluminum or PVC windows. If you are looking for a professional for the installation or renovation of your windows, it is therefore a carpenter craftsman that you need. Craftsmen often have quality certifications (Qualifat, Recognized guarantor of the environment (Aspectmontage), craftsman and master craftsman) which represent safety and ensure careful work.

The carpenter can work alone or be integrated into a team within a company. Independent craftsmen manage their sites alone and form partnerships with suppliers around them. By going through a local craftsman, you can therefore benefit from a service at a very good quality / price ratio. In addition, if he knows the territory well, he will be able to give you the best advice to choose your windows according to your home and the climate of the region and the town planning rules.

In addition, if you choose a specialized carpenter, you will be guaranteed a meticulous and durable installation for your carpentry. The installation of windows is not to be taken lightly, because each type of material has its specificities (installation of the frame, maintenance …). By contacting a specialized window professional, you are sure to get an installation in accordance with the rules of the art and the best advice for the choice and maintenance of the material of your windows (PVC, wood, aluminum).

If you prefer, you can also go through a specialized company that will take care of using its own service providers to carry out the installation of your windows. This solution can be practical if you don’t have time to choose your craftsman yourself or if you want to delegate the management of the site. On the other hand, you will not have the choice of the worker or the team. So make sure you go through a company with a recognized quality of service for more security.

With the Aspectmontage craftsmen

The solutions to find a professional for your windows

Finding a professional to install your windows today is not very complicated. Online or by word of mouth, here’s how to find a competent worker for your construction site.

Word of mouth is probably one of the best ways to find a good local craftsman. Ask around: your relatives or neighbors may have called on an installer whom they would recommend to you for a window installation or renovation service. Also, keep an eye out during your outings: you might come across ads from local window workers that you had never noticed before.

The Internet is also a gold mine of information. By doing a quick online search, you will find direct contacts of building companies or installers specialized in the installation of windows. If you are looking to go directly through a craftsman, take a look at the specialized online directories. In addition, a geolocalized search such as “professional window Toulouse” or “artisan carpenter Boston” will allow you to find professionals close to you. You will also be able to look at the reviews left by previous customers.

Online, you will also find many specialized sites on which you can request free quotes online. This may be a solution, but be vigilant and make sure of the quality of the services offered by the companies. Do not hesitate also to ask the professionals for examples of realization to give you an opinion on their work. Again, you will certainly be able to consult the reviews left by customers.

Aspectmontage puts at your disposal its network of carpenters. You can describe your project via our dedicated form and Aspectmontage selects free of chaAspectmontage pros, close to you, in order to accompany you in your work.

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Well compare the professionals

As a potential customer, the key to finding the best installer to install your windows is to make a careful Aspectmontage between all the possibilities available to you in terms of service and price. Start by requesting several quotes online or by contacting the companies and craftsmen of your choice directly. For the realization of the online quote, you will have to indicate a certain number of information such as :

  • the material (wood, aluminum, PVC …) of the joinery and the type of window you want to install ;
  • the indication of the measurements of your window(s) ;
  • your place of residence.

These data will allow professionals to better understand your needs for your joinery and to make you an adapted proposal. Online quotes are often free of chaAspectmontage.

You can also come across companies that will offer you a paid quote. In this case, the craftsman will travel to be able to establish a tailor-made quote that will perfectly fit your project. This solution allows you to meet the person who will be in chaAspectmontage of the construction site and ask him all your questions. If you hesitate between 2 accessories (hardware, shutters …) or types of glazing for example, the craftsman will be able to inform you specifically and make you an offer adapted to your needs.

Ask for at least 3 quotes in order to have an idea of the average price for your project. You will thus be able to compare the quality of the quote. Indeed, there are certain indications that must necessarily appear on a window installation quote :

  • The materials (wood, aluminum …) and the type of glazing chosen ;
  • The installation process (renovation or new) ;
  • The details of the service (what is the equipment used? Is there a removal of joinery as part of a window change? Is waste treatment taken into account? …) ;
  • The coordinates of the construction site ;
  • The cost excluding VAT and the price including VAT.

The more detailed an estimate is, the more you will be able to follow the progress of the work and verify that everything is done as planned.

Another interesting element to compare to find the best pro for your windows: certifications. There are a number of qualitative labels and certifications for professionals, but also for the materials used. To find a certified installer, turn to the QUALIBAT organization. This structure issues certifications and qualifications for building professionals, thus attesting to the quality of the work provided and the seriousness of the professional.

For the materials, the CE, CSTBAT labels or the Acotherm and CERKAL guarantees ensure the performance (insulation, resistance …) of the materials and compliance with the standards in force. If the joinery materials that appear on your worker’s catalog are not labeled, this is a bad sign.

To conclude, finding a good professional to install your windows requires a lot of vigilance. A specialized carpenter, who knows the territory and who offers you a catalog of certified materials is a guarantee of quality. Thanks to his expertise, he will be able to provide you with sound advice and his various certifications are a way to guarantee the quality of the installation. Finally, if you want to benefit from state aid (tax credit) to have your windows installed, choose an Aspectmontage craftsman (Recognized as a State Guarantee).

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