How to clean windows without chemicals?

How to clean windows without chemicals?

Do you want to clean your windows efficiently without using chemicals? Fortunately, there are very simple solutions to achieve an optimal result. Indeed, natural products have the advantage of being economical and ecological, a real plus, not to mention that their effectiveness is indisputable! Discover our tips!

How to clean windows without chemicals?

Our 7 tips for cleaning your windows without chemicals

To clean your windows without using chemicals, discover our natural tips.

Tip n°1: White vinegar

White vinegar has the advantage of being economical, effective, practical, antibacterial and anti-scale.

You just need to mix about ¾ liter of warm water (750 ml) with ¼ liter of white vinegar (250 ml). Two solutions are available to you :

  • If you have a spray, spray the mixture on the windows and rub your glass with a clean cloth or newspaper.
  • If you don’t have a spray, apply the mixture that you have placed in a basin with a clean sponge to your windows. Spread it out well and then rub with a clean cloth or newspaper.

It is useless to rinse this mixture. This solution is also very effective for cleaning your mirrors, your tiles or your earthenware.

Tip n°2: The dishwashing product

In a small basin, mix hot water and a few drops of dishwashing product. Degreaser, it is very effective for windows. Wash them with a clean sponge soaked in this mixture, rinse with clean water and wipe immediately with a dry cloth to avoid traces.

Tip n°3: Boston soap and Meudon white

In a basin, mix a liter of hot water, 250 g of Boston soap flakes and 200 g of Meudon white. Apply this mixture to your windows with a clean sponge and rub gently. Finish with a polishing with a chamois skin.

Tip n°4: Household alcohol

For very dirty windows, mix a little household alcohol and a little white vinegar in a basin of hot water. Rub your windows with a soft, clean sponge or with a clean cloth. Do not rinse, but remember to dry and polish immediately with a clean, dry cloth.

Tip n°5: The lemon

In a small basin, mix a little lemon juice in hot water. Apply this mixture to your windows with a clean sponge and rub. It is not useful to rinse this mixture. Finish by polishing with a clean cloth.

Tip n°6: Soda crystals

In a basin filled with a liter of hot water, dilute a glass of soda crystals. Apply to your windows with a clean cloth or sponge. It is not useful to rinse the mixture, but remember to polish it well with a clean cloth to avoid traces.

Tip n °7: The newspaper

This grandmother’s trick is very effective for washing your windows naturally and without traces.

With a clean sponge, wet your glass with warm water. Form a ball of newspaper and wipe your windows with it. The paper absorbs moisture and removes stains and dirt without traces. On the other hand, choose real newsprint and not glossy magazine paper.

Our 5 solutions to clean your windows without leaving traces

Washing your windows with natural products is good. But it is also important to achieve a streak-free result! Here are our simple solutions to achieve this.

Solution n°1: Avoid fatty products

A greasy product, whatever it is, leaves a greasy film on the windows and does not allow to obtain an optimal result and without traces. The tips that we have proposed to you consist only of non-greasy products, therefore very effective. Enjoy it!

Solution n° 2: We choose clean, dry and cotton cloths

It is not necessary to use microfiber cloths: they are not good for the environment, they contain polyester micro-particles from processed and composite plastics that come off with each wash, end up in rivers and then oceans, and which are absorbed by the fish we eat. Cotton cloths are perfect for cleaning windows, they do not leave lint and allow you to clean and polish with efficiency. Prefer a clean cloth, as a dirty cloth will leave traces and will not help you achieve an optimal result.

Solution n°3: Choose the right moment

To obtain an optimal result and avoid getting tired, it is advisable to choose the right time to clean your windows. Indeed, avoid rainy days. It’s logical, but it’s better to remember it. Conversely, also avoid days with a lot of sun, because the glass surface is too hot and it dries too quickly, which leaves traces. You don’t have time to polish your windows before drying, which is not ideal to get a perfect result.

Solution n°4: We proceed in the correct order

Cleaning your windows does not have to be done just any way. So that these are very clean and that they remain so, it is better to start by cleaning the window frame. Indeed, although it is not always visible, the frame is covered with dust and often dirt. Wash it first with a clean sponge dipped in hot water and a little dishwashing liquid or black soap and dry it. This will prevent the dust that is present there from being deposited again on your clean windows.

Likewise, dust your windows well before washing them. If you leave the dust there, you will only drag it on your sponge or cloth, which will not allow you to get a nice result.

Finally, always start with the inside, which is less dirty, and finish with the outside.

Solution n°5: Change your preparation and your rags regularly

As you wash your windows, your preparation turns black and your rags get dirty. Change them regularly to avoid transferring dirt every time. Always work with clean equipment to achieve an optimal result.

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