How to clean windows at height?

How to clean windows at height?

How to clean windows at height?

Are you in the middle of autumn cleaning and do you want to get rid of the dirt on your windows before winter arrives? Have you put off cleaning your high windows several times because you have an accessibility problem? If it is true that it is possible to ignore this task a few times, in the long run it considerably obscures your rooms. In this article, we give you all the tips to successfully clean your windows at height.

The existing solutions to properly clean your windows at height

Telescopic poles and their accessories

How to clean windows at height?

It is one of the most economical solutions, in addition to offering the advantage of being much less risky than climbing on sometimes unstable ladders. Telescopic poles with their adjustable handle are formidable allies when it comes to reaching windows located at height. There are some brands, such as telesocperche, that sell both the telescopic pole and all the necessary accessories for the different types of glass at height that you may be faced with. Thus, there are flexible washing brushes bent at different angles to reach hard-to-reach surfaces on a roof, for example. There are also kits for cleaning verandas that include both a brush, a corner cleaner or even a hydro squeegee. In the same way, there are kits that allow the cleaning of interior windows that are located at a height . If it is true that the handling of the telescopic pole may require you a little adaptation time, once you master the object you will see how practical it is. The little plus of the telescopic pole is that you can also use it for other household tasks by adding accessories for dust or cobwebs, for example.

Electric window washers

You can also use an electric window washer, there are some that offer a high quality of cleaning without you needing to scrub. This object works with a battery, which means that you will not have a wire that limits you in your movements and that can possibly generate danger. The autonomy of a window washer depends on the brands and models, it often lasts from 20 to 40 minutes, it’s up to you to buy a product that meets your needs. In addition, it is self-sufficient, you will no longer need to have the window product in one hand, a damp cloth in the other and a dry cloth elsewhere. If you can handle it quite easily from the top of a ladder, it is even more convenient to fix it on a telescopic pole. In this way, you will be able to clean your windows at height in complete safety.

The robot cleaner

How to clean windows at height?

A little more expensive, but fearfully effective, the robot cleaner or robot window washer takes care of everything. The principle is simple, but you need to be able to access a place on the glass to place the robot there, you then control the robot remotely with a remote control. It is equipped with a wipe or pad which soaked in product makes it possible to erase the traces of dirt and dust at the time of its passage on the glass. There are several kinds of robots. The former have a head that has similarities with a broom while the latter resemble a square slab. No difference in their operation, however depending on the configuration of your windows, it may be that one model or the other is more suitable. Be aware that these robots must generally be connected to the mains to be able to work in good conditions. If some are equipped with backup batteries, it usually does not last very long and the complete work will not be able to be done independently.

If you are worried about the robot’s holding on a Aspectmontagel window or even on a slope, know that there is a suction system that allows it to stick as well as possible to the window and thus to stay on it without problems.

Finally, be aware that the effectiveness of the robot depends a lot on the model. It is sometimes more profitable to invest a little so that the one really does a good job rather than opting for a lower quality product that will not give you a perfect rendering.

Telescopic ladders

Last resort, but no more secure, telescopic ladders. These can allow you to reach high windows, but if you still clean your windows manually, it will not be of optimal safety and practicality. Instead, we recommend using telescopic ladders to reach the high windows in order to place a robot cleaner there.

Involve a professional

There are certain cases, or even with all the equipment mentioned above, some windows will remain out of your reach. This could be the case of the outer glass of a velux on an incline for example. Having recourse to a professional from time to time, can be a solution because he has equipment and know-how unmatched by an individual. If you opt for this solution, do not forget to choose a provider who is approved personal service in order to be able to deduct 50% of the amount of the service during your tax return.

There are several types of solutions that allow you to have clean windows even if they are high. Be aware that often, these methods are complementary and that you may need to invest in several pieces of equipment. However, this is often a guarantee of greater safety when performing this task and it is important because domestic accidents happen quickly.

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