How to clean very dirty windows

How to clean very dirty windows?

How to clean a very dirty window? Like the other elements of the house, the windows need regular maintenance to keep all their shine. The question is all the more important because dirt is noticed very quickly on a glass. Indeed, it tends to reduce the passage of light.

Discover all our tips to overcome this type of dirt, sometimes very inconvenient. These techniques are perfectly mastered by all MERCI+ housekeepers. Our professional housekeepers have indeed all received appropriate training to learn how to clean very dirty windows. The cleaning of the windows and the windows is moreover a tiring and tedious task. Our employees with professional skills combine speed and efficiency to save you both time, energy and patience.

Clean windows

How to clean very dirty windows? The different solutions

Depending on where you live, dirt can have multiple origins. Dust, pollution, fingerprints, sea air, trails left by the rain … When the level of dirt is reasonable, the classic formula, ´┐╝consisting of a cloth and a basic cleaning product (in the form of a spray bottle), often does the trick. But it gets complicated when the dirt appears to be particularly stubborn. How to have impeccable windows? Tips and tricks.



This is one of the most often used accessories for cleaning windows. But still it is necessary to know how to use it correctly. Here’s how to do it: -Mix hot water with dishwashing liquid in a container; -Spread the resulting mixture on the glass using a sponge; -Pass the squeegee to remove the liquid; Finally, wipe the window edges with a microfiber cloth to avoid any traces.

White vinegar

The white vinegar

White vinegar is particularly effective when it comes to cleaning and housekeeping, especially thanks to its degreasing power. The windows are no exception to the rule. To be sure to remove the most important dirt, proceed as follows: – Prepare a mixture consisting of 3/4 liter of hot water, and 1/4 liter of white vinegar; – Take a cloth, soak it with the resulting mixture and pass it over the surface of the glass. No need to force, the effectiveness of vinegar should allow you to clean your windows without much effort. If a task turns out to be particularly recalcitrant, it is possible to add a little baking soda to the cloth.



This product can be found in all drugstores and in most supermarkets. It is particularly efficient, especially for removing the most painful tasks to be done. Simply soak a cloth with water, and add a few drops of glycerin. Once the cleaning is complete, you do not need to rinse: not only does the product leave no traces, but it subsequently prevents dust from settling on your windows!

Maintenance of the house

Soap and rubbing alcohol

If you have tried several techniques but some tasks refuse to leave, it is probably time to think about this mixture. Practically nothing resists it, and even paint stains succumb to its effectiveness. In a large container, mix: – 4 liters of water; – 1/4 cup of dishwashing liquid; – 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol. You will be surprised by the action of a cloth soaked in this mixture!


The ash for the most resistant tasks

The idea may seem incongruous, but it is nevertheless very effective. We are not talking here about cleaning the entire surface with ash, but only about applying a little on certain specific tasks, which are difficult to get rid of. Apply ash to a damp cloth and rub vigorously. Once the cleaning is complete, use one of the methods mentioned earlier.


The other windows of the house

Apart from bay windows and windows, other types of glass surfaces may need to be cleaned.

For example, how to clean a very dirty shower glass? It is often the limestone that is responsible for the appearance of whitish spots on the shower wall. White vinegar is then particularly effective in making them disappear. It is enough to heat about half a liter of this liquid, and then soak a sponge in it. Apply the mixture to the surface to be cleaned and leave for about ten minutes, before rinsing with clean water. Voila, you’re done!

How to clean a very dirty and encrusted fireplace glass? Due to its proximity to fire and the particles that emanate from it, regular cleaning is essential for this type of glass. A mixture as ecological as it is natural appears to be the most efficient: the white vinegar-baking soda combination will indeed surprise you! Soak a sponge in white vinegar and pass it over the glass of your fireplace, on which you will have previously poured a layer of bicarbonate. After rinsing with clean water, your glass becomes like new again!

Finally, how to clean a very dirty oven glass? Subjected to various types of splashes, the oven glass regularly needs to be cleaned. A few sprays of white vinegar and a simple passage of sponge make it possible to obtain very appreciable results.

Cleaning the window

To have a sparkling interior, it is a good thing to clean the glass. But for a 100% satisfactory result, it is impossible not to take care of your windows (and window sills). Here too, it is a painstaking, time-consuming and tiring job. MERCI+ housekeepers can save you a lot of torment by taking care of your windows, quickly and efficiently. Their expertise is also valuable, because depending on the material with which the window was made, the cleaning technique varies significantly.

The wooden window

If your window or window sill is made of wood, you should especially not use ammonia. Apart from being uneconomical, it could lead to irreversible damage. Using hot water with a little dishwashing liquid is a technique that is as simple as it is effective. Once the cleaning has been carried out, it is relevant to extend the life of the wood by applying varnish or paint if the wood is painted.

The aluminum window

Aluminum is a material that tends to damage easily. Several precautions should be taken if your windows are made of aluminum. First of all, it is advisable to avoid all chemicals. Wash your aluminum windows with warm water and a mild detergent, before applying a soft cloth to wipe them.

The pvc window

To avoid irreparable scratches on your PVC windows, you must use a soft product. Water combined with a glass cleaner is an effective combination. Above all, give preference to a delicate sponge (especially not the green part, which is abrasive) and leave out sharp objects.

Expertise and efficiency THANK YOU+

Do you want to know how to clean an inaccessible exterior window or how to clean old windows? Don’t know how to clean very dirty windows? MERCI+ housekeepers also have all the skills for this type of mission. Save yourself from fatigue and unnecessary waste of time

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