How to clean inaccessible windows effectively?

How to clean inaccessible windows effectively?

When we imagine a house flooded with light with velux windows on a facade and a veranda opening onto the garden, we only think of the cold and bright winter days or the judicious installation of green plants.

In no case are we already considering how to wash all this, how to make sure that the sun will continue to pass after several weeks of living on site. I’m talking to you from experience. So find out right away how to clean the inaccessible exterior windows, as well as the high-rise windows inside.

Clean the windows well at height

extension cord-telescopic-window washer-leifheit

The most widespread technique is most likely the most dangerous: climb on something, stretch your arm to the maximum and rub in a precarious balance. The result can lead to one of his domestic accidents so common that they are no longer even mentioned in the newspapers.

The most economical solution is much safer: use a telescopic extension cord installed on a high-performance device.

It is preferable to have this combination of two accessories, because an extension cord is not always the easiest thing to use. So if you have to scrub with it for a long time, you won’t get away with it, or it will take a lot of hours to wash your windows and you will have the musculature of an Olympic swimming champion.

The electric window washer

On the other hand, if you opt for an electric window cleaner (such as the Karcher WV5 Premium with the extension cord or the Leifheit 51113, you gain in cleaning quality without getting tired anymore. And to reach your window, just attach the device to the telescopic extension cord.

Kärcher Window Vac WV 5 premium (White)

Leifheit 541012 Window Cleaner with Handle 51147

Another significant advantage, this kind of device is suitable for all windows. So it completely changes your life for high-rise windows and is also suitable for all glass surfaces in the house.

Thoroughly clean the inaccessible exterior windows

At home, the inaccessible windows are the outside of the velux windows and the top of my veranda. It’s impossible to venture there. But my solution is also suitable for sliding windows.

The most expensive solution (in general, we even draw up a cleaning estimate for this) is to call on a company whose employees will play acrobats on your roof and / or your facade. I can’t say more, because I can’t afford this kind of thing.

The window cleaning robot

Instead, I invested in the Ecovacs Winbot 950 window washing robot. It is an autonomous device that rubs the windows and then wipes the deposited product. The robots work by being connected to the mains, fortunately some are sold with an extension cord.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS WINBOT 950 - Window cleaning robot equipped with the SMART DRIVE system

Fast and impeccable robotic cleaning. Minimum window size (cm): 45*45; Reliable on many glass surfaces

EZIclean ® Hobot v2-188 Multi-surface Robot

Almost all of them are equipped with a safety system that makes it possible to ensure that the device does not crash to the ground. And finally, they have remote controls to be able to place the robot in the right place and to retrieve it at the end of the cleaning.

In fact, the only thing these robots lack is the ability to spray product. So either I do it from afar, or I concentrate the application on the place where I put the robot (the pads will then be slightly soaked with product).

Another small flaw: the finish on the corners is not perfect. But since there are no other solutions anyway, I must say that I am fully satisfied with the result.

Note: if you need to clean the windows, you must plan to run the robot several times, changing the micro-fiber pads between each pass. Technically it is a device to maintain the windows, not to do a deep cleaning.


You may be wondering why I have both types of devices in my home and you would be right. The budget is not the same at all. So at first, I preferred the cheapest solution, postponing the issue of external windows until later.

And then finally I invested in a robot and I discovered that it is generally necessary that the glass measures more than 60x35cm. So, I can’t use it for all the windows in the house. And anyway on small windows, the electric window cleaner is finally faster.

It’s your turn to enjoy the sun without stressing about the cleanliness of your windows!

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