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Choose your window dressing correctly

The window maker takes care of the installation of the opening and closing systems of the dwellings: the Usa doors, windows, shutters, etc. Depending on your project (new construction, energy renovation with thermal insulation, sound insulation, etc.), it is not always easy to find the right craftsman. How do you manage to choose the right window installer that meets your expectations? Our experts give you advice.

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What is the role of the haymaker?

The window maker, also designated as “manufacturer and installer of exterior joinery”, carries out numerous interventions on new construction and renovation sites :

  • he removes and evacuates the old windows ;
  • he realizes custom-made windows manufactured in the factory (relevant when the windows have particular templates) ;
  • he installs the new windows, shutters and doors and Usa windows ;
  • he can also make and install verandas.

This professional also offers advice. Listening to your motivations and needs (limit noise pollution coming from the outside, insulate from the cold, change your equipment for more aesthetic windows according to your tastes), he guides you in your choices. It informs you in particular about the choice of your windows :

  • the insulating characteristics of the glazing (double glazing, triple glazing) ;
  • the type of opening (Usa, English, casement, sliding, swinging, tilting, etc.) ;
  • the type of handles ;
  • the type of carpentry: wooden windows, pvc windows, aluminum windows, mixed window, Usa window ;
  • the shutters: rolling or not, solar or electric, etc.

The window maker can also work with a network of sellers informing you about the technical specifics of the products offered (window and door finishes, level of thermal and sound insulation, durability, etc.).

To note :

If you are in an apartment and you want to have your windows changed, consult the condominium regulations, which may impose constraints such as a specific type of carpentry (prefer wooden window, pvc window, or even aluminum windows and casement windows prohibited). Show it to your window dresser so that he can take it into account.

In which case is the intervention of a window dresser strongly recommended?

The installation of the window is an essential step to allow airtightness, noise (thermal and sound insulation) as well as water. This professional is recommended because he knows perfectly how to take the dimensions of the openings to order the windows to the right measurements, especially when it comes to replacing a custom-made window. Another important point, the window maker is used to being vigilant when laying the joints in order to ensure a total seal.

Did you know that?

You can also call on a carpenter for the manufacture and installation of your windows.

What are the responsibilities of the haymaker?

Before giving you a quote, this craftsman must make sure that he can make and install the windows without difficulty. If there are additional works to be carried out upstream to make his intervention possible, he must indicate them in the estimate.

The company cannot therefore claim costs from you for additional work during the construction site as it is supposed to have correctly quantified the intervention beforehand (supply and installation of the type of window chosen initially). However, it is still necessary to take into account the fact that not everything is necessarily visible upstream. Do not hesitate to talk to the window technician who manages the installation of your windows and / or doors.

How to select your window dressing correctly?

How do you know if your window dresser is competent? Is it reliable? Does it meet your expectations? To find out, ask the right questions to the various window makers or carpenters you meet. To help you, follow all the good advice of our experts to get started serenely in the work with the right window maker!

Choose your window dressing correctly

Is the window company registered in the trade and companies register or in the trade directory?

This information is important, because it allows you to check that the company exists legally. This will prevent you from finding yourself without any recourse in the event of a dispute.

If it is a commercial company: identify the n° RCS (Trade and Companies Register). To identify it on the quote, know that it starts with RCS and is followed by 9 digits, then the city where it was registered. You can also find it via free sources like Infograffe, Societe. com , etc.

If it is a craftsman: identify his number in the trade directory. To identify it on the quote, it is composed of 9 digits (Siren n °), followed by the mention RM and the number of the registration department.

Namely: the window company must also have a SIREN/SIRET number or intra-Community VAT number. Even if this case remains rare, avoid entrusting your work to a window cleaner who does not legally exist, and therefore find yourself without any recourse in the event of a dispute.

Find out about his legal and financial situation.

This approach, paid, is optional but can be interesting depending on the amount invested in your project. It tells you if the window installer spotted is financially sound, and is not filing for bankruptcy or in receivership.

This can prevent you from paying fees to a window company that may not provide the proposed service. Count a hundred euros on Infograffe to get this information.

Does the window company have the mention RGE (“Recognized Guarantor of the Environment”)?

This qualification, optional, identifies the professionals competent for energy renovation works ensuring in particular a good thermal insulation. If your work meets these criteria, check that the window cleaner spotted holds the RGE quality sign on the directory of RGE professionals set up by the State.

Indeed, the mention RGE is necessary if you wish to benefit, to have your windows changed, from financial aids such as the eco-loan at zero rate (Eco-PTZ) and MaPrimeRénov’ launched on January 1, 2020. The latter replaces the tax credit for the energy transition which applied until then to the insulation work of the main residence or expenses made to reduce energy consumption.

Do not neglect this step, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of these financial benefits.

Check that the window company has taken out a “Ten-year Guarantee” insurance.

Ask the haymaker for his insurance certificate for the ten-year guarantee. This is mandatory: it covers the performance of any repair work related to material damage occurring within ten years after receipt of the work. By contracting with a professional who has not taken out insurance, you therefore take the risk of having to assume yourself any repair work occurring after the installation of windows and doors.

Once the certificate has been obtained, check that it covers all the benefits envisaged during the desired period. Attach it to the quote and make sure to keep it well. Do not hesitate to contact the insurance if you have any doubts.

Has she taken out a company manager’s civil liability insurance?

This compulsory insurance is exercised during the work in your home and after delivery in the event of a bodily or material problem that occurred on the construction site (if your window maker damages your floor or your facade during the work, for example).

Ask the window maker to attach it to the quote. Once received, check that the certificate is still valid and that it covers the services that you intend to entrust to it (installation of aluminum windows, triple glazed PVC window, sliding bay windows, double-leaf door, etc.). Contact the insurance company if you have any doubts.

Does it have a guarantee insurance for the proper functioning of the equipment?

This guarantee allows you to repair the disorders that affect the proper functioning of your windows within two years after receiving the work.

Contact your window dresser to have him join her to the quote. Check that it covers the equipment to be installed.

Is the window maker able to communicate the references of his previous projects? Has he carried out, for example, thermal and sound performance improvement works similar to yours? Can he provide you with a list of recent achievements with the contact details of the clients?

This verification step before signing is important. Ask him for the list of recent achievements with the contact details of the clients. By interviewing them, you will be able to validate the experience of the window maker on the type of project you wish to entrust to him. This will reassure you in your choice.

How long will the work last? What is the policy of the window company in case of exceeding deadlines?

Provide a line on the quote, and therefore a clause in the contract where the deadlines for manufacturing and installing windows, patio doors and doors will be clearly indicated as well as the possible consequences in case of non-compliance with them. This measure will allow you to avoid finding yourself engaged with a company falling behind on your construction site.

Which glass manufacturer(s) does the window company work with?

Do you want to have your windows and patio doors changed? If yes, ask your window dresser this important question. Be sure to obtain the technical data sheets of the glazing that he offers you (double glazing, triple glazing). Be aware that the Acotherm certification guarantees air, water and wind tightness performance.

Once the quote has been received, check that the proposed glazing meets your budget and your expectations in terms of quality and technical performance (thermal and sound insulation in particular). If you absolutely want a type of glazing, check with your professional that it is technically compatible with your home.

By whom is the installation of the windows carried out?

The quality of the window installation is paramount. It must be carried out by a competent professional. If it is not an employee of the window company, but one of its service providers, ask for all the information relating to the company in its network that will perform the intervention.


The window maker can be recognized as a Guarantor of the Environment (RGE), it is an optional sign of quality. This mention is, in fact, issued to professionals competent in energy efficiency and necessary to obtain financial aid related to energy renovation (MaPrimeRénov’, eco-PTZ). Consult the directory of RGE professionals set up by the State.


Several data can influence the price and the deadlines of a window maker.

Variables impacting on the budget and deadlines

  • the characteristics of the building or house (existing materials, presence of asbestos, etc.) ;
  • the dimensions and geometries of the elements to be made (custom window in particular) ;
  • the environment (dense urban or rural, constraints related to the safeguarding of heritage) ;
  • the materials used (carpentry, acoustic or thermal performance of the glasses, etc.).

Do not hesitate to compare the different quotes of the professionals contacted for the change of your windows and doors.

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