How to calculate the size of a curtain? Our advice.

How to calculate the size of a curtain?

Curtains and blinds are an essential piece of equipment in the house. They filter the light, protect from looks, highlight the view of the outside and harmonize with your decor. But before fixing your choice on a white linen veil or on a blackout model with eyelets, first grab your measuring meter, because everything starts with a measurement. Find our online shopping tips for blinds and curtains.

How to choose the size of the curtains?

For decoration purchases, we often want to choose to paint the material and the finish in white. Cotton or polyester sheers, with black and white patterns, eyelets … There is food for thought as the choice is vast. But before finding the right product, we must first look at the supports, that is, the rod.

It is indeed the length and the position of the rod that will determine the measurement of your curtain or your curtain. As a reminder, the rods protrude about 20 cm on each side of the window. They are usually fixed 5 or 10 cm above the frame.

Once you have in mind the measurements of the rod, it is the effect you want to achieve that will determine the right width :

  • For a wavy effect: the width will be equal to 1.5 or 2 times the length of the rod. Which model? Eyelet curtain, sheer or heavy fabric.
  • For a gathered effect: multiply the dimensions of the bar by 2.5. The idea is that the larger the width, the more bubbling the effect will be. Which model? Thin cotton or polyester fabric of the voile type.

window equipped with two long black curtains with eyelets going up to the floor, on a metal rod

Which size to choose for your curtains?

Dimensions for two curtains
Length of the rods Width of the curtains
up to 2 m 140 cm x 2 panels
between 2 and 3 m 200 cm x 2 panels
between 3 and 4.5 m 350 cm X 2 panels

Note that in the case of a thermal blackout curtain, the right measure must allow the panels to largely cover the window so as not to let the white of the light pass through. You will also have the guarantee of the insulating effect.

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The height of the curtain corresponds to the distance between the rod and the floor.

  • For a clean fall, leave 1 to 2 cm of space above the ground. This will also facilitate maintenance on the ground. This size is recommended for eyelet curtains and sheer curtains.
  • If you prefer that the bottom of your curtains come to “break” on the floor, count 4 or 5 cm more. The effect will be very successful with a white cotton model.
  • Finally, add 10 cm in case a hem is needed.
  • For eyelet curtains, measure the height between the floor and the rods, then add a 3 cm ridge to count the fabric above the eyelets.

How to choose the size of a blind?

Functional allies of your home, the blinds bring a contemporary side that fits into any type of decoration. Whether it is sifting, patterned, blackout, white cotton or polyester in a wide choice of colors, it dresses your windows with style and lightness. But, whatever the finish or the color you choose, it is worth looking at the method of attachment, which itself will determine the dimensions. Follow our advice.

How to take the dimensions for roller blind?

Before fixing your choice, it is first necessary to know on which supports you will carry out the fixing. Indeed, the supports determine the method of attachment. You will then be able to find the right measurements.

    Installation without drilling on a window leaf

This system has the advantage of not having to drill the windows. We may indeed have hesitations to drill PVC or aluminum windows, for technical as well as aesthetic reasons.

This fixing system makes it possible to screw the blind directly on the casements, on the frame or even on the wall. The screws and the dowels will be adapted to the support used.

Width of the blind Width of the glass + 7 cm (to cover the glazing well) + 1.5 cm on each side*

*the awning canvas is 4 cm shorter than the awning bar: this is the space reserved for the mechanism.

If you choose a ceiling installation, it is enough to add to the measurement of the window the space between the top of it and the ceiling.

How to choose the right size for day night blinds?

The day night blind allows you to combine the advantages of a blackout blind and a filtering blind, by alternating black and white stripes. To find out the dimensions to be ordered, proceed in the same way as for the roller blind.

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Once you have your measurements in your pocket, it’s up to you to choose the style, the finish and the material of your curtains. Are you hesitating between white linen and black linen? Do you prefer the lightness of polyester for a white sheer? The field is free, whether for the materials or for the colors. Dare a patterned print, so cheerful with plain walls. And why not play with the contrasts between the colors of your walls and those of your curtains? Give free rein to your ideas!

At ID Market we offer you the product that gives style to your decor at a mini price. Whether you are looking for a sifting or thermal curtain, curtains in white linen or in other colors, you will have the choice between a wide range of materials (polyester for blackout fabric, cotton, etc.), patterns and supports.

The Essentials for your decoration!

Blackout type blind or sifting type, black or white, plain colors or patterned, curtain on rod or thermal curtain, in a wide choice of colors … The right product at the best price is online at ID Market, to give style to your home.

Are you looking for other tips? Find our solutions to choose your blinds and curtains correctly.

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