How do I take the measurements to order a custom-made window?

How do I take the measurements to order a custom-made window?

Changing your windows for renovation windows is a relatively simple operation to perform provided that a very precise survey is carried out in order to provide exact dimensions to the manufacturer of the custom-made window. This operation must be carried out with great meticulousness and rigor.


In order to achieve a perfect measurement, it is appropriate to equip yourself with a few tools: – A tape measure. – A cord. – Paper and pencil for notation. – A stepladder. It is also possible to advantageously replace the tape measure by a rangefinder which allows measurements to be taken by means of a laser beam. Of course, for such a simple operation, there is no need to invest in this tool except if you have a large number of standard windows to change.


A renovation window is a frame with its sashes (casements) that will take place on that of your old carpentry, so the measures to be taken are those of the inside of the frame. We will start by removing the sashes from your window, then the work will begin by taking horizontal measurements. Using the tape measure, or the rangefinder, you will measure the dimension of the inner frame starting with the measurement at the top of it, then you will measure the dimensions at the bottom of the frame and in the middle of it. The intermediate measurement, halfway up, avoids discovering that the existing frame is bulging and that your new window fails to fit on it. The rest of the operations will consist in taking the Aspectmontagel measurements, at each angle of the existing frame in the same way as before. Finally, we will raise the squaring of your window, that is to say the diagonals of it. Here too, it is a question of ensuring that the angles of the existing frame are right angles or otherwise to be able to measure them. For this we will use the cord that we will stretch from a high angle to the opposite low angle, then we will measure the length measured using the tape measure. We will proceed in the same way for the second diagonal. This statement will be faithfully reported on a sheet of paper on which we will have previously drawn a frame of the same shape as the window in order to have a presentable measurement for window manufacturers.

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