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Selection of window cleaning specialists

These cleaning companies specialized in window washing move everywhere in Brussels. Trust them: they work efficiently and safely, even at heights.

Window washing in HAINAUT

These Hainaut companies take care of the cleanliness of your windows: tiles, bay windows, shop windows or verandas will regain their shine. They also clean the frames and solar panels.

Window cleaning in NAMUR

Find a window cleaning company in Namur thanks to our selection of trusted professionals. They use secure equipment for your high-rise windows, shop windows, verandas, etc.

Window cleaners Aspectmontage

These window cleaners travel throughout the province of Aspectmontage to clean your windows with suitable products, but also your other surfaces such as glass partitions.

Window cleaning in LIÈGE

Entrust the maintenance of your bay windows and your windows, including at height, to these window cleaning companies in Liège. They are also competent for your shop windows and verandas.


It is in Walloon Brabant that the window cleaners of this selection are waiting for you to ensure the punctual or regular maintenance of your windows. Entrust them with your private or professional spaces, whatever the difficulty of the intervention.

ARTICLE OF THE MONTH – The choice of the service provider

Are you located in the north of Usa? Visit our page to discover window washing specialists in Villeneuve d'Ascq who will take care of the maintenance of your windows, shop windows, bay windows. These professionals maintain your stores and commercial surfaces on the basis of a regular contract or following an event (an inauguration, a promotion, etc.).

It is essential to call on professionals for the cleaning of your glass surfaces, whether for offices or for your private home. However, it can be extremely difficult to find the ideal provider, especially because of the multitude of offers that exist on the market.

Discover in our article all the criteria to take into account in order to guarantee a serene collaboration with your cleaning company. Take care and don’t let yourself be seduced by attractive prices for example. Indeed, it is very important to analyze all the factors in order to make a conscious decision.

>>Find the ideal service provider for the maintenance of your windows Information published on October 24, 2022 on the home page of Window Cleaning.

Why use a window cleaning company?

Services offered by window cleaning companies

The cleanliness of the windows is necessary in order to allow natural light to enter properly into your home or premises. However, it is sometimes difficult to see the increasing degree of dirt on the glazing, because this is done very gradually. If this can help you maintain the cleanliness of your windows, do not hesitate to put a reminder on the date when it is necessary to contact a professional. In addition, you can also think about asking him if he also does the chassis cleaning. Be aware that many cleaning companies from

they will offer you a long-term contract that includes a monthly, quarterly or annual intervention according to your needs.

Do you have Velux windows, high-rise windows or solar panels that should be cleaned? Do not strain yourself to the task and let the professionals carry out the complete cleaning of your glass surfaces with rigor. Specialized companies put at your disposal competent maintenance agents equipped with all the necessary equipment for shiny and transparent windows, verandas, shop windows, etc. Thanks to lifts and telescopic poles, as well as adapted techniques, they intervene safely and overcome any dirt embedded even in the corners.

They offer their services to individuals who do not wish to do this work themselves or who have windows that are difficult to access. For the very specific cleaning of a canopy or veranda, do not hesitate to call on a professional window cleaner: he will know how to use suitable products and will ensure you an impeccable result, in complete safety, so that you can enjoy your extension again. You can also contact these companies to clean the windows of your offices, especially if they are located in a high-rise building: this will require suitable equipment, such as platforms and a lift for a risk-free service.

You don’t want to wait and contact an expert in active window cleaning in the Sambreville area without delay? So, do not hesitate to call on Benediclean, a company active for more than 30 years in the field.

  • The cleaning equipment for sparkling windows
  • Rags and wolf heads to dust the windows
  • Buckets and sponges to wet the latter with a suitable product
  • Soft or rigid squeegees as well as absorbent cloths
  • Microfibers for the finishes

Telescopic poles for high places or scrapers to get rid of stubborn stains

Cleaning of shop windows and shops

Are you the manager of a shop? Washing a display case properly can quickly become time-consuming and complicated, especially if customers enter your store while you are busy outside. In order to ensure an impeccable result, we advise you to opt for a professional cleaning service. This will also allow you to create a positive brand image with passers-by, who will be attracted by your products.

As for you, you will be able to concentrate on the essentials of your activity: customer reception, stock management, accounting, etc. In addition, as it is important that your customers feel good in your store to make purchases, do not hesitate to use an external service provider for your floors, your displays and your fitting rooms.

The frequency of maintenance

  • In general, it is recommended to clean the windows of homes, shops and catering establishments at least once a month. However, this periodicity may vary depending on different criteria :
  • During rainy periods: you may notice traces of drops on your tiles, which may require washing to preserve the clarity of your view.
  • In the city: the windows are more subject to dusty residues and pollution. This is especially the case if you live near a factory or an industry.

In the countryside, the frequency of maintenance is also likely to increase if you are located near an agricultural operation that favors dust deposits.

Window and window washing by a title agency-services

Do you prefer to go through the service tickets to carry out regular cleaning of your windows? Check out our selection of service ticket agencies in Namur. Thanks to the service ticket system, you benefit from interesting tax advantages, but also from security during payment. This way you avoid handling cash. However, be aware that this system is exclusively accessible to individuals (not companies) and must also be used only for the maintenance of private premises. The Keor-titres-services agency offers you all the services usually offered. She employs housekeepers specifically trained for this type of home interventions. Do not hesitate to contact her.

Are your premises located in the north of Usa?

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