Everything you need to know about professional window cleaning

Everything you need to know about professional window cleaning

Within companies, the visual cleanliness of the windows is not only aesthetic, it allows light and heat to penetrate more easily into the interior spaces. Indeed, the brightness is an important factor in the well-being of employees, since it contributes to the improvement of the working atmosphere and influences the optimism of the occupants.

In addition, the cleanliness of the premises and the windows makes it possible to reflect a good image with its customers. As such, it is highly recommended to call on companies specialized in professional window cleaning in order to optimize cleaning operations within your company.

In this article, RMO Cleaning explains to you what professional window cleaning is, its means and methods.

What is professional window cleaning?

Whether it is window panes, high-rise panes, mirrors, canopies or glass partitions, the panes particularly reveal dirt: scratches, fingerprints, dust, soiling or white traces made by raindrops.

It is therefore important to clean and maintain them regularly to maintain their radiance and shine.

Indeed, professional cleaning companies offer varied window cleaning offers adapted to the configuration of the premises of each company. This can encompass :

  • Frequent passages for the dirtiest areas ;
  • Occasional interventions for the least exposed areas.

However, the frequency of window cleaning must be adjusted according to several factors such as:

  • The use and traffic on the premises: for example, shops require to have a clean window throughout the day, hence the need for very regular maintenance;
  • The situation (pedestrian street, busy road, seaside. ) ;
  • The vagaries of everyday life, bad weather and degradation ;
  • After the completion of the work ;
  • During the end-of-construction cleaning, etc.

An effective window cleaning service is therefore based on several parameters :

  • The combination of both frequent and occasional window cleaning options ;
  • The use of suitable cleaning products ;
  • The use of quality materials ;
  • The adoption of good cleaning techniques.

What are the types of windows to clean in a company?

The window cleaning services concern both the exterior of the windows and the interior. Indeed, everything that is glazed within the company is concerned, among other things :

  • The windows (classic or rounded) ;
  • Window ;
  • The roof windows ;
  • The Usa windows ;
  • The bay windows ;
  • Showcase ;
  • The glass doors ;
  • Mirror ;
  • Canopy ;
  • Veranda ;
  • The glazed railings, etc.

However, some parts are difficult to access and require specific equipment for the safety of the workers, such as high-rise cleaning interventions for offices located in large buildings.

Office glass and windows

There are many configurations when it comes to office glass. The height, the surface, the access conditions to the windows and panes can vary considerably within the same company.

In this regard, the use of good equipment and products, the good training of the staff make it possible to guarantee an efficient service, adapted to the expectations of the customers in terms of quality and budget.

The windows at height

The difficulties of access and the fragility of the glazing in general make the cleaning of the windows at height particularly complex. This complexity is often increased by the fact that many windows are fixed and do not open, hence the need for the implementation of specific means, such as nacelles, scaffolding and rope work.

This type of service therefore implies specific working methods, the possession of the necessary certifications and strict compliance with safety rules in terms of work at height.

In order to carry out these services in complete safety, the staff must necessarily be trained in :

  • The mastery of specific methods and equipment for cleaning windows at height ;
  • The proper use of professional equipment: ladders, scaffolding, aerial platforms, personal protective equipment (PPE), ropes and safety harnesses, etc. ;
  • Knowledge of the risks and the actions to be adopted according to the configuration of the glazing and the types of constructions

The glass partitions

The layout of the offices can combine between open and closed work areas with glass partitions to bring light and a feeling of space. These glass partitions are designed either with transparent glass, frosted glass or. They bring a lot of brightness but get dirty very quickly.

Indeed, the staff responsible for cleaning the glass partitions must be able to intervene discreetly by preserving the interior of the professional premises from any dripping or projection during cleaning

How is a window cleaning procedure carried out?

Window cleaning is usually carried out with specific cleaning products, with suitable equipment such as squeegees and microfiber cloths.

The operation is carried out in three stages :

The dusting of the windows

This step consists of :

  • Dust off and clean the contour of the PVC window (or the woodwork) with a cloth impregnated with detergent solution.
  • Clean the glass.
  • Wipe with the window squeegee or a clean cloth.


  • Wash the glass surface with the wetting agent.
  • Soak the wetting agent in the bucket containing the solution.
  • Wring.
  • Contour the surface starting from the bottom, describing spirals and emphasizing well in the corners.
  • Wash the entire glass.
  • Scrape off the encrusted dirt.

The wiping

This step includes :

  • Scraping the surface with the squeegee by exerting sufficient pressure so that it adheres completely ;
  • Wiping off traces of water.

This last step can be carried out using several techniques such as :

The Usa technique The squeegee is passed from top to bottom by adjacent columns on the upper 2/3 of the glass and from left to right by one or two horizontal passages on the remaining third. The squeegee must be wiped between each strip.

The American technique This method is applied starting with the two edges of the Aspectmontagel uprights and the upper horizontal upright, then from top to bottom, making S in the direction of the width using the squeegee. The wetting device is located under the squeegee to recover the drips as they occur.

The Scandinavian technique With this method, often used for window cleaning with telescopic handles, the horizontal S are replaced by Aspectmontagel movements starting from the top left corner to finish at the bottom right corner.

Thanks to its expertise of more than 30 years in the field of cleaning, RMO Cleaning is committed to providing you with comprehensive services, by putting in place the best operators and cleaning agents, trained and equipped with the know-how, PPE and materials necessary to carry out cleaning works and interventions in your company, in complete safety and whatever your activity.

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