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The referenced professionals have been verified on a series of objective criteria.

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The referenced professionals have been verified on a series of objective criteria.

Sliding or hinged window?

Sliding or hinged window?

The sliding window and the swinging window are the two most common types of openings [… ]

A premium for your chassis in Wallonia from 2021

A premium for your chassis in Wallonia from 2021

You are about to complete the construction of your home and hesitate to [… ]

Window price guide

Window price guide

You are about to finish the construction of your home and you [… ]

What type of chassis to choose?

Today, the installation of many frames are possible: wood, aluminum, PVC … It is not always [… ]

Thank you a thousand times to Trust Up for sending us enlightened and efficient professionals. Without you, I don’t really know where we would have found them. And thank you for the follow-up, all this is very pleasant efficiency.

I appreciated the interest and the follow-up granted to my request for a quote (visit of the place of work, on 5/1/21, at the receipt of a quote (the next day) and at the completion of the work (on 19/1/21) and after work (restoration and cleaning with his vacuum cleaner). I cordially recommend Mr. Hervé Moutrier, heating engineer / plumber

While looking for a contractor for a specific job, I was contacted by Trust. They contacted companies in the region who quickly came to make quotes. I was thus able to compare prices and choose the contractor. I am very happy with the regular follow-up of Trust!

TrustUp helped me identify a company to replace my flooring in part of the ground floor of my house. TrustUp provided follow-up from the quote to the end of the work, ensuring the seriousness of the company – and who was! Thank you!

I do not regret having used this company. The staff went out of their way to find me a professional. It has not been easy, given the health crisis that reigns at the moment. But they got there and the work was done correctly and on time.

After the introduction of my request, I was quickly contacted by trust up in order to clarify and finalize the latter. The chosen company also intervened in a quick time and carried out a very careful job.

Thanks to this platform, I was able to find a serious and competent service provider for a fair price and I confirm that there is a real follow-up on the part of TrustUp on the substance and form of the contacts engaged. It was for me a first experience that I will repeat. Thanks to the team and good luck to this very useful platform.

Doors and windows

Do you need new custom-made frames for your home? Do you want to install an armored door for your apartment? Do you want to get rid of those pesky mosquitoes by installing new mosquito nets? Are you looking for a new garage door? Do you need to place a fire door? That’s good, TrustUp recommends many professionals specialized in doors and windows!

For the installation of new frames, several choices are available to you in terms of materials, glazing but also opening systems. As for the materials, PVC, wood and aluminum are the ones that are used the most. A combination of these is also possible if desired. For glazing, it is now recommended to install double glazing or triple glazing. This makes it possible to provide better insulation to your home. And finally, as for the type of opening, there are many possibilities: fixed, Usa, swing-swing, bellows, sliding, sliding, tilting, English, Italian, guillotine … And don’t forget that your frames can be accompanied by shutters or blinds! So do not hesitate to inquire with the entrepreneurs present on TrustUp. be to find the ideal solution for your needs.

Do you want to install a new garage door instead? Do you want it manual or rather automatic? Are you fixed on a wooden, PVC or aluminum garage door? You should also know that there are several types of opening. Overhead garage door, swing, folding, sliding, roll-up or sectional, the choice of your garage door should not be made lightly. This will indeed depend on many factors such as the location, the slope and the dimensions of your garage.

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