Contractor for exterior cladding, roofing, terrace and more on the North Shore

Contractor for exterior renovations in Terrebonne, St-Eustache and elsewhere on the North Shore

We combine durability and aesthetics for an impeccable finish!

Installation of exterior cladding in Terrebonne, North Shore

External coating

If you want to give a little vitality to your home stuck in the 70s, Patco Construction can help you! Before spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a more modern-looking home, why not simply replace your exterior cladding? Indeed, this simple change is often enough to transform a residence. You will feel like you have a new home for a fraction of the cost of a move! Our experienced team will carry out a perfectly sealed installation of your new coating while respecting the manufacturer’s guidelines. If necessary, we can even add insulation to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer!

Roof repair in Terrebonne, North Shore


A leaky roof represents the worst nightmare of many homeowners. Indeed, a roof in poor condition brings its share of problems, some of which can even jeopardize the very structure of the building and the safety of the occupants. With Patco Construction, you will have access to top-quality roof coverings as well as a compliant installation to ensure durability and foolproof waterproofing for many years to come!

Replacement of doors and windows in Terrebonne, North Shore

Doors and windows

Did you know that a good part of the heat losses in a house are caused by improper installation of doors and windows? When it comes time to replace them, it is therefore wise to call on qualified workers. You could save a lot on your next heating bills! Our competent staff will make sure to reduce to zero any risk of air leakage or water infiltration thanks to their professional work. He will also be able to inform you about the various subsidies to which you may be entitled.

Construction of patio, balcony, terrace in Terrebonne, North Shore

Balcony, patio and terrace

Whether you are looking for a contractor to build an intimate terrace, to design a multi-level pool patio (deck) or to redo the second floor balcony, we will be able to easily set up solid structures that will allow you to make the most of your outdoor space. In wood with aluminum railings or in composite with vinyl railings, we will know how to install the system that will best match your exterior cladding and with the desired style.

mini-excavation and concrete pouring in Terrebonne, North Shore

Small excavation and concrete pouring works

Do you have to excavate near your foundations in order to plug a crack? Do you need a concrete slab for your new garage? Are you replacing your yard entrance and are you looking for an effective way to prepare your land? For all your mini-excavation and concrete pouring needs, Patco Construction will come to your rescue! Take advantage of sustainable work carried out with the utmost precision. This is the basis, literally and figuratively!

Do you want to be accompanied by a professional for your residential renovations on the North Shore?

Whether you are the owner of a house, a chalet, a condo, a semi-detached or a multiplex, Construction Patco has the necessary expertise to deliver work that meets your expectations as well as current construction standards!

About us

The company Construction Patco specializes in interior and exterior residential renovation. Working on the North Shore of Montreal for several years, its qualified team stands out for its efficiency, transparency and turnkey work. In addition, the owner of the company has been working in the field of construction and renovation for more than 20 years, which makes him a reliable reference for quality, aesthetic, durable and compliant renovations.

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