Cleaning windows: 8 grandmother’s tips to follow

8 grandmother’s tips for cleaning windows

No matter how hard and methodically you clean them, the windows inevitably suffer bad weather, pollution and various projections. We quickly put a bottle of specific cleanser in it! However, there are other alternatives, more natural, ecological and economical, which offer an equally satisfactory result. In this article, we give you exactly 8 tips to make your windows shine brightly!

Clean Glass

1. Using white vinegar

It is the natural multi-use product to clean the house from top to bottom. Economical, descaling and natural gloss, it will once again be the ideal ally for clean windows and especially without traces! Here are two recipes that have proven themselves :

  • In a clean spray bottle, put 75 cl of warm water (preferably demineralized) ;
  • Add 25 cl of white vinegar to it ;
  • Spray on the windows, wipe with a clean cloth ;
  • Admire the result!

If your windows are very dirty and covered with greasy fingerprints, mix in a spray bottle :

  • 5 cl of white vinegar or apple cider ;
  • 5 cl of alcohol at 90 °C ;
  • 1 tablespoon of cornstarch (this will prevent streaks on the tiles) ;
  • 40 cl of water (preferably demineralized) ;
  • Put the product on the windows, and rub with a clean cloth ;
  • Let it dry naturally.

With this recipe, you will be able to remove stubborn traces without scratching your windows!

2. Clean with dishwashing liquid

It is a product that everyone has at home, and it can also be used to clean windows! If you live in a space prone to humidity, using dishwashing liquid will also prevent the fogging from reappearing too quickly.

In a spray bottle, mix :

  • Water ;
  • Dishwashing liquid (put more or less depending on the degree of dirt on the windows) ;
  • A little white vinegar (or apple cider) ;
  • Spray the mixture on the windows ;
  • Clean with a clean cloth ;
  • Rinse with clean water afterwards, this will avoid traces of soap ;
  • Dry.

3. Clean with black tea

It is the tannins present in black tea that will be useful to make your windows shine and unclutter, but not only! You can also use this trick to make your tarnished and tired wooden blinds shine again. If they are white, just make sure not to stain your slats with it.

  • Heat some water and add the tea bag to it ;
  • Let it cool well, while letting the tea soak in it ;
  • Once cold, spray this mixture on your windows, and clean with a squeegee or a clean cloth.

This solution is effective when it comes to cleaning large bay windows.

Black Tea

4. Resort to household alcohol

You can also use household alcohol to get rid of traces and difficult stains on your tiles. To remove the stains present without having to scratch them, pour a little alcohol on a cotton pad, and pass it over. This should easily dissolve them. To use it as a window cleaner :

  • Mix 2.5 cl of 90° alcohol with 22.5 cl of water in a spray bottle ;
  • Add a few drops of white vinegar (optional) ;
  • Spray the resulting product on your windows,
  • Clean with a cloth ;
  • Your windows are sparkling and free of traces!

5. Making a lemon juice product

You can also use lemon juice to clean your windows effectively!

  • Put 3 tablespoons of lemon juice in 45 cl of hot water ;
  • Wait for the product to cool down ;
  • Put it in a spray bottle ;
  • Spray the windows and run a clean cloth over them ;
  • Once dry, they will be shiny and streak-free!

6. Using Meudon white

This natural product is also excellent for cleaning windows effortlessly!

  • Put 1 volume of Meudon white in 5 volumes of water. This should create a paste ;
  • Spread the resulting paste on the tiles that you want to clean ;
  • Pass a clean and non-lint-free cloth over it once the mixture is dry ;
  • Your windows are clean!

7. Spread glycerin

If you are experiencing significant fogging problems, you can also use the glycerin trick! Simply spread a thin layer on your tiles and rub with a clean cloth or worn nylon tights.

8. Additional tips

If you want to optimize the cleaning of your windows, here are some additional tips that will make your life easier :

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