Cleaning windows: 30 effective techniques for streak-free windows

Cleaning windows: 30 effective techniques for streak-free windows

Cleaning windows: 30 effective techniques for streak-free windows

CLEAN THE WINDOWS. Every time, washing your windows or mirrors is a real chore! Forget about chemicals, we reveal the best tips to clean them without leaving traces and without exhausting yourself to the task.

Washing the windows is already not a part of pleasure, but to realize that even the cleaning products leave traces on the tiles is even more discouraging! However, there are recipes, miracle products and cleaning tips that will give your dirty windows all the shine they deserve. From grandmother’s recipes to tips on the equipment to use, here are the best tips to find pristine windows. Some may question, but we guarantee you that trying them is adopting them.

30 tips to clean your windows efficiently and without leaving traces

What could be more frustrating than doing the windows and noticing that traces persist? With our cleaning tips, you will get clean windows easily.

How to use white vinegar to clean windows?

To clean the windows without traces, we can create a high-performance cleaner that we will spray on the windows before passing a cloth over them. To do this, mix 750 milliliters of warm water with 250 milliliters of white vinegar. This 100% natural cleaner will make your windows shine. On top of that, the smell of vinegar will make spiders and flies get out of your house!

Can we clean the windows with dishwashing liquid?

You can also dilute dishwashing liquid in hot water and, if desired, add a little white vinegar (optional). Again, you can rub the dirty surface with a cloth or newspaper and then rinse the glass with clean water. You can use a soft squeegee to remove excess water and wipe with a lint-free cloth. With this method, the panes are shiny and streak-free.

How to use newspaper to avoid traces on the windows?

Lemon juice is one of the best cleansers there is. By mixing it with hot water, you can spray it on your dirty windows or windows. It is then sufficient to rub the surface concerned using a newspaper rolled into a ball. The result is always impeccable!

Meudon’s white, effective for cleaning windows?

It is possible to restore shine to your windows and windows by diluting half a glass of liquid Boston soap in a glass of very hot water and adding 250 grams of Meudon white to the mixture. Then simply rub the surface concerned with a cloth soaked in the homemade liquid and wait until everything is completely dry. You can also polish the surface with a chamois for even more impressive results.

How to use glycerin to wash windows?

There is nothing like glycerin to prevent fogging on your windows! Pour a few drops of glycerin on a nylon tights that you no longer use. Rub vigorously and you will never be bothered by these nasty deposits of moisture again!

Can we use burning alcohol to clean the windows?

Burning alcohol is formidable against all traces that can parasitize your glass. The traces of fingers, mold but especially condensation during the winter! The product is therefore not to be discarded for window maintenance during cold periods. Just remember to dilute it with a little warm water.

Is baking soda useful for washing windows?

Here is a new string to add to the bow of baking soda: window washing without leaving a trace. To get a perfect solution for cleaning tiles, you need to mix half a teaspoon of baking soda in a liter of boiling water. Soak a microfiber cloth in the mixture and pass it over the glass to erase all traces of fingers and dirt. It remains only to wipe the glass with a second dry microfiber cloth.

How to wash the windows with a steam cleaner?

To avoid leaving traces of washing on your windows, steam cleaning has proven its worth. The household appliance makes it possible to expel steam on the windows to remove dirt and erase various traces, be sure to make Aspectmontagel movements and stay 10 cm from the glass. Once you have passed over the entire surface of the tiles, remove the water by passing the squeegee of the device from the top to the bottom and wipe the last drops with a cloth, microfiber if possible.

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Why not wash the windows in direct sunlight?

Once you have chosen your cleaning method, think about the best time to wash the windows and give preference to sunny days or late afternoons when the sun’s rays no longer hit your windows. The sun inevitably causes the products used on the windows to dry faster and this rapid drying can cause traces to appear.

What accessories should I use to wash the windows without leaving traces?

No matter which product you decide to use, for a streak-free result, you need to be methodical. The ideal is to use a first microfiber cloth barely wrung out to clean the glass and then use a second dry and lint-free cloth to wipe the surface. You can also use a squeegee with a good quality rubber. Before scraping, wipe the edge and the top of the glass with a clean, dry cloth. It is imperative to wipe the squeegee between each pass. In the next passage, be sure to let the tip of the squeegee protrude over the area that has already been scraped. It is also possible to simply remove the excess water with the squeegee and then wipe with a clean cloth.

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