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Cleaning work at height for real estate and building

company cleaning glass at height

The company Aspectmontage is specialized in the realization of works at height and difficult access, without height limits. We carry out window cleaning and facade cleaning projects throughout the Brittany region. Maintenance and cleaning for real estate and building professionals, constitute one of the core professions of our activity as a cordist. The versatility of our professional teams makes it possible to complete, if necessary, these cleaning tasks by carrying out de-greening, painting, facade restoration, guardrail replacement, anti-nuisance work … We intervene safely in places difficult to access or at high altitude, using the most appropriate technical means: work on ropes, intervention from PEMP nacelles or scaffolding.

Window cleaning at height

window washing at height

Our window cleaners at height, working in pairs, intervene on office buildings, professional premises and residential buildings, to clean the windows and all polished surfaces. The glass surfaces are cleaned with a perlon wetting agent and an elastomeric squeegee or using an H2O telescopic pole. The various joints are then dried with microfiber. The chassis, frames and shelves are cleaned and de-vegetated if necessary. Window washing is carried out using soap and professional cleaning products. In some cases, in order to avoid the use of hard water likely to leave residual traces, we proceed to wash the windows with demineralized water.

We carry out the cleaning at height of all types of glazed surfaces: clear glass (standard glazing), opaque glass, reflecting glass, enamelled and colored glass EMALIT, cleaning of glazed curtain walls … as well as metal structures in aluminum or stainless steel.

High pressure washing of facades and roofs

cleaning Quimper

High-pressure washing makes it possible to quickly clean and renovate a facade, taking care to adapt the pressure of the jet to each support, to avoid any risk of degradation of materials or coatings. To carry out these projects we have :

  • 2 HP thermal cleaners 240 Bar
  • 1 electric HP cleaner 180 bar

We use a high-pressure cleaner for our cleaning and facade restoration sites. The high-pressure washing carried out by our cordists makes it possible to clean a facade without damaging either the plaster or the paint. This HP washing technique can be used on different types of surfaces: concrete, stone or brick facades, roofs, cladding, … as well as on roofs. For these HP washing sites, we use biodegradable detergent products, adapted to the medium to be treated. In addition to these high-pressure washes, we can carry out tag cleaning and the elimination of traces of pollution or dirt caused by the flow of water. To ensure a perfect flow of rainwater, we also clean the gutters and channels.

High-rise cleaning and facade restoration

facade painting

If the facing of a masonry structure requires a refurbishment, it is necessary to complete the HP cleaning with a facade renovation. This type of construction site can also be fully taken care of by our rope workers. Depending on the condition and nature of the surfaces after a high-pressure cleaning, the restoration may include the application of an anti-fungal, fungicidal and water-repellent treatment. An anticorrosion treatment can be carried out on metal surfaces and structures. The renovation of aluminum surfaces is carried out by manual or mechanical process, with the application of specific cleaning products. The surface restoration operations can be completed by restoration work on the masonry, replacement of railings or painting, as in the case of this renovation site in Brest.

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