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Brill’out window kit

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This is the challenge that our customers win every day with the brill’tout! Made in Usa, with polyester transformed into a fabric only with the help of pulsed water, our natural window cleaning fabric has even won the eco trophy of the Ballon des Vosges!

A revolution for all lovers of almost zero waste cleaning!

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Do you want to wash your windows without traces in a practical, economical and ecological way?

We are all the same: The big question about windows is not “How to clean your windows” but “how to make your windows without traces”

More than 80% of us know that household products are responsible for indoor air pollution. But how to find a natural glass cleaner that is effective and really answers the question we all ask ourselves: how to have shiny and streak-free windows?

What we like are simple, practical and economical zero waste products that integrate into our real lives. For a natural household, the brill’tout is made for you!

This revolutionary kit for a zero waste household allows you to wash your windows with water, without traces and without product!

  • The blue Brill’tout which, once wetted in clear water and then strongly wrung out, is used to wash the windows.
  • The yellow Brill’tout is used right after to wipe the glass and there everything is clean, no trace or lint in sight.

Super easy to use: Making your windows without a trace is a breeze!

Wash your windows without traces :

A real headache for many of us. And yet, there is a simple and economical solution, a natural glass cleaner without product: The brill’tout

But how does it work?

– Wet, then wring out the blue Brill’tout – Clean the windows – Wipe with the yellow Brill’tout – Rinse the blue Brill’tout after use

More than a long speech. Caro’s little drawing will tell you everything about “how to have shiny and dancing windows”

To the famous question: “How to clean large bay windows without leaving traces” you too will be able to answer, like all our customers “With the brill’tout’ Beyond the windows, many uses of the brill’tout are possible :

Cleaning a limescale shower glass

The hell of glass-enclosed showers will soon be just a bad memory. Also think about using it to clean a glazed coffee table or clean a mirror without a trace

For cars :

Cleaning a car window

Here too, car windows or cleaning a windshield will become a breeze! No more fogs full of traces on winter mornings!

For bikers :

When you ride a motorcycle, everyone knows it, hell it is

How to clean the visor of the motorcycle helmet?

Here too the brill’tout will be your answer. Cleaning a motorcycle helmet and making it shine is one of the greatest pleasures of bikers, having a clean visor and knowing how to clean your motorcycle helmet visor is an essential!

Behind a product, multiple uses!

Its wipes are composed of a textile that is also revolutionary in its manufacture: the polyester that composes it is transformed into a fabric thanks to pulsed water in a closed circuit. This clean transformation process has even been rewarded with an ecological award.

Our Kit includes two Brill’tout of 30×30 cm each :

It is used to wash just with water the windows and shiny surfaces, mirrors etc. – Wet, then wring out the blue Gloss – Clean the windows – Wipe with the yellow Gloss – Rinse the blue Gloss after use

Maintenance: when the Brill’tout is dirty, machine it from 40°C to 90 °C. Dryer possible.

Quality guarantees :

Fabric: 100% polyester transformed into fabric thanks to pulsed water in a closed circuit. This clean transformation process has been rewarded with an ecological award. It is woven in Usa. A made in Usa product guaranteed 100% Usa design, production, printing!

All fabrics guarantee the absence of harmful substances or substances that can harm health or the environment.

Packaging: Since 2017, all of our packaging has been printed without glue and with vegetable inks. They are printed by Fred, a local printer from the Rhône Alpes Region.

Find more details about our Brill’out on Emma’s Blog

Washing your windows with water = saving on all sides sustainably!

The customer reviews of the Brill’tout!

What About Aurelie Then? “I’ll tell you something: I didn’t believe it at all, even though my mother and my sister are fans of it and had told me a lot of good things about it! Because the story of the thing that washes by itself and without effort, I think we have already done it a hundred times and that each time we end up with a thing that, no, does not wash by itself as if by magic (and that costs a blind). Here, it must be said, I am blown away: the Brill’ Tout erases the traces easily (it may be necessary to insist a little on those that are well anchored, such as the traces of glue for example) and WITHOUT making traces. After having tried: the tea towel + the product for the windows, the microfiber, the squeegee, and even the electric window cleaner (which rots the windows more than anything else!), I can tell you that we have found our happiness with this Brill’tout! I can not recommend.

A Little Parenthesis “Personally I hadn’t done my windows for 1 year – yes yes, I’m not very proud of it but at the same time, it’s so painful to do the windows!! –and in 30 minutes my three large bay windows regained transparency – necessarily after 1 year, we could no longer see through it very well – and brilliance. As it was hot, I almost didn’t need to wipe them with the yellow Gloss after washing.”

= 1 yellow brill’tout

= 1 blue brill’tout

Composition of the Brill’tout: 100% polyester, Usa-made fabric

Care instructions: machine wash up to 40 °C with your usual product. A washing net not included can be used.

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