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Choosing a contractor for the installation of doors and windows

Renovating your home or making it more energy-efficient also means changing your windows and doors. But since such a project doesn’t happen so often, you don’t really know who to contact for the installation of your new doors and windows and that’s normal.

If common sense will make you opt for a recognized professional or referred by your acquaintances, other elements may weigh in the balance when making your choice. The technical criteria are essential, but also pay attention to the human criteria.

Choosing a contractor for the installation of doors and windows also means choosing a person you trust, who listens, and who has your project at heart.

Door and window installer: who to choose?

First of all, you need to choose your new doors and windows. Evaluate your needs and your budget well before making a few companies bid for the purchase of these. Would you like to sell your property again? Change your style? Improve your energy efficiency? According to your answers, it will not be the same models or the same prices that will be offered to you! Hence the importance of identifying your real need.

Your next reflex should be to direct you to a well-established company, with a good reputation and for which you are able to find complete contact details. Otherwise, you may have difficulty finding it in case of a problem.

Be aware that companies in the construction field in Quebec must necessarily have a license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec. The register of license holders is available on the RBQ website: https://www. pes. rbq. gouv. qc. ca/RegistreLicences .

When choosing a contractor for the installation, also check that they have civil liability insurance, which covers any damage caused to your property or to cover accidents that may occur. We invite you to consult the OPC website to learn more by following the following link: Office for Consumer Protection.

Of course, several entrepreneurs may meet these criteria, and that’s good! You don’t have to settle for just one submission. Take the time to compare some of them. To get a good sampling, we recommend that you get 3 submissions. In order to fully understand the differences between the proposals, ask the companies, ask them for explanations about the models, the qualification of the workforce, the materials, the warranty, etc. All questions are good to ask.

Also keep in mind that very often, companies that sell doors and windows also know how to install them, for a very good value for money. By taking all the services in the same place, you ensure that the final product will be satisfactory. In terms of measurement, after-sales service, deadline, coordination, etc., the ideal is to opt for one and the same company.

What to expect for the price of installing doors and windows?

On average, the installation price of doors and windows represents about 30% of the door and window replacement quote. The product accounts for 70% of the price. However, several factors can influence the cost of doors and windows, as well as that of their installation: type of door / window and installation, number, enlargement or not, etc. It is therefore an investment that requires that we take the time to think about it.

Don’t underestimate the customer experience!

Another decisive element in choosing a window and door contractor? Word of mouth! Colleagues, neighbors, friends, family will give you the right time on reliability, efficiency, meeting deadlines, but also on cleanliness, follow-up during work, and after-sales service. If you can really rely on seniority and reputation, keep a big place for the customer experience. From the first contact, to the submission, you must feel confident, advised and listened to. Did the contractor take the trouble to travel and take measurements before giving you his price? Has he responded to your concerns about this or that aspect? Did he offer you other options than the ones you had in mind, and if so, more advantageous? These questions are not superfluous and will quickly allow you to determine if you are just another client, or if you are his client.

The professionals of Vitrerie Brunelle apply this benevolence for each of their mandates. For them, the well-being of the customers is a guarantee of success as well as the quality of the services they provide, and which meets the very high standards of the industry. Do not hesitate to contact them to assess your needs. It will be their pleasure to help you have the best, really.

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