Changing a window: taking the right steps

How to properly take measures to replace a window?

How to measure a window? Where do I start to take the dimensions of a window in order to replace it? If you plan to change or install new windows, it is essential to take precise measures to avoid future problems. The way to do this differs depending on the type of laying. To help you, Aspectmontage offers you a practical sheet and gives you all the indications in this article. At your feet, ready, go!

Step 1: How to recognize the type of pose?

There are 4 types of installation, depending on whether you remove the old frame from your window or whether you keep it :

  • Rabbet installation.
  • Tunnel pose.
  • Wall-mounted installation.
  • Laying in renovation.

What is rabbet installation?

Reserved for old houses, the rabbet installation means that the frame of your window fits on the recess (rabbet) of the masonry. This technique literally consists of embedding the window into the wall, which is usually thick. In practice, the rabbet designates the groove where the window will be positioned. This is set up during construction.

What is tunnel laying?

Tunnel laying is a technique used for old stone or half-timbered dwellings. It consists of placing your new window in the thickness of the wall once the old frame has been removed. Also known as “painting installation”, tunnel installation is gradually being replaced by the applique technique where the joinery is directly fixed on the wall. However, this technique is recommended in the case of thick walls.

The tunnel installation consists for this purpose in placing the window between two walls on each side of the opening. By doing this, the window fits well into the dimensions of the frame. This is also the reason why we speak of “tunnel installation” knowing that the window is not recessed.

What is applique laying?

Wall-mounted installation is common in new brick or cinder block constructions, carpentry is installed on the facade, on your interior wall. We add, on the inner side, the thickness of a thermal insulator.

The principle of this method: position the window against the interior wall on the facade. This makes it possible to cover the thickness of the isolate. This installation technique has the advantage of offering a perfect finish and a larger glazed surface.

What is laying in renovation?

This installation method consists in removing the sashes and fixing a complete window on the old frame. In other words, we can keep the frame of the old window if its insulation is still healthy. That is why, it is necessary to check the tightness of the structure and the condition of the window frame.

When it is feasible, the installation in renovation does not need masonry work. In this case, the new window will fix the new joinery on the old frame. The finishing coverings ensure a complete renovation.

Note: for the first 3 poses above, you keep the same glass surface as before. With the installation in renovation, the lighter works are also faster to carry out.

Discover the useful vocabulary to make you understand carpenters

To speak the same language as carpentry professionals, here are some useful words :

  • A painting is the opening in a wall that welcomes the carpentry.
  • Carpentry in this case refers to a window, a door, a Usa window, etc.
  • A joinery consists of a frame and sash(s).
  • The frame is also called “frame” or “frame”.
  • The sash is also known as the “casement”. There may be one or more openings.
  • The painting is composed of two parts: lintel and lightening.
  • The lintel is the upper part of the painting.
  • The lightening therefore corresponds to the lower part of the opening.

Step 2: How to take the measurements according to the type of pose?

To take measurements of your window, start by equipping yourself with a meter, a pencil and a sheet of paper.

Practical: to facilitate the taking of measurements according to the type of installation, consult and print our dedicated project sheet in a few clicks.

How to measure with a tunnel installation?

As mentioned earlier, a tunnel installation implies the presence of an opening surrounded by walls on each side. To measure the height and width, we will take into account the ribs of the frame that correspond to the dimensions of the opening in the wall.

How to take the measurements of an applied window?

As a reminder, an applique installation assumes a fixing of the window against the interior wall. The insulation is installed on the joinery to fill the thickness of the insulation indoors. In this case, it is necessary to measure the height and width of the frame. We also measure the thickness of the insulation as well as the wall without forgetting the plasterboard. This makes it possible to anticipate the size of the insulations to be installed on the window.

How to measure the joinery in the case of a rabbet installation?

In the case of a window placed in rabbet, it is embedded in a groove designed for this purpose in the frame. For the measurement, we must measure the height, but also the height of passage of the bottom of the groove. Regarding the width, we note that of the table and that of the rabbet bottom.

How to take the dimensions of a window in renovation installation?

The installation in renovation does not involve major works. Indeed, it is enough to remove the casements, then install the new window on the existing frame.

However, be careful to check the condition of the board and its tightness. The frame must not show any signs of deterioration due to mold or insects.

For the actual measurement, the passage width of the initial window must be measured. For the height, on the other hand, we note the height of passage at the narrowest of the old painting of the carpentry.

What types of windows to choose to stay in the same theme of the old carpentry?

With Aspectmontage, you can replace an old window while maintaining the current style. Moreover, when we talk about carpentry renovation, we will now find different types of openings to obtain the expected result.

To properly ventilate a diaper room or a kitchen, it is recommended to opt for the Usa or “casement” model. This type of opening allows the top of the window to be ajar.

If we want to keep a maximum of interior space, we recommend sliding models whose main advantage is not to eat up space. In order to energize the new windows and give it a rustic dimension, for example, we can take visible cremones in copper, brass or white.

In the event that the wall is dressed with a beautiful tile from Aspectmontage, we can juggle with the materials: brass, wood y glass. We can also customize the appearance of the joinery by choosing the finishing decoration. For PVC profiles, we opt for the wood look, while for aluminum joinery, we choose the two-color option.

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