Change its exterior joinery: doors, windows, bays.

Change doors and windows!

When the doors and windows age, the energy performance is necessarily lower. In this context, such a renovation project no longer becomes an expense item, but a real investment. Joinery indeed represents an important part of the heat losses of a home and their replacement can sometimes allow a gain of 30% on heating, especially if your old windows are single-glazed.

Changing your windows also improves the sound insulation. Finally, changing your windows is also an opportunity to strengthen the security of your home with burglar-proof glasses.

Choosing the laying method

To change your windows, there are two methods: the total change or the change of the sash alone.

If it is found that the fixed part that is connected to the wall is in good condition, it is possible to keep it in place and come to “insert” another window into the freed space. This so-called “renovation installation” method of course has the advantage of considerably simplifying the work and therefore the intervention time. It is also an opportunity for the professional to check if the connection between the old frame and the load-bearing wall is well sealed. Indeed, the risk of loss is such that you would lose all the benefit of your work if this were not the case.

If you opt for a total change, the task will be more complex or at least longer because the professional will have to unseal and intervene on the masonry to seal the new frame.

Opt for suitable joinery

The choice of materials does not necessarily condition the insulating power but rather its longevity and the possible need for specific maintenance. Depending on your budget, your tastes and your desire to get involved in the maintenance of your door frames, several alternatives are available to you.

  • Wood: warmth, contact, wooden openings have the main advantage of integrating perfectly with traditional house facades. The main defect of wood is the need for regular maintenance over time to preserve its aesthetics and service life.
  • The advantages of aluminum: the main advantage of aluminum is the gain of 10 to 25% of glazing area, compared to wood and PVC. The disadvantage, on the other hand, is the cost of the material. On average and with equal size, aluminum windows are about 25 to 30% more expensive than wooden or PVC openings. The lightness of the aluminum gives these openings great mechanical performance allowing the installation of large formats.
  • The qualities of PVC: PVC windows are preferred in Usa in almost 60% of cases. Excellent UV resistance, low maintenance, available in different colors, PVC has many advantages.

The choice of glazing

Double-glazing is currently the most common offer and offers excellent insulating power (thermal as well as sound).

For openings exposed on the ground floor and on the public road, preference will be given to door frames equipped with acoustic glazing and burglar retardants.

On the facades facing due south and strongly subjected to solar radiation, solar-controlled glazing will be considered against reinforced thermal insulation glazing on the other facades.

The type of opening

There are several types of windows :

  • The overlapping windows, whose sashes overlap the frame and often equipped with a traditional type cremona.
  • The windows on the right bank with opening and sleeping on the same plane, opening with sheep and wolf’s mouth, cremona or espagnolette applied.
  • Sliding windows which have the advantage of reducing the clutter in the rooms when they are open.
  • The swinging-swinging windows, the upper part of which tilts at 35° to allow air to circulate while leaving the lower part of the casement hermetically closed. A guarantee of safety.

Air renewal

Changing your windows also requires taking good care that the ventilation is always well ensured. It is therefore imperative to anticipate by asking a professional for advice. This may lead you to install ventilation grilles or an additional ventilation system.

If, for financial reasons, you need to proceed in stages, first have the windows located in the most exposed rooms changed. This is where you will make the best gains.

Choosing the best service provider

When he travels to carry out his study and his estimate, the professional must take care not only to make sure of the condition and the quality of the existing one (to arbitrate between a total change or a renovation installation) and to make sure of the condition of the masonry welcoming the opening.

Finally, think that this type of work allows you to benefit from assistance in the form of tax credits or subsidized loans. Do not hesitate to inquire with qualified professionals holding a “RGE” mention.

Prior authorizations

A declaration is mandatory if your work changes the initial appearance of the building. The work concerned may relate to :

  • The replacement of a door or window with another model.
  • The opening of a new window.

You must send your file in 2 copies by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or deposit it at the town hall of the municipality where the land is located.

When the prior declaration has been accepted, you have a period of 2 years from the date of receipt to start the work. After this period, your prior declaration is no longer valid.

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