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Facade renovation and replacement of aluminum windows

When it comes to the exterior aesthetics of the home, the installation of aluminum joinery presents itself as the noblest choice. For your personal comfort, or to increase the added value during a real estate sale, it is common to undertake carpentry renovation works, which will beautify the facade while offering more energy performance.

However, the most efficient aluminum joinery, if they are incorrectly installed, lose almost all their advantages. The custom design and installation of aluminum windows, bay windows or Usa doors requires rigor and mastery of many technical parameters.

Composed of building professionals with more than 20 years of experience, Aspectmontage located in Roubaix (North), is a specialist in the supply and installation of custom joinery. A building company with a second expertise in masonry, we carry out large-scale projects in close collaboration with architects, to whom we bring in particular technical expertise in the field of joinery.

Aspectmontage, a company specialized in aluminum joinery and structural work

Burglar-proof aluminum patio door

Our expertise in structural work perfectly complements our activity of installing joinery: we can thus transform, repair and prepare the masonry during the renovation of your windows and aluminum joinery, in order to obtain a harmonious and functional rendering. We can also take over the work of opening the interior wall and the supporting gable, to integrate additional joinery.

Company specialized in custom carpentry, adaptability is in our DNA. Glazing, roller shutters, thermal and acoustic insulation … we are committed to advising you on the materials and technical solutions to be implemented, so that your renovation projects are fully in line with your desires and your budget.

As a guarantee of quality for the choice of your installation service provider, the RGE label (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) that Aspectmontage has allows you to access government schemes such as the Energy Check, the tax credit and energy renovation aids … You will be able to check your eligibility for aid for the renovation of carpentry by visiting the government website.

And because peace of mind is priceless, you have a 10-year warranty on your installed joinery, thanks to our ten-year insurance.

Examples of Aluminum joinery installation

Installation of aluminum carpentry on wood frame

Discover some examples of aluminum joinery installation on which Aspectmontage has already intervened :

  • Renovation of a facade, with replacement of carpentry by aluminum windows
  • Installation of an aluminum window door and a 3-leaf sliding bay window
  • Replacement of a door with a burglar-proof aluminum Usa window

How does the installation of custom aluminum joinery take place?

A well-laid joinery means rigor and technical attention during the entire installation process, from the measurement, to the insulation, through the custom manufacture of the joinery :

1 – A flawless decision-making

Making custom-made joinery, Aspectmontage therefore takes the adage “measure twice and cut once” literally! Prior to the work, a technician takes the measurements for the first time for the realization of the estimate. After validation of the estimate, this same technician goes back with the site manager (who will then be in charge of installing the carpentry), to check the dimensions a second time. In very specific cases, the company Aspectmontage carries out execution plans on a 1 / 20th scale, taking over the structures and the carpentry.

2 – A perfect knowledge of constructive systems

Aspectmontage installs or renovates aluminum joinery on all types of housing: house, apartment or offices, new or old buildings, brick or concrete masonry … These differences generate very different constraints on the type of joinery and the technical details of the installation. A brick dwelling may, for example, have a painting in poor condition (the lateral parts of the opening that accommodates the carpentry). Preparations before installation (renovation, coating, etc.) will ensure a perfect installation of the carpentry. Another example, a house built in wood frame will require great precision and increased vigilance in terms of waterproofing.

3 – A mastery of the site and a pose according to the rules

Aspectmontage ensures that each joinery installation is perfectly in accordance with the rules of the art, which implies above all a good preparation of the supports, qualified personnel and concerned about the job well done, without forgetting the respect of the standards in force applicable to joinery work (DTU joinery installation).

4 – Respect for places and commitments

Window, bay window, Usa window … Aspectmontage carries out a rigorous follow-up of the manufacturing deadlines of its aluminum joinery, which allows the teams to work in good conditions by preparing and anticipating the construction site. Our team pays particular attention to the cleanliness of the construction site.

Quality aluminum joinery, Aspectmontage production

Black aluminum carpentry

Aspectmontage provides carpentry among the best on the market: custom-made aluminum windows and bay windows finished with precision. Indeed, our company does not just sell joinery: our technicians also take care of their installation. Taking advantage of our technical expertise and our field experience, we therefore carry out a rigorous selection of the products that we install.

We choose a Aspectmontage production, a guarantee of quality, and have selected suppliers based in Aspectmontage (design of the carpentry). All fittings are of the SIEGENIA-AUBI brand, supplied by our German supplier, selected for the reliability and innovation of its fitting products.

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Do not hesitate to contact the Aspectmontage team to explain your project to us, take advantage of the advice of our technicians, and receive a free quote. We will be delighted to take care of your carpentry work according to the rules of the art.

The company Aspectmontage operates throughout the Lille metropolis (Lille, Lambersart, Marcq-en-Baroeul, Wambrechies, Villeneuve d’Ascq etc.), as well as in the Pévèle (Chéreng, Mérignies, Baisieux, Tressin, Bachy etc.).

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