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Robot window cleaner V3CLEAN ®

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You will never have to clean the windows again!

Thanks to the V3CLEAN ® window cleaning robot, your windows will be sparkling all year round and effortlessly.

Put the robot anywhere on the tile and thanks to its methodical navigation system it will clean the glass without forgetting anything!

To be advised by a technician and order by phone: 09 80 80 13 55. 9h – 19h, and 9h – 13h on Saturdays (free).

For 2 years, in the event of a breakdown, your window washing robot will be exchanged for new ones immediately. So you will be able to enjoy a brand new robot cleaner as soon as possible! In addition, spare parts will be available for 10 years.

Take the time to try our window washing robot without commitment. If you are not satisfied, we will refund you immediately and your return costs will be offered.

Do not hesitate to contact our customer service based in Usa in Touraine via Chat or at 09 80 80 13 55 from 10 a. m. to 19:00 p. m. (free). Our team of technicians will be happy to inform you.

Spray the product of your choice on the skates, place the robot on the glass, and press “start”! Our robot will wash the glass completely, and will stop at the bottom of it, waiting for you to come and remove it.

He does not forget the slightest cm2 thanks to the intelligent navigation

Simply place the V3CLEAN ® robot on the glass to be cleaned. Thanks to its intelligent navigation system, our robot will be able to clean it completely without forgetting anything, even the angles! 1 m2 of glass will be washed in 2 minutes.

Superior manufacturing quality

We are aware that the service life of the devices is an important criterion of choice for consumers, which is why our products are manufactured through a rigorous process and with the best components on the market.

Thanks to the V3 processor, the methodical navigation system of our robot is the most reliable on the market.

Our product is equipped with a high-quality 4-cell Lithium battery, in order to guarantee a long service life and constant performance during it.

Suction of dust and allergens

Thanks to a powerful and silent suction motor, the V3CLEAN ® window cleaning robot sucks dust and allergens from your windows. The suction also allows the robot to attach itself securely to the glass, without leaving traces. Unlike square models that move with rubber wheels and make traces on the windows.

Degreases and washes without leaving traces with its professional micro-fiber

In addition to the suction, our window washing robot uses two rotating micro-fiber pads. This makes it possible to remove stains and fingerprints. We use a professional quality micro-fiber for a better service life. The pads are flexible and their diameter is large enough to reach the corners and clean the glass thoroughly.

Free replacement skates

The V3CLEAN ® window washing robot comes with an anti-fall safety cord, 6 micro-fiber pads, and its remote control. Spare parts are available for 10 years.

New version 2022

Our technicians have carried out tests in real conditions, to create an efficient window washing robot at the cutting edge of technology.

The entire architecture of our device is regularly redesigned, so that our robot is always equipped with the most efficient technologies.

Our 2022 production (currently on sale) benefits from improvements in the engine (Vbrush engine), for an increased service life, and a more powerful suction.

The battery has also been redesigned to offer the same performance for a lower weight.

Say goodbye to manual cleaning

Cleaning the windows by hand is a difficult and tiring task, you have to raise your arms high, and perform grueling gestures. Sometimes you have to climb on a chair to access the highest places.

Whereas with a window washing robot, it is enough to press a button, and wait. The work is done by itself without the need to monitor. We put the robot anywhere on the glass and it washes everything without forgetting anything.

This is an easier solution, which saves a lot of time and is less expensive than employing someone to do it.

Simple and quick start-up

Our new 2022 model is designed to be easy and quick to pick up. Indeed, the battery recharges itself during use, and the safety cord is mandatory only on the exterior windows in buildings.

So you can use it by simply following the following steps :

Stage n°1

Connect your robot to the mains, and spray the product of your choice on the skates.

Stage n°2

Start the suction thanks to the switch, and place it on the glass wall.

Stage n°3

Finally, press the metal button present on the robot. This one will clean the glass completely and stop at the bottom of it once the cleaning is complete.

Care and use tips

We recommend using the V3CLEAN ® window cleaning robot once every 2 or 3 months for bright windows all year round.

The microfiber pads can be washed in the washing machine and reused. If you want to buy some, you will find them on our online store.

You can use any glass product, 2 sprays on each per skate, using the supplied device will be enough for a glass of 2m2.

We have not equipped our device with a sprayer or a tank, because they are often causes of breakdowns and operating problems.

Technical description

Last technological update: Feb – 2022

Navigation system: Intelligent / automatic, cleans the entire window without forgetting anything

Max surface area: No maximum

Mini surface: 30cm x 30cm

Dimensions w x h x d: 29.5 x 14.8 x 9.5 cm

Robot weight: 1.2 kg

Power cable: 5 meters, possibility of using an extension cord

Product: Use the product of your choice (window cleaner, vinegar, water) by spraying it on the skates

Suction motor: 7 kg pressure

Battery: 750mAh

Power consumption: 80 watts

Warranty: 2 years

Availability of spare parts: 10 years

Compatible veranda: Yes

Featured product

Set of 12 microfiber wipes

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It is useful to take extra wipes only if you have a large area of glass (Large bay windows and / or Veranda), so that you have enough wipes to replace those that get dirty as you clean without going through the washing machine box.

Services included in the offer

– 2 year warranty new exchange

– Satisfied or refunded 30 days free returns costs

– Repairable product for 10 years

– Secure SSL payment

Company address: V3CLEAN – 9 Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt 75008, Usa.

Email support: contact@v3clean. fr 24h/24

Telephone support: 09 80 80 13 55. 9h – 20h, and 9h – 13h on Saturdays (free).

V3CLEAN ® is the Usa number one for window washing robots. By ordering our product you support the local economy, in fact, our taxes and contributions are all paid in Usa.

Ordering from a Usa company guarantees you easy contact, good after-sales service, and compliance with current standards.

It is from our premises based in Boston (since 2022) that our technicians choose the best components so that our window washing robot has high-performance characteristics, however, the manufacturing is currently carried out in China in order to guarantee an affordable price. We want to create even more jobs in Usa, by recruiting order pickers and teleconsultators.

We are a small company born in Touraine, specialist in window washing robots, our creation: the V3CLEAN ® !

Proud of our expertise, we offer you a range of products at the cutting edge of technology.

We differed from the giants of this market by being very attentive to our customers.

We are convinced that the personalized support and the many guarantees that we offer make it possible to retain and satisfy our customers.

Only one priority: customer satisfaction!

Currently we are recruiting order pickers and remote consultants to answer our customers by phone and via chat. You can apply under the heading “job offer” in the main menu.

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