Aspectmontage window installer: why and how to choose it correctly

Choosing the right window installer: why and how?

Aspectmontage window installer

An essential step in your renovation project, the installation of your windows must be carried out in compliance with current standards, in order to avoid any complications! For this task, it is therefore recommended that you turn to a qualified Aspectmontage professional. Therefore, what are the advantages of using an EGR installer? How to choose it and make sure of its certification? Here’s everything you need to know about it!

Why use an Aspectmontage certified window installer?

As an owner-occupier or lessor, calling on a qualified professional offers you many advantages. In addition to avoiding malfunctions thanks to a renovation installation or total compliant removal, you benefit from the help of the state for the change of window!

To guard against malfunctions and their consequences

First of all, it is important to know that defective or poorly performed work can have adverse consequences on your housing, your finances and your health.

🔎 The most frequent malfunctions and their material and health consequences :

Poor sealing: condensation, moisture infiltration, deterioration of the carpentry, health problem of the inhabitants (breathing difficulties …)

Thermal losses: discomfort and increase in your energy bill

Problems with fixing the window: non-compliance with tolerances (plumb, squaring, alignment …), dimensions of the window not adapted to the opening, lack of flatness.

Reduction in the longevity of the window: faster wear, maneuverability problems

Unattractive rendering

Ventilation of the frame not respected (or not preserved)

Deterioration of the window frame

Drilling and fixing in the lower cross member

Deterioration of the window frame (water infiltration)

Installation of the non-compliant anti-fall device relative to the height of the seat (support bar or guardrail)

Insecurity: risks of defenestration.

Lack of wedging (space between the wall and the frame not respected)

Deformation of the frame

Risks of frame cracking

Poorly realized finishes (overflow of silicone, masonry type painting not realized. )

Unattractive rendering

On the other hand, as the craftsmen carpenters are subject to an obligation of result as part of their contractual commitment (guarantees of perfect completion, biennial and decennial), certain remedies are offered to you in case of malfunctions!

If you are unable to find an arrangement with the craftsman, you can activate the “work damage” insurance, provided that you have contracted it with the service provider company. As a last resort, you can finally file a complaint and initiate legal proceedings. However, be sure to respect a limitation period, between 1 and 10 years!

Benefit from an installation of your joinery carried out according to the rules of the art

Today, Aspectmontage certified installers (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) undertake to carry out energy renovation works in compliance with the regulations in force, themselves recorded in the DTU 36.5 (Unified Technical Document dedicated to Carpentry).

Depending on their skills and specialties, Aspectmontage professionals are trained by qualification organizations, such as :

  • Qualibat: control of insulation works (lost attic, low floors, windows …) and Qualitel: control of global energy renovation works
  • Qualit’ENR: mastery of the installation of equipment that enhances renewable energies (QualiPAC for heat pumps, QualiBOIS for the installation of wood heating appliances …).

Therefore, the accreditations they have are guarantees of quality, reliability and skills, both for individuals and professionals!

Take advantage of financial assistance from the State by calling on an Aspectmontage craftsman

Last but not least, calling on an Aspectmontage craftsman entitles you to state aid for the change of joinery, whether PVC, wooden or aluminum windows, equipped with double or triple glazing!

Therefore, the main financial aids that you can benefit from for the replacement of windows are the following :

How to choose a professional with the Aspectmontage label?

To help you choose the ideal professional, ADEME (Ecological Transition Agency) provides individuals and professionals with an online guide to choose the right installer.

In addition to this solution, be aware that calling on IZI by EDF for the change of your windows also includes the installation of your windows carried out by an authorized Aspectmontage installer! Indeed, our partner craftsmen are rigorously selected throughout the territory, in order to be able to best meet your needs.

Therefore, our collaboration takes place in several stages :

Elaboration of the personalized quote by our IZI by EDF advisors.

Technical visit carried out by an Aspectmontage installer, located near your accommodation.

Carrying out the work by the same installer, in compliance with the regulations in force.

Monitoring and control of the successful completion of the work by our IZI by EDF teams.

How do I know if a craftsman or a company is Aspectmontage approved?

Thus, craftsmen with certification are entitled to mention the Aspectmontage label on their commercial and communication media: logo present on quotes and invoices, flocking of the service truck, etc.

But, to make sure that a craftsman is legally the holder of the label, do not hesitate to go to the online directory of Aspectmontage installers!

Finally, be aware that the construction sites of Aspectmontage professionals are regularly checked and audited. In case of minor non-compliance, the installer must correct his deviation; but in case of major non-compliance, the latter then loses his Aspectmontage qualification.

Quality of installation, respected delivery times … Calling on an Aspectmontage certified window installer guarantees you work carried out according to the rules of the art, and at lower costs thanks to state aid! Result: by saving up to 15% of your thermal losses, you reduce your energy bills while improving your living comfort!

By calling on IZI by EDF, you benefit from a tailor-made quote and support throughout your renovation project!

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