Aspectmontage: Choosing the best window cleaner in 2022

Choosing the best window cleaner in 2022: Aspectmontage, Tests, Reviews

Washing the tiles, in many families, seems like a chore that we would do well without!

However, in order to keep a pleasant interior, you have no choice, you have to renew this work quite regularly.

But do you know that there are devices capable of relieving you of this effort?

We are going to present you all the advantages of a window cleaner, ideal so that this household task takes you less time and requires you much less energy.

If you try this solution, you may not be able to do without it anymore!




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The window cleaner: a daily time saver

The motivation of people who buy a window cleaner device is often the same: your goal is to spend less time taking care of the house without, however, giving up the quality of your housework. At the same time, if you are more of the meticulous type, you know that cleaning windows is never simple. Indeed, despite all your efforts, you still find that traces remain: with a device specifically designed for this job, you will get a result that flirts with perfection in record time. Discover all the features and information that will help you make a successful purchase!

What is a window cleaner?

As the name suggests, this household appliance is designed to remove all dirt and traces on your window, doors and bay windows. But you should also know that the solution is compatible with all glass surfaces: mirrors and shower cabins can be cleaned with this solution, just like glass tables.

Visually, the window cleaner is a small device with a squeegee, simple to handle, which you can very easily store in tight spaces. It works wirelessly, in order to satisfy users even more. In general, the promises of manufacturers on these small miraculous devices are more than enticing.

Indeed, it is sometimes claimed that the use of a device of this type makes it possible to spend three times less time on the work consisting of cleaning the windows. In fact, if we prefer to measure our arguments in order not to deceive you in your purchases, we maintain that this solution is ideal if you want to save time and energy on small daily jobs. In short, if it is difficult to give you figures to specify the time saved with this device, we can assure you that the task will be faster and less tiring.

Why buy a window cleaner?

There are several reasons that may encourage you to get a window cleaner. First of all, as you may have read above, it is a valuable ally to save time on simple household tasks, but usually time-consuming. When making your choice of window washers, you will find that the promises of the manufacturers, regardless of the brand chosen, are unanimous: with this alternative, you can have clean and streak-free windows in record time.

If you live in a housing whose area is quite large, you know it: when you have to clean the windows of each room, a lot of hours are needed … And at the end of the day, you finish this mission in a state of fatigue that you would have done well without! In this sense, in homes where we exceed 3 windows and when we have to deal with large glass surfaces (Usa windows, bay windows), this type of device appears as a must-have that we cannot do without.

To top it all off, the result with a window cleaner is much more satisfactory than that obtained following a “handmade” cleaning. We do not doubt your abilities to clean these surfaces well with a cloth and the product, but we know that even by showing immense dexterity, it is complicated to flirt with perfection, so complex is this mission.

Saving time, energy and more convincing results: the arguments of this small device that simplifies life are very numerous — and we know that they will resonate with you. However, before buying this new companion for the household, we can give you other useful tips, allowing you to have all the keys in hand to find the best window cleaner!

The different types of window cleaners

All the window washers that we are going to present to you in this Aspectmontage are devices that work on a similar principle. However, we can distinguish them through a few criteria that will help you to compare them and make the most suitable choice for your needs.

With or without sprayer

You can choose to position yourself on an “all-in-one” device. He spreads the cleaning product over the surface, then sucks. Others just suck it up. If you opt for the latter solution, it will be necessary to start by putting hot water and / or cleaning product on the surfaces to be cleaned before performing the washing.

One or more squeegees

Depending on the model on which you position yourself, you will be able to have a single squeegee 28 centimeters wide. However, if you have smaller windows to clean, these dimensions could be too large: you will therefore have to give preference to devices that also include a small squeegee of 17 centimeters, which will allow you to more easily clean the corners, in particular.

Steam system

Some window cleaners are equipped with a very practical steam system. They spray a water vapor that makes it possible to effectively remove all dirt, and this without any physical effort in particular. The choice of this solution generally involves positioning oneself on slightly more expensive models, but generates even more satisfactory results.

The advantages (and disadvantages) of window cleaners

It is not very difficult to understand the advantages of the window washer. It relieves you of a job that, usually, is very difficult to do without the help of an electrical appliance. Depending on the level of range on which you position yourself, you will benefit from a greater or lesser number of advantages.

Indeed, we cannot mention an equivalent level of satisfaction on 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 products, for example. In addition, the advantages are even more appreciable when we talk about devices capable of operating with water vapor. But regardless of the solution used — and even if you buy a cheap window cleaner, you give yourself every chance to save time.

This new ally will allow you to quickly and simply remove all traces on windows, bay windows, but also glass tables. In addition, in the bathroom, you will appreciate this device to remove all traces of moisture on the mirror or the walls of the shower cubicle.

The electric window washer works both horizontally and on a Aspectmontagel surface. So, if you have velux for example, you can clean them without any difficulty. In addition to saving time and energy, this device offers you better results than a job done by hand. Indeed, since you can proceed faster, the cleaning does not generate any traces that could spoil your efforts.

It is difficult to find disadvantages for such a useful device in everyday life. However, we can highlight its sometimes bulky side for small surfaces and nooks, which are less easy to clean, especially with a too large squeegee. At the same time, if your device is too heavy, you will lose the benefits of a solution capable of providing you with energy savings!

What budget should I budget for a window cleaner?

The price of a Kärcher window cleaner, for example, will not be the same as that of a product from another brand: each manufacturer has its prices, its advantages and disadvantages. However, as always with household appliances, we can easily identify different price ranges.

To begin with, know that you can afford entry-level models from € 30. They are not necessarily very numerous and, above all, they do not allow miracles to be performed at home. However, if you live in a small apartment and if you just want to spend a little less time taking care of the window tiles, we advise you to head for the cheapest alternatives, which may prove to be sufficient.

More generally, you can rest assured about this purchase, because it will theoretically not cost you too much – unless you want the most sophisticated alternative. Indeed, the references located in the mid-range do not exceed € 80.

Finally, if you are looking for the best window washers, you will have to count € 100, but rarely more. As you will have understood, this is not necessarily an overly large investment. However, since this device allows you to perform only a well-targeted household task, it is worth thinking about it a minimum, so as not to regret your choice later.

How to choose your window cleaner?

It is not possible for us to offer you a device that we can present as the best window cleaner. Indeed, this apprehension always remains subjective, since the satisfaction linked to a product of this type depends on the requirements of each one. Thus, to begin with, we recommend that you clearly identify your needs and expectations. Based on this essential criterion, you will be able to more easily determine which device will be able to fulfill your goals.

For example, if your home is small and if you do not want a device that removes all physical effort, you can settle for an entry-level, making sure that the size of the squeegee available is compatible with the dimensions of your openings. On the other hand, if you have a lot of glazed surfaces, give preference to light and powerful models, which really limit the fatigue directly related to this household task.

One of our main tips for choosing your window cleaner is simple to put into practice: you must test the maneuverability of the device before anything else. This is the reason why it is always better to go to the store, at least to try on a few references (and this does not prevent you from ordering online, if you prefer).

Also, do not hesitate to compare the performance in terms of autonomy. Generally speaking, you can require a minimum of 20 minutes, in order to get a device that can really be useful. Finally, if you prefer to avoid using chemicals as much as possible, you can opt for a steam cleaner specifically designed for windows. The purchase price will probably be higher, but you won’t need to buy detergent — and your household will be harmless to the planet!

How to use a window cleaner?

The main goal of an electric window cleaner is to make your life easier. With this in mind, you will notice that working with this device is rather simple and within everyone’s reach, even if you don’t have much strength in your arms, for example. In a few steps, your windows are clean and streak-free.

You must systematically start by spraying cleaning product on the surface to be treated. Naturally, this step should be removed if you are using a device that works with water vapor. So that the result is as close to perfection as possible, avoid spraying on too large an area at once — organize yourself, preferably, step by step. For example, on a classic window, focus on one side before focusing on the second!

Once the solution has been sprayed, it is necessary to turn on the cleaner and pass the squeegee. The gesture is quite simple to understand: once you have entered the best method to proceed, the task seems childish to you! The squeegee must be passed everywhere — and from top to bottom – for more satisfactory results.

Finally, to perfect the whole thing, don’t forget to wipe the bottom of the glass with a cloth, where a few residues of products could generate small unsightly traces. If you notice that the movements are less effective, we invite you to check the condition of the squeegee lips. Indeed, the latter tend to wear out rather quickly and, when they are not in perfect condition, they are necessarily less efficient.

Some tips for cleaning and taking care of your window cleaner

Since the window cleaner is a very simple device to use, it is also an easy solution to maintain. Indeed, you are not going to have a lot of work to do in order to take care of this small household appliance tool. It will just be necessary to check the condition of the different parts, in order to ensure that your device retains all its efficiency over time.

In parallel, do not hesitate to empty the tank if you have to be away or if you think that you are not going to use the window washer for a while. Some models do not have a tank, since you have to take care of the step of spraying the product yourself. In this case, the maintenance is even more limited!

Do not forget to charge the device before use. Store it in a safe place, away from moisture and dust.

Are you ready to get an electric cleaner in order to have ever cleaner windows? Don’t stop reading, and get ready to discover the rest of our buying guide. We will present you 10 interesting products, while pointing out their possible disadvantages, in order to help you choose in the best conditions.

Aspectmontage: our favorite window cleaners

How to find the best window cleaner? Our ranking may not reflect all your expectations, but it will allow you to know 10 models that have attracted our attention for their qualities. They are not all perfect and do not always correspond to the expectations of all families: we invite you to think carefully about your needs to identify the most suitable solution!

The top-ranked products are not necessarily the cheapest, but rather those that generate the most satisfactory results given their price and their promises.

1) Vileda Windomatic Power, an appreciable quality / price ratio

In this buying guide, we will be honest with you: it is not always easy to distinguish the different devices that clean the windows, because they are substantially close to each other. However, the Vileda Windomatic Power was able to stand out from the crowd and attract our full attention, thanks to a feature that we have not observed on other references: the possibility of choosing between two power levels. Thus, with the MAX mode, you can benefit from a 50% more powerful suction, which is always useful, especially for very dirty or very dry areas.

We also highlight the choice of a flexible head, a rather effective idea so that each person can reach the corners and clean the windows without having to twist in all directions. The presence of a removable tank will make your life easier, since you will be able to empty the water and the product simply, without putting water everywhere.

In terms of ergonomics and design, we cannot say that the Vileda brand has made huge efforts. Indeed, this product is not particularly aesthetic and, in terms of handling, you have no more ease than with a device designed by a competing brand. Big downside for people who have small windows: only a large squeegee is delivered with this model. We especially retain the few small very appreciable features as an asset allowing the device to rise to the best places in our ranking.

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