Actinet54 – Window cleaning and Washing company in Lorraine for Individuals and Companies

Window washing and Cleaning glass surfaces Lorraine Nancy Metz

Actinet Cleaning is a Lorraine company specialized in cleaning windows at home for individuals and glass surfaces for professionals, Actinet Cleaning puts at your disposal its entire team of professional window cleaners equipped with high-end equipment to offer you an impeccable quality of service.

Our team of specialized window cleaners cleans all glass surfaces in the Nancy and Metz areas :

  • Washing windows at height
  • Cleaning Windows
  • Cleaning of bay windows
  • Cleaning of glazed surfaces of Verandas
  • Washing the Canopies
  • Washing of Roof windows type Velux
  • Cleaning of Roller shutters
  • Cleaning facade cladding

We use equipment adapted to each type of washing procedure :

  • Traditional squeegee technique for impeccable window cleaning at human height
  • Innovative pole technique for washing windows at height

The pole is ideal for washing windows at height and difficult to access. Rising to more than 15m, it is recommended for cleaning roller shutters.

Cleaning of windows and glass surfaces in Lorraine Nancy Metz Cleaning of roller shutters Lorraine Nancy MetzPole cleaning of windows at height Lorraine Nancy Metz

Cleaning of facades cladding and windows Lorraine Nancy Metz

Cleaning the Windows of apartments and houses

With Actinet Cleaning, no more the chore of washing windows. Our team of professional window cleaners guarantees you an impeccable result inside and outside your home. We also take care of cleaning your roller shutters, which can sometimes be difficult to access.

Cleaning of bay windows

The bay windows bring brightness to your interior but their regular maintenance is tedious. Forget about fingerprints and stains related to bad weather and external aggressions. With Actinet Cleaning, your bay windows will never have been so clean.

Cleaning of Verandas

Do not spoil the added value brought by the installation of a veranda with dirty and dusty walls. Give it back all its shine with Actinet Cleaning, a company specialized in window cleaning for individuals.

Window Cleaning offices

Actinet Cleaning offers its services to companies, administrations and office buildings. Our team of window cleaners has all the necessary equipment to intervene at height and their know-how guarantees you an impeccable service. It is essential to regularly maintain your premises because your brand image also depends on the brightness and sharpness of the glass walls of your facilities: offices, openspace, meeting rooms.

Office cleaning Companies Lorraine Nancy Metz

Cleaning of shop windows Lorraine Nancy Metz

Cleaning of Commercial windows / stores

Actinet Cleaning intervenes effectively for the cleaning of interior and exterior windows of supermarkets, shop windows, car dealerships and all other glass surfaces in the commercial sector.

Actinet Cleaning intervenes throughout Lorraine (Lorraine furrow, Nancy and Metz areas) for punctual cleaning or regular maintenance of your windows and glass surfaces.

Cleaning of windows at height and difficult access

Business buildings very often have many glass surfaces and accessing them turns out to be very complicated. This requires calling on a company specialized in cleaning hard-to-reach windows.

Actinet Cleaning offers you the most suitable solution according to the architectural characteristics of your building.

The alpine method (rope workers) and the gondola allow access to all or a specific part of your building in order to ensure its maintenance.

The suspended nacelle is an individual height access device, ideal for cleaning the glass surfaces of tall buildings, curtain walls and atriums.

If the traditional methods of cleaning on one level, with a pole or in a basket are not suitable, there is another method: washing and cleaning windows with a rope. There are few people involved in this field because it requires a specific technique and maximum security.

Actinet Cleaning has all the necessary certifications and its teams are trained to work at height in compliance with safety rules.

Join the customers who have trusted us.

Our cleaning services for individuals and professionals

Our cleaning services for professionals only

  • Company cleaning Nancy
  • Company cleaning Metz
  • Company Epinal Cleaning
  • Company cleaning Neufchâteau
  • Longwy Cleaning Company
  • Company cleaning Thionville
  • Company cleaning St-Avold
  • Nancy cleaning quote
  • Quote cleaning Metz
  • Epinal cleaning Quote
  • Quote cleaning Neufchâteau
  • Longwy cleaning quote
  • Cleaning quote Thionville
  • Quote cleaning St-Avold

Cleaning service Agglomeration of Nancy (including Nancy, Laxou, Maxéville, Malzéville, Villers-lès-Nancy, Essey-lès-Nancy, Pulnoy, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, Saint-Max, Jarville, Tomblaine).

Cleaning service Agglomeration of Metz (Montigny-lès-Metz, Woippy, Marly).

Cleaning service Vosges (Epinal, Neufchâteau), Meuse, Moselle (Longwy, Thionville, St-Avold)

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